SPECIAL REPORT: Dirty Politics 1 year on – what’s changed?



In August of last year, Nicky Hager released his bombshell book, Dirty Politics, which highlighted a level of corruption and abuse of political power at the heart of NZ’s democracy that has never been seen before.

One year on – what has changed?

Let’s remind ourselves of the allegations again.

  • Rodney Hide was threatened and blackmailed into standing down over lewd text messages by Jordan Williams who was the numbers man for Don Brash. Don Brash went onto to be the next Leader of ACT after Rodney Hide left.
  • Tobacco, big sugar and booze lobbyists  pay to print articles on Whaleoil and then comment with the most disgusting hateful language aimed at public health activists.
  • Public servants are named and crucified for political gain.
  • Jordan Williams smears Labour Party sex lives on Wikipedia
  • Slater has a prostitute friend who tries to dig up dirt via the brothels on Len Brown, John Boscowan, Labour MPs, the Herald’s editors and Duncan Garner.
  • Slater was instrumental in the Len Brown sleaze campaign while living with his father who was the campaign manager for Brown’s main opponent.
  • The mainstream media enable and collude with Slater on his black op hatchet jobs.
  • Slater had a prisoner removed to a remote prison who ended up attempting suicide because Slater’s ‘friend’ didn’t want her daughter visiting the inmate.
  • Slater hacked into Labour Party computers with the help of Jason Ede and downloaded their entire database including donors.
  • Slater was provided information from the Secret Intelligence Service by way of being briefed on a specific question for an Official Information Act request.
  • Slater and co plotted to attack the head of the SFO
  • And most damning of all, The PMs Office colluded with the Secret Intelligence Service to manufacture a smear to attack Phil Goff, Leader of the Opposition, months before the 2011 election using a far right hate speech merchant like Slater as the vehicle.

So what has happened since August 2014?

Key claimed the entire event was a communist conspiracy, attacked Hager personally and refused to answer any more questions, remarkably, the mainstream media who had been so easily manipulated by Slater allowed Key off the hook.

The Right ignored the law that specifically allows for stolen emails to be published if they meet the public interest threshold and continued to personally attack Hager as a hypocrite who used stolen emails. Their refusal to engage in the allegations exposed how frail their defence was.

The Police, instead of investigating Slater, dropped all charges and instead in a remarkable move, busted into Nicky Hager’s house, seized all his papers (including information on Police corruption), lied about not looking at his notes and ruined his credit rating by contacting his bank. That case is still pending.

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In a remarkably similar modus operandi of Slater, Donghua Liu made ridiculous claims about donating $300 000 to Labour, fanned by the NZ Herald – one of Slater’s favoured enablers – the entire thing stank of another black ops hit by Slater and Co. The Herald claimed they had a signed piece of paper by Liu that made his allegation an affidavit, that the editor couldn’t tell the difference e between  signed piece of paper and an affidavit was jaw dropping. Herald columnist John Armstrong went on to demand Cunliffe resign because he forgot an 11 year letter. Armstrong has never called  for Key’s resignation despite all the allegations in Dirty Politics.


The SIS – the same agency that helped smear Phil Goff, gains mass surveillance powers, a huge increase to their budget and more resources.

Judith Collins was let off after a whitewash investigation into her involvement with Slater.

Campbell Live was killed off for political reasons after he caused Key too much embarrassment over Dirty Politics.

Slater won ‘Blog of the Year’ for his Len Brown story, and Cannon wouldn’t step in and take it back despite the disgusting level of coercion and involvement in manufacturing that story as outlined in Dirty Politics.

Rachel Glucina, the female Whaleoil who seeded her gossip column with right wing black ops spin, masqueraded as a PR expert when she was really writing a story for the NZ Herald that twisted Amanda Bailey’s words and painted her out as a political agent with an axe to grind. It showed the NZ Herald was still more than willing to play Dirty Politics to favour Key. The Press Council roasted the Herald for this shortly before Glucina left and the Editor stood down.

Matthew Hooton who handed Slater Nicky Hager’s address in the hope of Cathy Odger’s criminal clients would kill Nicky is still a panelist on every major political show.

Slater is still on ZB as a political commentator.

