TDB Political Caption Competition – the many faces of National




  1. “Hmm, you might be pushing it with that whopper . . . might have to put in some overtime to back it up . . .”

  2. Guy: “Mmmm, that Brownlee’s a fine figure of a man. Sturdy. Like a barn. Or an aircraft hangar. I wouldn’t mind landing my Cessna on his runway…”

    Brownlee: “Oh God, Guy’s oogling me again. I know I’m the National Party equivalent of Art Green, but the man’s not right in the head.”

    Joyce: “Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker, today I’m going to talk about two things. Two of my favourite things, in fact. Money. And telling lies. I love both of them. And frankly, Mr Speaker, the fact that I get paid money to tell lies is an enormously pleasurable coincidence…”

  3. Spotting his chance for promotion, Nathan Guy surreptitiously reaches through the gap…… jabs the knife………and watches as Gerry begins to deflate.

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