Dita de Boni axed from the NZ Herald – any more room left at RNZ?



One of the only reasons to ever bother reading the NZ Herald has been axed…

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.54.06 am

…the crushing off of progressive voices continues as the right wing echo chamber gets larger.

Dita De Boni is a brilliant columnist and simply one of the best we have in NZ. Compare her excellently  researched  writing to the inane IQ rotting nothing of Shelley Bridgeman or this pathetic piece of crap from Heather du Plessis-Allan.

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I wrote last month on how wonderful De Boni is...

There have only been two times in my life that I’ve ever been star struck. The first was almost two decades ago when I was DJing at Channel Z and while the Foo Fighters were visiting the studio, I walked in on Dave Grohl at the urinal.

I played it cool, stood quietly, told him I worked at the station and thought he was a God, tried not to look at his penis and decided that was perhaps the greatest rock star moment I’d ever have.

I was wrong.

I was fortunate enough to meet Dita De Boni last week. I gushed how wonderful her columns were and that they are the only reason (other than David Fisher and anything Matt Nippert writes) I read the Herald.

She was very gracious and put up with me for 20 minutes.

…when this is considered news…


…you know the news has become defunct. It is a shallow foaming right wing echo chamber focused on keeping consumers distracted rather than citizens informed.

Losing another progressive voice that challenges the powerful leaves us as a poorer nation.


I hope the RNZ lifeboat has room for one more.


  1. My thoughts exactly re the news, and it’s suddenly got even worse. Hosking being presented as a serious opinion leader? Taking fast food into a restaurant, and some pathetic little rant from a woman who tried to get into the US by falsifying her visa status and getting locked up – oh poor me, I’m an innocent little kiwi and the big bad Americans are treating me like a criminal. Jeeeezzz.

    Then the constant diet of ‘what should I eat now/don’t eat this food’ which is thinly veiled PR for industry. Ditto the latest medical wonder drug.

    TV news is as bad. Thank God for the internet and overseas content.

  2. I thought I’d do a quick Google of Dita to refresh myself on her work. Wow, what a talent. That they decided to run with Hosking instead says it all really.

    • They’re not only running with Hosking, who they seem to publish daily, they’re also publishing the ‘opinions’ of Larry Williams and Barry Soper. It’s a real Newstalk ZB lovefest at the Herald lately.

      Will miss Dita’s columns, she was one of the best at the Herald.

  3. “…the crushing off of progressive voices continues as the right wing each chamber gets larger ”

    all the hallmarks of a Elitist right wing dictatorship is now appearing with the MSM now firmly dictated to by those interests in the sunset of the golden years of FJK imaginary “Rock Star economy”

    For the truth I post this news report from Reuters news a “so far honest media”

    Subject: Reuter news NZ economy stumbles & dollar drops again that’s bad for the New Zealand economy because we depend on them for a big chunk of exports,” said Imre Sperizer,

    NZ economy stumbles & dollar drops again

    NZ dollar drops vs. greenback, gains vs, yuan after Bank of China devalues currency

    Tuesday 11th August 2015

    “that’s bad for the New Zealand economy because we depend on them for a big chunk of exports,” said Imre Sperizer,

    The New Zealand dollar fell after China devalued the yuan, stoking concern economic growth is weaker than expected in the nation’s biggest trading partner.

    The kiwi traded at 65.52 US cents as at 5pm in Wellington, down from 66.10 cents late yesterday. The currency rose to 4.1396 yuan from 4.1033 yuan.

    China is the biggest two-way trading partner with New Zealand and the second-largest export market after Australia, which in turn counts China as its biggest market. That leaves both the kiwi and the Aussie vulnerable to any downturn in China’s economic growth and demand for raw materials ranging from milk powder to iron ore and coking coal. The People’s Bank of China set the midpoint for the yuan at 6.2298 per dollar, down from the previous day’s fix of 6.1162 per dollar, and said it was aiming for 2 percent depreciation.

    “It’s consistent with the Chinese economy being weak and that’s bad for the New Zealand economy because we depend on them for a big chunk of exports,” said Imre Sperizer, currency strategist at Westpac Banking Corp. “And the 2 percent devaluation today – is that the end of the story? The market believes this may be the beginning of many more to come” and could lead to a “devaluation race” among a group of currencies including the kiwi and the Aussie.

    Westpac is projecting that the New Zealand dollar will fall as low as 62 US cents this year.

    China’s move comes after weaker Chinese trade and manufacturing data was released at the weekend, raising concern about an economic slowdown.

    “They are trying to bolster their economy and the easiest way of doing it is by making it better for their exporters and make themselves more competitive again globally,” said Tim Kelleher, head of institutional FX sales New Zealand at ASB Bank.