David Farrar who works hand in glove with Slater is still a political commentator.

Ben Rachinger alleged to have been paid by Slater to hack into the Standard. That allegation sits in front of the Police waiting investigation.

Colin Craig was attacked and smeared in another dirty politics attack and is now in the process of taking Jordan Williams and Slater to court for defamation.

This chart gives an idea of the wicked web of deceit spun…


…but it leaves out the mainstream media who so willingly played along.

But the deepest shock to have come out of Dirty Politics is that NZers rallied to Key and re-elected him in a landslide. The nation who tore Helen Clark to pieces for signing a painting she didn’t paint didn’t recoil in disgust at Key’s outrageous abuses of power, they rushed to support him. What this says about us as a country I’ll leave to the historians, but the 2014 election result made us a lesser society.

Rewarding malice, cruelty and spite because your house price is over valued is a shame National voters should never be allowed to live down.

Nothing has changed in a year, the same players and still playing the same dirty politics and the same mainstream media are enabling it.

We are a lesser people for allowing this political sadism to dominate our political agenda, and at some stage the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind have to take responsibility for allowing this cancer to rot Parliament and the Press Gallery to the core.


That awkward moment when Kim Dotcom, Assange, Snowden & Greenwald tell NZ that Key was lying and spying & they voted for him & TPPA anyway


  1. That will come with a crash in real estate prices I’m picking…

    Its obvious greed and self indulgence has bought off a large slice of these types…but as a house of cards is fickle , so too are these…and the fury at Key when that happens will only be the start of the mans vilification in history.

    • On to it,its coming,Brazil on the bones of don!t pick here,China,just gone back to hold onto,GOLD Copper just down too.The collapse is again coming,fucker our people are sucked into its money idea of being.

  2. I guess nothing much has changed, sadly though some sitting in the MSM have escaped being exposed by Nicky Hager, as he is a decent guy, still not willing to lift the lid on them. Also the Edes and others have been let off by the cops, no wonder there.

    As for what else we get, it is massive diarrhea, dressed up as “news” but being nothing but nasty crap, to take out and discredit people. Has anybody watched the gradual attacking and ridiculing of “Angry Andy”, the current Labour leader?

    It tells us something, and I was also disgusted by that little worm called Sabin, who had a go at Winston today, just trying the same dirty tactics once again.

    With such shit media, who needs enemies?

    That is where dirty politics is unfinished business, I feel, it deserves more exposure and getting attacked, this dirty business.

  3. Martyn we the good people of NZ are clearly aware of some contextualising information you somehow forgot. I’m left wondering if what troubles the MSM is subconsciously influencing you. “At the end of day” (especially today) you haven’t balanced your article with the wonderful achievements of the TPP “Agreement”. Our PM has assured us that medicines will remain at$5.00 because the “gument” (rather than us) is going to pay the extortion fee to big pharma. Also Tim Groser said he won’t walk away over the “yeah na” to dairy, because he helped draft the first edition of TPP, and hence has too much emotional investment in. Martyn with leaders of this calibre why are you writing such depressing columns?? Remember it’s all about being “on balance”, if it’s not “at the end of the day”. I suggest repeated watchings of The Life of Brian until you’re happily in a little stupier repeatedly singing the finale song “Always Look on the Bright Side …” it’s worked a treat for me!!

    • Gerry, do you really believe the tripe delivered by Groser and Key? Do you really believe they will be continuing to subsidise more expensive medication for years to come. If you do, I fear you are misguided, as all they stand for is cutting back on subsidies and whatever costs, even just perceived costs, and make the state leaner.

      Mr Snake Oil has surely got you hooked, I fear.

    • Gerry,

      Where do you come from mars?

      “the wonderful achievements of the TPP “Agreement”

      Perhaps you have lived in a cocoon all your sheltered life.

      This bloody TPP is a Corporate controlled rort that will suck every last dollar out of the country before they sling hook and find some next small country to fleece and bankrupt.

      What are you smoking?

      We lived in Canada when NAFTA came along and yes we had folks like you who were bullshitting us into believing it was the wonderful efforts to offer the shared wealth of all Mexico, USA and Canada.

