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  1. ‘When China rules’

    “When China rules, what will the world be like? Will Beijing govern as a global hegemon or be one among other great powers? Western capitals and their media often warn us about China’s rise, though hardly mention the dangers of the West’s decline. When China rules, will the world be a safer place?CrossTalking with James Bradley, Martin McCauley, and Scott Kennedy.”

  2. surely the only ones in a position to be emoting about poor cecil the lion..are vegans..?

    i mean..if you are fulminating/tutt-tutting over cecil…while you have grease/fat on yr chin from eating an animal that has lived in/thru the horrors of factory-farms..

    ..could you be more full of shit..?

    • too true , too true…and just think of all the poor critters Cecil ate!…ran them down, pounced and gnashed them between his mighty jaws and ripped them apart with his ferocious deadly claws and knifed teeth…crunch ! scrunch!….blood spurting from major arteries everywhere…

      …still I believe that dentist was a beast to do that to cute Cecil ….and deserves everything he gets!

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