UPDATE: So SERCO have just lied and covered up prisoner beatings? How is that right wing experiment working out folks?


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Despite one prisoner being hospitalised and claims of others being badly hurt, so far this year Serco has reported just one serious harm incident to WorkSafe New Zealand, and that was a rugby accident.

Under Serco’s watch, Mt Eden jail is top of the heap for serious prisoner assaults. 

Behind the wire in February a prisoner fell from a landing. Exactly how that happened is disputed, but the extent of his injuries is not.

“He has bones protruding from his leg,” says Beven Hanlon of the Corrections Association. “Both legs were broke and he had casts up to his hips on both legs.”

There is no record of this case being reported to WorkSafe, even though fractures count as serious injuries.

Health and safety laws mean employers have to report any incidents where someone is seriously hurt in the workplace. Now WorkSafe says that includes injuries to prisoners too. 

The employer, in this case Serco, must notify WorkSafe as soon possible and file a written report within seven days. Flouting that law could mean a $250,000 fine. 

…So SERCO are just lying and covering up prisoner beatings and because the Government are wedded to this free market right wing experiment for ideological reasons, SERCO aren’t going to lose a thing other than a slap on the wrist?

Fight clubs, corrupt guards, prisoner beatings, rape, possibly a death, stand over tactics and a corporation that cooks its books to avoid punishment.

We’ve blown over a billion dollars building SERCO a 960 bed prison and are handing them $30m in profits per year – so how’s this right wing experiment working out for you folks?


No sooner had a I posted but there has been a prisoner death at Mt Eden. Mt Eden was taken over by Corrections 2 weeks ago. How the sudden clamp down of actual maintenance of a prison has impacted this death will need to be ascertained.


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  1. Given what’s been going on, the SERCO experiment is failing badly. Not working out at all well.

    Seems to me, through privatization, Mt Eden prison has become a reflection of red neck administered jails in the southern states of the USA, where the inmates have become commodities, used as a means to turn a quick buck, for the bigoted red neck good ol’ boys bosses!

    SERCO is taking its lead from NatzKEY. Lie, deceive, cover your rotten backside, definitely don’t accept responsibility and carry on as normal! The nothing to see here, move on folks mentality.

    The SERCO experiment is a good indication of how things work out, when state services become privatized, with profit the bottom line! Not needed in NZ!

  2. It’s not working!

    Not only is it bad for the health and well being of prisoners (and guards) but it is also more expensive on the taxpayer.

    So why is it still there?

    Why isn’t the news media hunting this one down?

    I rest my case…

    • Nothing to see here, people. Business as usual. Rock star economy. Buoyant housing market. Business confidence. Steady as she goes. Sound economic management. Brighter future. Cusp of something great. Rugby. Beer. Sheep. Buzzy bee.

      *sticks fingers in ears*

      Neener, neener, we can’t hear you…

  3. Serco will soon be nothing more than a lesson of what not to do!!
    Not long to go now before we rise high above the swamp level thinking of our politicians. We will soon have the opportunity to lift ourselves above the corruption and greed of NZ’s power players, which has been on-going for so long that it appeared to us to be “just the way it is so how can we change things”.
    The upcoming Global Reserve Currency Reset is about to take place, and all the naysayers and speculators will not stop it.
    This will take New Zealand and its people, minus the corrupt politicians, into The New Golden Age.
    Everyone will breath fresh air for the very first time and those in our communities who need help will receive it – and our “prisoners” will be treated with respect, dignity and given any help they ask for.
    Tell I’m wrong, jonkey!!

    • Heard on National Radio that politicians within the Nats feel there’s no one in the party with the “talent” of jonkey should he decide to step down.
      I didn’t know skulduggery, lying, and fraud were talents. Learn something new every day.
      Give us a break: anyone, someone who recognizes Truth, Integrity, Empathy please apply for job.

  4. Hee hee, I see the right wing trolls are having a ball with this one, with all the thumb downs. Keeps them busy I suppose 🙂

    That’s OK, because at least while you are attacking and attempting to bring down TDB, you are leaving some other poor bugger alone!

  5. Yes – to be expected really. Prisons, hospitals, schools should never be privatized, for profit entities which are then open to abuse and manipulation. Not good.

  6. SERCO at SQCC Gatton does exactly the same thing regarding cooking their books to avoid extra costs. Shortcuts are taken all the time which lead to dangerous situations for both staff and prisoners. Not to mention bullying of staff! It’s time both governments take them to task and get rid of them altogether!

  7. Correvtions have always suffered from corruption whether it is Public or privately operated, something is rotten in the system and needs to be changed.

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