      It never happened and US corporations bought up big in Canada and then sucked it dry then sued the Government for their breaches, (still happening today 25 yrs. later so you think TPPA will be wonderful for us,– holly crap wake up man get your brain checked by another shrink.

      Sorry but Martin is on the money just wait and I am afraid he will be proved right.

    • Umm what “wonderful achievements of the TPP “Agreement”?

      Everything is secret – and deliberately so. It was, after all, written by over 600 corporate contributors from big biz in the USA – plus a few Repub gov types there.

      With no links or qualifications to even that short statement, why should you be considered anything else but a troll?

    • Gerry, you say it is all about ” Being on Balance ” and you want Martyn to be happy and more positive about the TPPA. You sound like a corporate kiss up National troll who got all his buddies to tick a positive on your load of hilarious words. Clearly you need to educate yourself more about the real horrors of TPPA and this goes way beyond the $5 cost of meds. and dairy exports. John Key is a none liar and National, for the most part, are dictated to and heavily lobbied by these greedy mega-corporations who want the tppa to pass for mostly their gain.
      Do you honestly think that Nafta was a good thing ! ! Wake up ! It was horrific and hurt & damaged more than most are aware of.

      What corporation do you dwell with that will benefit from this non-trade and unethical; pro-corporate agreement? Clearly you have not done the research on this to realize the truths of it all and just why it is a massive mistake, just as NAFTA was. Get informed before you slag off a great journalist like Martyn because your ignorance is showing.




  4. Nicky Hager made just one mistake–the book title should have been “National’s Dirty Politics”

    history will not view dear leader and the Nat dirty tricks operation running out of his office well (though researchers will be challenged for some info given the PM uses “burner” mobile phones for govt business and the GCSB and SIS routinely “age off” potentially embarrassing files from their records)

    while some people vote Nat against their material interests out of consumerism and aspiration, too many others know exactly why they vote Nat–to protect their rentier and other financial interests

    agree with other posters that it will take a drop in property prices and the pain of negative equity to wake up some of the selfish kiwis

  5. Needless to say, I personally find all this deeply disturbing and equally deeply depressing.
    Having been a sheep, cattle, grain and brassica farmer on a 3000 acre block of land, and as a consequence of my dad having been an activist, dissenter and anti establishment figure from the early 1960’s I have a polarised opposite view of what might be argued is a National Party quisling farmer which has led me on my own personal journey to find truths where there were only lies and their bastard cousin statistics, to normalise the lies told to you and I repeatedly so as they took on a dubious normalcy and became institutionalised lies upon which we hung our view of New Zealand life, its legal system, its social evolution and its finances.
    Once one begins such a quest for , well vengeance to be truthful, one finds quite early on in the piece that all things are connected to everything else.
    And I’ve discovered, to my horror , that this latest hatching of scoundrels has their family ties deeply rooted in the dysfunctions of their forebears.
    I’m 99% certain you’re a good person @ Martyn Bradbury. You do truly want to see good things happen to good people , and perhaps good things to even bad people.
    If that’s the case, that you want to root out the rot, you must start at the beginning. Slater, Key, Hooten, Odger, etc, etc. Whether they know it or not, they’re part of a history of moral dysfunction. I can’t call it criminal dysfunction because laws were changed, invented , rammed through ‘ under urgency ‘ and then once legitimised, were enacted to swindle , control , thieve and to profit from. The writing nest of vipers excreting lies and deceit via the Media are as a result of a simple thing.
    We Kiwis had it so blind lucky that we never suspected a thing until suddenly we’re bearing witness to terrible societal carnage. We were never on high alert for crooks like most affluent countries whose hard won educations were as an early warning system to abuse. We were the blind hens with more worms that you could chuck a stick at. All the swindlers had to do was reach out and scoop up handfuls .

    And now ? We have a vulgar vaudeville act that some say is our government. Its clowns ride in on donkeys and bare their buttocks to those of us with what little conscience and common sense there is left. And what can we do ? Well, so far, fuck all.

    It’s my earnest opinion, that to fix what is clearly broke you must go back in time and understand the swindle. See who did what to whom for what while bearing in mind, who earns the money now ? Who earned the money historically? Who, are still welded to National at the hip ? And why ?

