Compare the Police letting off Slater for hacking Labour Party website and searching Nicky Hager’s home



What a surprise. The Cops have let Slater and Ede off for hacking into the Labour Party website and copying all their donors lists.

If only the NZ Police would spend as much energy defending the interests of the young women raped in the Roast Buster case as they do on Cameron Slater.

Compare the ‘nothing to see here’ response by the cops to Slater’s hack to the way they ransacked Nicky Hager’s house after he embarrassed the Government with Dirty Politics.

The Police are as one sided as the mainstream media.

Thankfully Matthew Blomfield’s defamation case is ongoing, the Police investigation into the allegations of Slater paying a hacker to hack the Standard has evidence that is impossible to ignore and of course Colin Craig’s new $650 000 defamation case will hurt as well.

Karma comes around and Slater is due a visit.


  1. The Police are as one sided as the mainstream media.

    More accurately:

    The media are one sided, the police are corrupt.

  2. Interesting that this one was released by msm late Friday afternoon, the dumping time for news items of this nature of public interest, which are to be kept hidden away, for fear of scrutiny.

    The old cynic in me says the corrupt police were acting on corrupt orders from above!

    Now we wait for the outcome of the judge’s decision on Nicky Hager’s case.

  3. Bet the police were hating the pressure to capitulate on letting Slug Slater off for now when they came down hard on anyone who remotely suspicions as now deep questions will fill everyone as to why some can flaunt the privacy of others when most now are publically warned of such activities.

    Such a corrupt little government we have now become and shame on us all for witnessing this in our time.

  4. Once Key is in court and dealt with, the police, the mainstream media, and Keys empire will sink into oblivion at their own hands, along with a swift kick in the arse from Karma and the majority of the general public booing in rejoice of the fascist Key society, aka, the National “Government”.
    They’ve failed at everything they’ve set out to accomplish. Now we need a party with balls to run this country, before a civil war breaks out.

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