    “It’s more monetary easing in Asia, theoretically it will decrease our competitiveness as well.” Kelleher said. “If all the countries are easing their monetary policy then it puts further pressure on the RBNZ to ease as well.”

    The New Zealand dollar increased against the Australian dollar, reflecting the Australian economy’s bigger exposure to China, Kelleher said.

    The kiwi recently traded at 89.44 Australian cents, from 89.29 cents late yesterday. The local currency fell to 59.67 euro cents from 60.23 cents, and declined to 42.07 British pence from 42.67 pence yesterday. It fell to 81.68 yen from 82.22 yen.

    The trade-weighted index slipped to 70.32 from 70.45.

    The two-year swap rate was little changed at 2.86 percent and five-year swaps rose about 3 basis points to 3.16 percent.


    • Exchange rate of US dollar in 2003 was around 62 cents Us for our dollar. The economy here was doing well after a decade of Bolger led politics, and small business was thriving. What would I give to get NZ economy back to that?

        • With this country now being sold off and money (Profits) being shipped offshore instead of going back into our economy we have never get back to 1968 when I went to USA and two NZ dollars got Three US dollars god that felt good.

          Soon these clowns will have NZ dollar down to 48 cents.

  4. Budget my arse. I’m sure John Roughan costs more to run than Dita De Boni. Why not jettison his sorry, partisan carcass off the nearest cliff instead?

    • They want people who can talk to Key without vomiting on him. Roughan has long since lost his sense of smell.

  5. To borrow a much loved word of outrage by the National Party, “Frankly” I was amazed that the New Zealand Herald tolerated Dita De Boni’s opinions , my thoughts were they were still, just, trying to appear balanced. Well now that is as dead as the dodo. There is virtually no descenting voices in the media whatsoever against National or Key!

    This folks is the number one problem for our democracy which we have allowed, extreme wealth to take over the politics of a party and of a country and run it. Many in history have used violence to achieve the same but this velvet con job that is a take over nevertheless by big money is no less hideous!

    • “Frankly” I was amazed that the New Zealand Herald tolerated Dita De Boni’s opinions…

      You called?

      Indeed, XRay, I shared the same thoughts. Ms de Boni columns seemed far to intelligent, insightful, and challenging for a rag like the Herald.

      A thought crossed my mind on occassion that she would not last long.

      “Budget restraints” my spotty arse! Could the Herald PR not even deign to come up with something more original than that lame piece of BS?

  6. Dita’s column is the best read of the Herald. Disgusting.

    With talent like that I think she will be snapped up elsewhere, but hello in this day and age a 3 week notice period is considered ok. Journos are the zero hour contractors and that is why MSM is so rotten.


    Just like Campbell Live these corporate spin doctors disguised as media are screwing up the country with their dribble like vomit propaganda. Taking out any real opinions in their froth and crap rubbish formally know as news.

    Can anyone find out who are big advertisers in the herald and their emails so we can email them to voice our displeasure at the Herald arbitrarily dismissing a woman with children with 3 weeks notice.

    Shows how much the Herald think about employment and how much they value their employees, when they treat their employees like shit.

    Is it even legal to do this, it certainly isn’t ethical!

  7. I was not aware that Dita De Boni has been dropped from the Herald. I’m sure no one believes it’s about budget.
    I am currently receiving a free Herald sub. When they ring to ask why I won’t continue, this will be my answer.
    Go well, Ms De Boni. Your columns will be missed.

  8. Without trying to be overly dramatic this quote from history is summing up the world we are living in today in New Zealand:

    “Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favourable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side. (…) The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget. Such being the case, all effective propaganda must be confined to a few bare essentials and those must be expressed as far as possible in stereotyped formulas(…). These slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward. (…)”

    So we have it today in New Zealand’s “Brighter Future – Working for New Zealand – Rock Star – Relaxed” mainstream media, with our government employing almost precisely the same laid out formula, the obfuscation, the lies, the slogans, the cheerleaders and worst of all treatment and knowing that a fair proportion of voters are “feeble”.

    When that quote came about in 1925 & 1926 it’s author, Adolf Hitler, did not have control of the media but he soon would and what was left of that MSM featured at best prescriptive lack of questioning and at worst sycophantic overt support, all of which would have dire consequences.

    • Exactly what I have been saying. This was also part of what was called ” the big lie” .Big lie – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      A big lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”
      ‎Hitler’s use of the expression – ‎Goebbels’s use of the expression – ‎Holocaust

  9. Backbenchers, campbell live and this it’s such coincidence axing people who as little as portray a side of a story which contrary to the govenment’s narrative are such economically wise and sensible business decisions, jolly good show. The average NZ’r isn’t concerned with redundant topics like Democracy and sovereignty, rugby and the snapper quoter is what majority of kiwis are likely to be thinking about. So don’t worry about our functioning as a society and as participant in the global community you’re rockstar democracy is functioning like the All Blacks on a role so take you your rights as New Zealand citizen and vote on a new flag.