    And all the Nicky Hager / Slater / Labour / National / Cowardly MSM / Campbell Live etc stuff ? It’s all connected.
    Soberingly ;
    It’s in its death throws which makes it extremely dangerous and clearly nothing is too far to go to keep the lid on The Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie .

    • Same situation in most of the world. Government and non government groups ruled by people from the same group of ultra rich families. If you get to the top os say Fonterra or Federated Farmers and you’re not from a certain group of farmers, then you’re only allowed one term before those families work to get rid of you.

      • @ Dorothy Bulling.
        You would be absolutely correct. Great to see the ‘farmer’ per se being dragged into NZ’s political debate, and debacle. They, the farmer, earn our money. The tip of a capitalist system functioning as it should. They manufacture a product then sell it to others for money. The money would then be distributed throughout society via taxes and jobs. That system built our NZ, a NZ we were once so proud of.

        Then along comes ‘ financialised capitalism
        ‘ ( https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2015/07/27/new-zealand-in-denial-a-review-of-jane-kelseys-the-fire-economy/ ) as was most ably described by Professor Jane Kelsey and Dr Wayne Hope or known as ‘ fraud’ to this humble writer who could never be accused of being educated beyond his intelligence.

        New Zealand Farmers were, and are, being exposed to a terrible fraud. The perpetrators of that fraud were , and are , indeed members of that family.
        And now ? They must continue to expand on that fraud otherwise [it] unravels and shows its dirty underwear to the world.

        You wait and see dear Reader. This farming thing I bang on about? It’s big. Fucking big.

        You made me very happy @ Dorothy Bulling. I’m not alone after all. Well done you. Anyone else out there ?

  6. I dunno, I think the Whale is losing it, he must be absolutely desperate:

    i) Pete George is now regular on his site
    ii) He even ran a column on me

  7. Perhaps this unfortunate fellow like us is being led by the nose:

    Is it time to connect all the information together about the U.S. SEC registered corporation called New Zealand, head of that corporation, jonkey’s connection to and attendance at the Bilderberg, who set it up, the 21 goals of same group, the implications for us of the TPP, the results of the investigation of the Swiss Fed Inst of Technology, and then tabulate all discovered provable facts.

    If we did that, we just might find the whole thing has been a sick joke on us for longer than we realize. The twits we call politicians are nothing more than role players with scripted lines.

    (Okay this time, Martyn? Admit I do get a wee bit cross :D)

  8. At the end of this term National will have been in power for nine years so that for people in their 20s this is pretty much the only government they have ever known. To them, the lies, the hate, the lack of ethics, the appointments by political patronage, the dismantling of democratic organisations, the lack of accountability of this government is all they’ve ever known and must seriously warp what they think leadership and governance is all about.

  9. Based on what I have read today regarding Robert Kaygan co-Founder of Project for the New American Century (which Wikipedia says is now defunct but which David Icke in his you tube video of 1 August 2015 Journey Through The Madhouse confirms as in operation) jonkey, slater, and the rest are way out of their depths.

    I pray New Zealanders wake up, stand up, find and understand the information so available to make an informed opinion and take unified action.

  10. Good ole boys network helping cover up the truths and trash the word —- Justice. Not much justice transpired. Sad commentary for our country.
    Elitist power idiots covering for each other and our lame media turns a deaf ear. They own the media anyway. They think this is all just fluff and fringe issues and we are making mountains out of mole hills.

    It disgusts me how rotten dirty politics can be and how rotten some of these people are who still think they are above the law. But the war is not over as long as we keep embarrassing them and pressuring them with the truths of their lies and deceit and shameful behavior.

    Nicky Hager is one of the ethical good guys ! and did not deserve any of this ! Cameron and Judith should be held accountable and pay for their ugliness and disgusting behaviour that has hurt our country.

  11. According to Stuff, Hide denies being blackmailed:


    Hacking? Yes, if you define “hacking” as entering a url you’re not supposed to.

    Hager’s book has been total failure.

    1. It tried to make out WO to be a hate-site filled with frothing rednecks advocating the poor all be killed or forced into slavery. All this did was make people want to visit the site and find it’s not like that at all (may have been at one time but the moderators have done a damn good job at cleaning the place up). End result being WO got even more traffic.

