Talley’s threaten Helen Kelly


I loath the way Talley’s treat their staff and threaten Union leaders…


…let us remind everyone of the disgusting tactics Talley’s used in their 2012 strike.

Back in 2012, Talley’s led a brutal and despicable lockout of workers that saw 5000 children go hungry!

Affco were a corporate making $20 million in profits in 2012, and were taken over by Talley’s who are worth $300 million and yet they used hunger as a negotiating tactic to crush their workers.

To use the 5000 children who were reliant on those jobs as collateral damage makes Affco and Talley’s nothing but scum.

They redefined locked out workers as strikers so that those hundreds of families were no longer eligible for the emergency benefit, this was on purpose.

How they sleep at night at how this Government decided to knight Peter Talley is just more evidence of how the mainstream media allow this attack on working people to go unchallenged.

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  1. Like parasitic tapeworms in the colon of a hapless animal or maggots writhing through a corpse is how these pathogen’s sleep at night.

    It is really self explanatory.

    And like pathogens they have no conscience.

    They just do what pathogens do naturally.

    If you understand how these ‘ people ‘ operate … you will not be amazed at their propensity for feeding like fleas on a wounded incapacitated animal.

    The knighthood in question is more of the same type of parasitic practice in this case.

    As the virus hides in the soft tissues…the knighthood acts as a guise and a shield to deflect from the pathogenic activity’s carried out.

    To be honest …it is no big surprise with this behavior…at all.

    • “Like parasitic tapeworms in the colon of a hapless animal”

      I worked at a meat works for a season where my job was putting the colons of sheep through a big ringer (like big versions of the ones on old fashioned washing machines). There used to be lots of tape worms in those. Every so often there would be a blockage and the crap inside would explode all over me. But mostly I used to get covered in shite because everyone would hurl stuff at each other. Around 11am many mornings the meat would stop coming down the shoot that the “butchers” used to do something or other with and everyone would yell out “homer, homer” in the expectation/hope that the chains had gone on strike which happened an extraordinarily lot. Not that I am endorsing Talleys or anything like that. Those were the golden days for meat workers in those days. Now it’s the complete opposite.

  2. I finish my comment and put in the correct ! captcha and then I am told that the captcha is wrong and to go back and then my comment is deleted. This has happened before and it needs fixing.

    Great work Martyn, keep up the pressure both on these corporate greedy pricks and the lame media and govt. that enjoys their financial bribes and fancy payoffs. We are tired of the propaganda and brainwashing and that’s why we stop reading and listening to them. Waste of time.

    Thanks for your continued efforts to expose and put pressure on the rot and greed in these mega-corporations the likes of — Talley and Monsanto etc. . . . .
    Boycott Talleys products ===>> big time !
    Bet Talleys supports the tppa ! ! !

    • Thanks for the info Martyn – there will be no Talley’s products in my shopping bag from now on.

      Kia Kaha Hellen Kelly we need brave fighters like you to help the workers of this country.

      Pity the Labour Party are not showing support where required.

    • Blake it happens over and over again,either the site is hacked and infiltrators are deleting comments they don’t like,or the fault is with TDB Even when the capcha math is correct it still happens,if it is a computer error then its time to fix it.
      Untill I read your comment this morning I had decided not to bother to respond TDB stories anymore believing they block what they don’t like,but that’s what scarlet mod is about.
      capcha correct,

    • Yes, Martyn (and Blake 🙂 )

      Given how well the campaign to boycott TV3 seems to be working, a campaign to boycott Talleys could be remarkably effective, particularly as domestic retailers are so dependent on immediate consumer sentiment. I have been boycotting their products since the above behaviours were mentioned several weeks ago.

      The awareness raised by the TPPA negotiations should be maintained and built on with a series like this of practical little everyday steps we can take and choices we can make and probably would make if we knew more.

      As a corollary, when a company gets announced here as having committed to paying its workers the living wage,we could decide to switch to buying their stuff…

      • Talleys has been off my shopping list for the past 4 years and will continue to remain so. They are nothing but sociopathic parasites and leaches on the people.

      • And me. I’ll buy McCains from Aussie before I’ll put Talley’s frozen veges in my trolley. Peter Talley (I won’t call him Sir because he’s unworthy of it) is a greedy, unethical troglodyte and has been for as long as I’ve been aware of him.

        Helen’s a tough lady, and she can handle this sort of intimidation, but given her failing health, you’d think even a miserable piece of work like Talley would exhibit a shred of human decency and perhaps reconsider his baser inclinations. Apparently not. The man is irredeemable.

    • @ BLAKE – Re Captcha … it is beginning to happen to me as well. Could be right wing gremlins, such as the likes of Greasy Whales at work perhaps!

      What I do is always copy my comments now, just in case my maths is rejected, followed by deletion.

      Concur with your sentiments in your post.

  3. Knights, a grand title of infamy, pay back from mates of mates of political mates. Doug Graham, Michael Faye, David Richwhite and on the list goes. He’s in good company and at least it give us a label to take warning from.

    On the flip side a great win by Helen Kelly the CTU with the civil action against M & A Cross Ltd, as well as Whakatane’s Puketi Logging, for the death of a forestry worker in 2013.

    A prosecution based almost if not entirely on WorkSafe’s own investigation and yet this the pathetic, spineless, useless and or bent and laughably named organisation turned a blind eye to and would NOT prosecute. WorkSafe is of course a creation of this government and it’s no surprise to me they have taken a “business friendly” approach to the enforcement of “safety” laws.

    And ups to Radio NZ who covered this last night.