  10. I haven’t read any of her articles but its seems strange show’s like campbell live and back benchers that just portray contrary side of the story to the governments narrative are such economic burdens.
    The governments view of the citizens feels insulting at times portraying the notion the “average kiwi” is more concerned with rugby and the snapper quoter regardless of issues like democracy and sovereignty which our zippy smart ex banker prime minister and take care of just like our society and participant in the global community. Our “rockstar” democracy is world class so where can we exercise our democratic rights for a new flag.

    It looks like it’s a dismantling of the the media to control the public and discourse very orwellian and disturbing.

  11. You know what, I have a dreadful feeling. What if there is a secret agenda, by the government and its allies, to “herd” or “drive” all the dissenting journalists, reporters and what else they are, into Radio New Zealand National, and then, when all remaining media are CLEANSED and ALIGNED with the Head Bureau of National Guidance, then they will eventually attack Radio NZ, and put in force a charter, shutting all dissenters inside up.

    They may even have a long term plan to sell the station, to privatise it kind of, and then the remaining dissenters will be forced to decide, fight in unison, or run for your lives. The way most have over the years been manipulated and “trained” will likely result in the latter. We saw that with Campbell Live. Those that worked on his show, they have all sought their own individual ways, to find jobs with other stations, just to survive. There was NO collective effort, to fight, sadly.

    If the above happens, then we will be stuffed, truly stuffed.

    • @ Mike in Auckland – yes, sanitising media in the public interest of course! Joseph Goebbels excelled at that! And the rest is history!

      So far NZ media “cleansing” under the watch of NatzKEY involves –

      John Campbell from TV3
      Mihinarangi Forbes from Maori Television
      Dita de Boni from NZH

      Too much of a coincidence for my liking!

  12. To be honest…I wondered how long Dita De Boni would survive in the NZ Herald. She was , – and this is an indictment on the insidious right wing agenda machine – unique .

    Every article she typed was to the point , succinct , insightful and and shamed those devious individuals and organisations that have wormed their way into the NZ political and industrial spectrum who supported either openly or clandestinely failed neo liberal ideology.

    I often used to wonder if the NZ Herald only begrudgingly tolerated her to provide a token voice from the left. How it must have pained them.

    But now we see MSM in its full light …with JC axed from TV3…and now Dita De Boni from the NZ Herald.

    Its almost too obvious to be believable.

  13. We have to put up with bollocks from Hawkes Bay wedding photographer Eva Bradley in my neck of the woods. Recently she told us that New Zealand soldiers didn’t die at Gallipoli for something so trivial as the Prime Minister harrassing waitresses (not that she couched her argument in such simplistic terms of course – but that was the drift of it)

  14. So sorry to hear that NZH has dropped one of the best journalists to grace its pages in many a year. Dita de Boni had class, and intelligence, writing constructive articles, doing her profession credit in every respect.

    I did notice NZH gave the Hosking gobshite two columns in less than a week!

    More political interference in the so called “free media”!

    I wish Dita all the best. Given her skills, she will do well.

  15. Hi Martyn and TDB readers

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate the support, even if ultimately it did not save the column! I genuinely hope they replace my column with some one who can at least challenge the spin and obfuscation we put up with daily in this country. Of course, TDB does this regularly.

    Thanks so much again

    • @ MIRANDA – and the NatzKEY gobshite Hosking, given a third column this week, in today’s NZH.

      NatzKEY must be sweating about something (plenty to perspire about I’d say), to instruct their main media source (NZH), to give so much space to one of its many propaganda mouth pieces! And Dita de Boni walks!!!

  16. “I genuinely hope they replace my column with some one who can at least challenge the spin and obfuscation we put up with daily in this country. – ”
    Well I seriously doubt that Dita! You did your bit, and did it well, right will out. you good woman you

  17. Malcolm X …really, you are a disgusting supporter of the abuse of women.

    Like Mr X you want women to be covered from head to foot in white robes, banished to a seperate balcony, never allowed at the microphone… ‘men’ like you need to feel power over women, it’s the only way you can feel less inadequate.

    You can kid yourself you are not an inadequate loser by supporting the oppression of women but you are just another misogynist.

    The place you want for women is for them to gaze adoringly at their men masters.

    ‘Women are our most important property’ Malcolm X.

    To use Malcolm X as a hero is an insult to any woman, well most women, maybe those in your mob are content to be your property.

    Look how women are ‘respected’ by Islam, the really sad thing is some women actually believe that, talk about loving your oppressor. You can’t force people to desire freedom, so people need a master.

    Shame on you using an oppressor like Malcolm X as a hero.

    I am so pleased I am getting old and will be dead soon because I just can not take much more. Women went forward for a while but, thanks to people like you, things are worse than they have been for 40 years.