    2. The public generally ignored the allegations as evidenced by the fact that National got in on a landslide.

    3. Even if you accept that using a blogger as a catspaw and publishing damaging information about your political opponents is “Dirty Politics” (which I don’t) it’s still going on- Hager’s book has done nothing to stop it. Latest example of course being Craig (and deservedly if allegations against him are true which IMHO I believe they are).

    If somebody said that Hager was a National Party troll I would have to think for a few seconds whether or not they were correct. It’s that much of a failure.

    • According to Stuff, Hide denies being blackmailed:

      Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he, Kevin?

      If you’re being blackmailed for something that, by definition, you don’t want to be publicly known – then you’re hardly likely to stand up in public; raise your hand; and admit to being blackmailed?

      Because as sure as day follows night, the next questions asked by journos will be;

      “What are you being blackmailed for?”

    • “It tried to make out WO to be a hate-site filled with frothing rednecks…”

      Have you read any of their posts about Islam and Muslims? And the comments those “stories” attract? Those articles and comments fit your sarcastic description perfectly (and that isn’t even including the usual hyperbole that slater uses, like “chinky sounding names,” “wogs”, “the green taliban” etcetc).

      At the least, it is ethically appalling for the government to be hand-in-hand with someone whos articles and opinion pieces border on hate speech, let alone someone who has often and repeatedly broken the law.

  12. Plus the dropping of charges against a PM who thinks continuously assaulting working females is matter of fun and humour. The ignorance of continued theft of swamp kauri from Northland, by relations of a previously accused National MP. The continued, ever-increasing screamfest against Labour in every answer that exceeds one word, by an psychologically aberrant PM during question time (this is admittedly just an observation of the obvious). The cover-up of all National’s past “achievements”: Novopay, Cera, Serco, Charter Schools, altered RMA, inadequeate work health conditions,…

    What kind of fog do Nat supporters live in?

  13. Nothing has changed, if anything, it’s worse. Although I am proud – for the most part – to be Kiwi, I have long been ashamed to be one around election time, given the mentality of the sheeple of muddle nu Zilind. Now, I despair . . . .

  14. Meh. As society and media have changed, politics has changed. Media choice means that while a few people are much better informed than they used to be, far more are much worse informed. Add to that the fact that politics is now a branded product sold and advertised just like all the others, and expecting any reasonable result is just silly.

    It’s hard to express how profoundly you are wasting your time with politics. Just get a new hobby.

    • Yeah Tom, it wouldn’t matter if it didn’t actually matter.

      The problem is that when you start going down hill there is no bottom.
      New Zealand has no automatic right to be relaxed, knowledgeable, wealthy, happy, healthy, calm, creative, co-operative, sane, safe with the prospect of a constructive and satisfying life for yourself your countrymen and your family.
      You have to go out and fight for that.

      It isn’t a hobby, it’s a duty.

    LET’S TRY ‘BY POPULAR CONSENSUS’ effected by those we trust.

  16. Excellent summary!

    The worst part of this fiasco is the police. They are now officially #corrupt

    As for New Zealand, the Key Govt has totally stuffed this country, and the details of this saga are evidence of just how low they have dragged us down into the gutter.

  17. Language in politics and its correct use is really important, read Orwell on the subject. It bugs me when people refer to Helen Clark having “signed” that painting. That was a deliberate distortion by political enemies. She ‘autographed’ it, on the back I believe, which is not where artists ‘sign’ their work. She autographed it to give it value in the context of a fundraising auction. If you keep using the word ‘signed’ you are reinforcing the political slur.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The language used by politicians and bloggers sets the tone for all political arguments. Using terms like “green taliban”, “loony lefties”, name calling in general (and you can’t argue against name calling, because you’ll be called a PC, nanny statist), they all set up a story so that the reader is told how to feel (usually outraged) about a situation before any facts or arguments are put forward.
      This type of language, used nearly exclusively by far right bloggers, sets up political divides so that the audience becomes extremely for or extremely against an issue (the reader is told by the blogger that one opinion on the matter is 100%, irrefutably correct, and the other is so hyperbolically wrong as to be dangerous to even think about). This kind of divide sets up the audience to think in “black and white” ie: rather than look at a situation critically and make reasonable conclusions for themselves the reader is told how to think and feel about a situation. This is the height of irony; right wing blogs are all about personal freedom, thinking for ones self, personal responsibility etc, yet the bloggers tell their audiences exactly how to think, how to feel, how to act.

