Malcolm Evans – TPPA


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  1. We are told to trust the Government to do the best for “The country”.

    That should then be a double edged sword. what does it mean “the best for the country”.

    (A)That the country will be forced onto Corporate rules of employment contracts with near zero hours and be full of labourers on low wages working 18hrs a day like in the 1700’s?

    (B)Does it mean that no one has any rights to move around and be free to hinder the environment and the wildlife like contained in the United nations “agenda 21” where we will be corralled lke livestock or American Indians on reservations?

    (C)Or does that mean that it will be best for the people of this country?

    They have never specifically what will be better off under TPPA and it has not been mentioned that (C) “That mean that it will be best for the people of this country”

    In for one have seen lies lies and more lies from these crims so I don’t hold any hope they will help us but will enslave nus all.

  2. ……… And as she fell she realized for the very first time she had wings.
    ……… And fly she did, knowing that behind were the lies of centuries
    ……… And fly she did toward a bright new cleaner future supported by
    ……….Truth, Equality, Brotherhood, Sisterhood and best of all LOVE

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