  4. back in 2009 Talleys locked out workers at Open Country Cheese who were seeking a collective employment agreement, down the track Talleys were found by the Employment Court to have broken the law in respect of hiring replacement (scab) labour, too late to affect the OCC dispute

    but; the point being the Dairy Workers Union had considered consumer boycotts against certain Talley product to assist the workers but decided in the end not to due to potential legal problems and the logistics of turning a boycott on and off

    then there is the AFFCO lockout Martyn refers to, well 6 years later on from OCC and 3 years on from AFFCO, how has this industrial disease performed? Worse in 2015 than ever before and a “Cur” Peter to boot. It is time for radical surgery of Talleys pirate profits–circulate a list of their meat products and ban them from your refrigerators until they settle with the Meatworkers or go under, they have been on notice for long enough.

      • every post says captcha is wrong and blanks out the post WTF?
        Every fucking time. this is just a test post.

        • Hey I think it really is just CAPTCHA being a bum, not personal. Don’t forget, computers are amazing but they are also morons (just copy every time before you post, then repost – it can happen a couple of times before it gets itself together – don’t stop posting). Ps – Talleyban is the definite word of the week!

      • TALLEYBAN hehe thats just too funy. Cheers for that, im giving my talley peas to the worm farm and will never again buy Talleys ever! even if they change there evil ways just like we did to cadburys and currantly fontera’s Anchor. Starve these scum out of existence.

  5. they seem to think the TPPA has gone through and can go round suing ‘organisations’ for economic loss. I’ve never bought their products and never will. That’s the way you get them back

  6. thanks martyn, good post.

    this is thru the bush telegraph so may be a little inaccurate:

    talking to my brother he says that affco meat works here in feilding is laying off all the workers and getting them to sign new contracts that do not have the smoko/lunchbreaks included in them.

    • If they are it will be why they have walked out of the negotiations with the meat workers union I would say.

      Just shows how right wing the talley’s family are to take,away meal breaks the dirty b…….ds.

  7. Martyn

    I have just sent an email to Graeme Malone, Solutions Law Office, advising him that in response to his letter threatening Helen Kelly & NZ Council of Trade Unions, I will never purchase another product produced by the Talley Group of companies until I can be assured that all Talley employees are paid a living wage with appropriate meal breaks and rest periods required for safe employment.

    Yes to a Talley Boycott – People don’t just boycott, tell them you are boycotting.

  8. In my opinion,Talley and all who cling to him and his rotten ilk, are part and parcel of the same filthy verminous infestation as NatzKEY!

  9. Any company that takes an action which affects communities is obeying instructions. A Government Agency that fails to take action to protect workers is obeying orders.
    We seem to all agree that jonkey, his government,agencies and large corporations, incl. and not restricted to banks, are taking/obeying orders.
    In my opinion, anyone with the courage to stand up and win anything is being given a token pat on the back. Cynical? Maybe. Things are too serious.
    jonkey didn’t knight Talley. I think we should look further up the food chain.

  10. I am fortunate enough to be of the era when growing your own veggies was all part of the family plan.
    There is nothing better than knowing that the veggies served on my table have not come from someone who thinks GE modification is OK, and that workers of his companies do not have a say in their employment rights.
    Growing your own is not easy, but it is something every NZ kid should be taught from a very early age. It never hurt my generation.
    Will I ever buy Talley foods – NOT EVER.

  11. What a complete tosser. I bet Helen laughed like a drain.

    The ‘antispam security test is stupid. ? 9 + = 11 doesn’t make sense.

    • Brigid, the answer is 2

      It’s algebra, like we were taught in the 60’s and 70’s (that’s the 1960’s and 1970’s NOT 1860’s and 1870’s as some have suggested)

      9+Y = 11

      Y must be 2 for the equation to be true.

      Just like John Key must go otherwise National will lose the 2017 election. Simple algebra and captcha ….

      Y not?

      • I know what the answer is. This is not an algebraic construction. A simple algebraic construct could be a +b = c, where if the number is not given a positive or negative sign it is assumed to be +.
        The = sign is never preceded by any sign.
        The way this is displayed shows bad coding.
        I’m being pedantic probably.

  12. “Good faith obligations”?!?!

    *cough, cough, cough*

    Jeezus fricken H.

    That has to be the most duplicitous thing I’ve read in a while… Talleys wouldn’t recognise “Good faith obligations” if it was done via sky-writing by a bright cherry-pink WW1 Fokker D-VII bi-plane!

  13. Peter Talley is a creep, that I am ashamed is my fellow kiwi.

    I spent many years in US & Canada praising Talley’s product’s as a kiwi during celebrations we held in our NZ Maori Concert party performances there at clubs and Irish events.

    But coming home 10 yrs ago now I read this with horror, – that for all these years I was supporting a John Key stooge that loves being cruel to his defenceless workers and their Representative.

    I will now reverse my support for this tyrant abusing our common workers, so shame on you Talley you wanker.

  14. If the Chinese yuan is now going to be the world currency reserve, how will this affect businesses in NZ?
    Rumours are that the ex-Pres. Bushes are gathering up their stolen gold and deserting the US for Panama – or was that just a Chinese whisper.
    Gee, I wonder what the Talleys are going to do. Their bank might go under.

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  16. Why is the NZCTU planning on picketing Talley’s? Honest question, just after a bit more background.

  17. Are lock outs illegal? Isn’t a lock out an equivalent of a strike and therefore a legitimate negotiating tactics?

  18. Talley Rally 9am to 11am Parliament Grounds : Tuesday 11th Augusts. Come and show your support. And please tell Talleys anything you are doing by way of consumer protest.

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