  18. You forgot to mention Judith Collins our ex minister of ‘justice’ and Slaters BF and all her husbands Chinese ‘business’ deals. And the extremely narrow investigation prior to the election of her actions that ‘cleared her’.

    Also in my view what alienated many voters prior to the election was Labour and Greens denial of the problem of dirty politics. In particular the Dotcom/mass surveillance (proved to be true) where by polls showed that 75% of people believed Dotcom over JK about who was lying. And the refusal of Labour and Greens to battle it out with National and instead their attack on the arguable victims (Dotcom, Assange, snowdon etc) who were clearly being set up in MSM (TV3 who could not find Ede managed to find Journo’s to fly out to interview some ex staff members of Dotcom). And the Hone debacle.

    “That awkward moment when Kim Dotcom, Assange, Snowden & Greenwald tell NZ that Key was lying and spying & they voted for him & TPPA anyway”

    Actually 1 million were disgusted with all the parties and didn’t vote of any of them.

    Then the scenario where Phil Goff got ousted as party leader after being smeared via the SIS but then Labour votes to give them SIS more powers of surveillance and more funds for spying.

    Metro has an article about the Absurdistan. It is very apt in particular about the behaviour of opposition parties that are allowing the Nats to do this to our country.

    If Labour and Greens want to actually get elected, they need to examine their own behaviour and not just have good speeches in parliament but actually do something effective that stops the Absurdistan concerns and have a clear position.

    Labours MAYBE position not really a clear message against dirty politics (and although probably influenced by dirty politics who have infiltrated the party) and leading to Labour’s erratic or unclear position of practically every policy.

    Noticed today but could not be bothered to read a beat up in Granddaddy herald on NZ First. Dirty politic’s start to a campaign against them….

    Obviously NZ First must be polling well….

    • This is where Labour, Greens and NZ First need to put their quarrals behind them and start collaborating to help each other ride out, dirty tricks and politics against them by Nat lobbyists.

      The opposition parties can be picked off more easily as individuals but not as easy if they all stand together and have some sort of strategy to deal with it.

  19. Sorry, still believe last election was rigged. I think New Zealanders were wanting change then, but it was stolen from them. Of course the letters many people received saying ‘your vote was not counted’ were never followed up by the MSM. And biggest give away – John Key’s ‘actual’ surprise when he won (His body language is very easy to read when he’s acting). He really was not expecting to do so. I truly believe he had ‘a little help’. Time may prove me right one day…

    • I don’t think he was surprised he won, it was the magnitude of the trouncing the left received. The Hager book backfired, a terribly inept campaign by Labour, a staggeringly weak and directionless Mana campaign and there you go. You can argue the semantics about it but the size of the victory in an MMP election was astounding. I’d look surprised as well.

  20. AFTER we got to learn about nationals dirty politics style of governing, John Key promoted Mike Sabin to a senior Justice & Law role……..

    John Key in particular seems to be getting worse and more blatant with his shitty dirty behavior ……….

  21. De- regulation (1990’s)
    >>The end of ” checks & balances” (= The End of Conscience & Ethics)

    Anarchy rules now. = The Corporatisation of Everything.
    Esp “NZ Govt”- just a corporation now. A Business Entity.

    …And especially The Media, ( a giant Business entity to serve “Govt”, who in turn are serving World Banks)… upon whom the naive & ignorant public still rely on to be “informed”.
    ( MIS- INFORMED & MANIPULATED is the truth)

    * * * * *
    Really, the fact that John Key et al can exhibit & get away with such blatant dishonesty & corruption just proves how corrupt and complicit the Media is!!!

  22. Not buying it Blue.
    I actually thought IMP ran a strong campaign – they must of been doing something right, as the MSM ripped them to shreds….
    Perhaps JK was surprised that 1 MILLION New Zealanders didn’t even vote! So when you look at the numbers, not a vast amount of NZer’s wanted National at all….and finally – the coat-tailing has to go!

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