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  1. Hi it the site working correctly? I have been posting comments but they do not come up from yesterday afternoon. Posted to the Colin Craig article and the GCSB one a further comment which has not come up. Hope you have not been hacked.

    • @ SAVE NZ – same here, been happening since yesterday and I notice none of today’s blogs have comments posted up yet.

      Like you, I was concerned the site had been hacked again.

      I put a note about this at the bottom of a post yesterday, because it kept disappearing (copied thank goodness) and ScarletMod responded after posting it up, stating my previous posts on the topic had gone into the wrong folder.

      So I guess this is the reason posts aren’t appearing. Once the folders and posts are sorted, all will resume to normality I’d say.

      • Me too SAVENZ + Mary,

        Wondering if this is the start of “Blasphemy” laws beginning?

        Watch Parliament tomorrow and see if FJK is shooting his mouth off again as two weeks ago he was getting very aggressive and ignoring the speakers ruling, for not poking personal attacks towards his opposition members during his answers to question’s time.

        If He has miraculously toned down, as his speaker Carter should also be then we will know that even he has been told to keep that toxic commentary attack type activity he does all the time now as not acceptable.

    • No capcha to use, no posting of my comment.
      TDB is on to it and hopefully sort it. Scarlet mod will look in other file.
      TDB is sure having problems , they are getting to National and their hackers,but my motto is ,never give in never give up, TDB and we supporters are on a roll.

      [Elle; Admin were informed and are looking into the issue. Please bear with us in the meantime, normal transmission will be resumed as soon as possible. – ScarletMod]

  2. Noticed ‘very’ small snippet of an article in the NZH (at work) in the world section – right at the bottom of a column – ‘labour leads in polls – 54% over 41% In Aussie.
    Abbott was also losing in a leadership poll…
    People had enough of lies and corruption maybe?
    Thanks to the NZH for running it as a lead story (yeah right).

  3. In todays Wake up New Zealand it tells of Theo Speirings head of Fonterra saying he didnt see why milk prices would have dropped .
    The article explains why it did,and critisises Theiring excuse.

    My belief is where the TPPA is concerned about dairy in the deal, its guaranteed some jiggery-pokery would go on to convince farmers they would have more access to other countries ,but if you think about it the other countries all produce milk.
    The uk is saying the cost of milk is not even = to the production.

    On news this am Andrew little says if farmers go out of business their productive land would be up for sale,and there is a big tranch of foreign money waiting in the wings to move in and get bargains,taking up our productive land.
    Sounds like a set up by the corporations and rich business people to cream more assets off people everywhere and John Key if hes got any brains must know this.
    Maybe now farmers of NZ will wish they never voted for National.

  4. Just noticed a thing in the Herald, Audrey Young putting out the designs for new flag and asking for votes,the last one on the list is,keep the old flag, so far it had nil %votes,well with Audrey Young as a National (don’t know what to call her without being rude) doing the vote listing what would you expect ,sheer propaganda by Herald.John Key will do anything to get his own way.

  5. Isnt it strange comments that say blog didn’t get through ,get through with no trouble, Gremlins in the system or maybe sneaky whaleoil.

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