    Not for the pets around you with their 3rd rate degrees in ‘women’s studies’ but for real women who hoped for real respect.

    It’s over……

  18. And now more political interference. Disposing of more of the best in broadcasting!

    It seems TV3’s Hillary Barry and Mike McRoberts’ jobs could be next on the line, according to this article from NZH this morning.

    Hillary is good, but Mike is an exceptional broadcaster, a true professional, going into the world’s hot spots to give us the news live, where it’s happening, sometimes taking huge risks to do so. I do miss Mike’s news delivery, but there is no way I will go back to TV3 in its present format.


  19. I read recently on The Guardian of a Bullfighter who had an unfortunate misadventure. He now sings alto soprano . http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/09/spanish-bullfighter-gored-testicles

    We, the Bulls and Cows waiting at the freezing works need to understand that we have terrible power and can wield it frighteningly. But we do not. Just like the domestic Bull, we sit idly, languishing as we’re farmed. Harvested of our time on this wondrous old Earth because we have yet to learn how to use our horns.
    The fighting Bull however will fuck your shit right up and and hang your balls on its horns as ornaments . Think fluffy dice? Respect .

    Dita de Boni hasn’t been sacked from her job at the Toilet Paper of Choice for any batch owner caught short, The NZ Herald . She’s been been liberated to do greater things and that observation is simply a difference in perception? One could say “ She’s been sacked by a great NZ paper” . One could also say “ She’s been freed to do as she pleases now and that surely, is to ‘ inform’ .

    The entire process , the entire MSM quisling mobs of well paid jonky kissers are in fact in a minority and it is they who will, in time to come, be desperate to come over to the light side and hope their dark-side deeds are soon forgotten.

    From what I can tell from those I talk to and from the things I read here, we are in the majority . Well and truly . Every one I talk to either doesn’t dare say they support jonky or really doesn’t support the little conman . Having said that; the only people who support jonky is jonky himself , his political underlings, his business bum buddies and the MSM he’s got well and truly terrorised.

    An old bull might look around him and see many other bulls, and they’re being herded here and there by a lone farmer? A small, soft, easily punctured farmer who’s taken the bulls brothers and sisters off to the abattoir to be minced down into sausages ? “ What The Fuck ! ? “ ( or more probably “ Moo Moo-Moo ! ? “ ) He might suddenly think.

    As farmer jonky’s being hoisted about screaming “ I’m not comfortable with this ! “ , his testicles now adorn a tree branch in the next paddock while being pecked at by sparrows, the cows and bulls have found a new way of life . No abattoir, no herding, no humiliation, no subjugation. No banks, no money lenders, the gates are open so plenty of grass .

    Ah, I like a nice little fairy tale . Just for the kids you understand .

    We kiwis have become intellectual refugees in our own country . Fleeing the tyranny of the terminally stupid but worse still, we cower in their presence . Has five thousand people gone down to the NZ Heralds head office and demanded answers ? No, would be the answer to that question.
    The very interesting other question would be “ Why not ? “ Who’s got an answer for that particular question?

    And every time one or more of those fuckers do shit like this and get away with it? It makes them stronger and us weaker.
    Until we’re just dumb old ruminants being herded here and there by one cunning little biped .

    Time to act cows and bulls.

    Organise groups then make bigger groups still and so on and so on.

    And if you do? Beware the deviant machinations of the wily Confederate . Most important !

    • Seriously? People are too poor/time-poor/fatalistic/scared of getting official attention to attend rallies against the TPPA, etc. You expect an impromptu 5000 to turn up because of Dita (love your work, Dita) being fired?

      Yes we need to organise. But it can’t be issue by issue any more. It’s gotta be names and demands.

      Dita, John Campbell et al need to be on an alternative media platform now, anyway (where Dotcom shoulda put his money).

  20. Just a typo heads up Martyn : Right wing each [echo] chamber?

    [Thank you, quinnjin, I sorted it. – ScarletMod]

    Totally agree, I can’t understand how anyone can doubt we are seeing a wholesale Orwellian take over of our media…

  21. No more clicking on NZ Herald for me.

    My boycott list is getting longer, but NZers need to take a stand. I would hope liberals in social media will stop posting links to their articles – even if it’s to point out how offensive something is. The only way forward is to freeze them out and hit their ratings.

    NZ journalism is in such a crisis and even if ethical journos are being picked up by RNZ, I’m not comforted by that. Average Kiwis are busy and have a lot of information to get through during the day. I don’t know anyone who listens to RNZ.

    I listen occasionally, but I find navigating RNZ’s website so exasperating that I usually give up.

  22. I don’t buy the Herald. (If I did, I would have cancelled my subscription when the Donghua Liu Affair broke)

    But I will endeavour, from now on, to link references to the Herald as little as possible.

    My little bit.

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