Colin Craig’s Dirty Politics counter attack


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TDB pointed out when the campaign to dump Colin Craig began that this might just be another Dirty Politics attack.

Colin Craig agrees with us.

Here is his pamphlet

Colin Craig & Dirty Politics – The Booklet

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There is a lot in here that asks hard questions about the behind the scenes manipulations that occur when a story like this breaks.

In Dirty Politics, Jordan Williams is alleged to use sleaze to force Rodney Hide to step down as ACT Party leader. Both deny this, despite Jordan being the numbers man for Don Brash who took over when Rodney was removed as leader.

Like Luigi Wewege who tried to get his girlfriend at the time to sleep with Len Brown and record it, the Right seem to think peoples personal lives can be used to smear them no matter the ethics. In this situation, Jordan began a relationship with the woman at the centre of the allegations against Colin Craig.


Who is Mr X? It sounds like Matthew Hooton.

Colin is fighting back and for Colin’s fan base, the manufactured sleaze and attack politics only boosts him in their eyes. Sure the rest of NZ think this is cray, but people who are Conservatives have put up with the sting of mockery most of their lives and see the slings and arrows of outrageous blogs as proof he’s one of them.

I. Can’t. Wait. Till. The. Court. Case.

Please Colin, let it be in auckland so we can all turn up to watch.

Don’t forget, this is now the 3rd ongoing legal action against Cameron Slater, if you were wondering.


    • Will these sycophantic remora-like Colin Craig and Rodney Hyde types never learn? They are prepared to throw left-wing supporters and poor victims under the neoliberal pillaging bus.

      Craig and Hyde are pawns in a mega-political game – useful when needed – but when a better offer comes along, they are discarded by National to the scrapheap of political oblivion. And not the blink of a lizard eyelid. The same will happen with Seymour and Dunne and the Maori Party when the political time is right.

      And when they are discarded, like last week’s mouldy bread, they bleat and whinge and look for sympathy from the left, from TDB and from Nicky Hager supporters.

      F#cking hypocrites, they deserve all they get. Did we hear Colin Craig speak out against dirty politics when Nicky Hager’s book came out? Did Rodney Hyde get on Willie and Allie’s programme as the right-wing commentator and decry Slater, Key, Joyce and co for their ‘dirty politics’? NO.

      Good riddance to them and their ilk. They deserve all they get from their political puppet masters.

      • Never a truer word spoken Winnie. 1000%+

        Aint it funny when we all see the worm turning after their masters strip away his place in the public money trough, and undermine him who thought he was a model Neocon but found out that he wasn’t radical enough for them and was burned.

        Now he is singing like a choir boy eh Winnie.

        Good to see them eating themselves, from the inside just like a virus.

        I suppose the consolation if any is that it will cause key to wonder for a while what will happen if he cant be bought any more now like all the other clingons.

        • The only problem Cleangreen, is that Joyce, Key and the cabal have already put the C4 into the Conservative building – and Colin is just attaching his own detonators, ready to bring the whole “Conservative Party” down into a pale blue dusty pile of rubble. But why?

          Key and the third-term, unpopular arrogant National Party are shoring up their FPP votes – Zero-hours contracts, Constructively dismissing Campbell Live, TPPA, Ponytailgate, Judith Collins, Chinese speculators in a laisser-faire housing market all have eaten away at their teflon popularity. They want to govern alone and complete the neoliberal coup de grace on New Zealand during a 4th term.

          Seymour’s a joke;Dunne’s done for and Maori went back to Labour in droves in the Maori seats last election – so where does that leave the Maori Party?

          Key and the Natz are hunkering down for an FPP battle at next election and they don’t want the Chemtrails and Moon-man and his wife speaking on behalf of every man and woman in NZ. Craig’s goneburger – the sooner he realises it, the better. If he had shut up and gone gracefully, National would have handed him a nice little sinecure somewhere, like they did with Shane Jones.

          It absolutely is Dirty Politics Part 2, but cannibalism of the loopy outriggers into the deep blue centre. It’s a pity Craig and Mrs Craig can’t see this, they are just making laughing stocks of themselves, while Muttley Paul Henry sniggers, and Little Lord Fontleroy Hosking rants in the wings on behalf of National’s domesticated muppet media.

          • That makes perfect sense that does now Winnie, so what we now badly need to expose all this continuation of “Dirty politics” killing our opposition voices.

            Troble is now we don’t now have any way to get these clear examples of dirty dealing to screw the process to the public attention and it allows this evil mob to hold on to power longer to sell everything to the rest of the world and leave us all in bondage to foreign corporation’s and Elitist power hungry partners of FJK?

            We urgently need is a stand alone unhindered freedom radio/TV network to be stacked with these opposition voices and TV7 remnants for real investigative journalist’s as we have many just sitting with nothing to do since they were fired from all Corporate or NatZ controlled public media.

            So I have advocated for months since before the last election for all opposition parties to form a “public media forum to discuss how they collectively can get their voice over to the voter and all NZ before we are all done here.

            This Public broadcast “Free Speech Forum will be a beginning of a plan to produce a stand alone balanced media to produce proper Documentaries and public affairs programs to counter the Joyce/ (Goebbels type” “Enlightened propaganda machine” currently brainwashing the whole population today.

            Why cant we begin now that process and perhaps float a fundraising campaign also globally for promoting again another type Ch 7 as refreshing unique voice or truth and investigative integrity network to produce “Both sides of the story” as you eloquently showed with your thoughtful summary.

    • SAVE NZ 1000% right on mate.

      Got to say Colin demands to be respected, he has some honour as his wife does since she today said he was an honest principled man that deserved to say is side of the story.

      Yes we will watch with interest at yet another spectacle of “Dirty politics” unfolds.

      All while the Nasty Nats are spending our taxpayer dollars over in Hawaii this coming weekend drinking expensive booze to get brain dead as they sign us onto the secretive TPPA and send our population into corporate slavery for the next 3 generations.

      Then they can say “I was drunk then and didn’t understand the wording on the agreement clearly”

      Disgusting traitors we will all highlight them on a banner of shame those who deserted our country for a bribe.

    • Now that it suits him SaveNZ – where was he when Hager’s book came out? AWOL, hiding, hunkering down with Key, Slater, Collins et al. He’s a political opportunist, whose star has come and gone and now he’s playing the victim of ‘dirty politics ‘ card. Just another neolib hypocrit.

  1. Yes, BUT. What am I missing here? Why is Craig a target? Why would Slater put so much work into bringing him down? His party isn’t even in parliament. Craig is a limelight junkie and is desperate to keep a profile. To me, it is a massive distraction from things that matter much, much more. Unless we can find out why they targeted Colon. He is also a serial litigant, so they must have known he would head for the courts if he got a whiff of skullduggery. It just doesn’t add up, in my humble opinion.

    • Colin isn’t far enough right for the likes of Slater. He’s not keen on asset sales and so called free-marketeering. Like it or not, he’s actually in politics for what he thinks are the right reasons (even though he’s totally deluded).

      Slater on the other hand is obviously clinically sociopathic. His agenda is only to cause misery and disorder, he’s quite open about that. He would install those into parties that will actually cause the most damage and confusion to NZ as possible. Like Rankin, for eg. Slater is not ‘bad’, he is just extremely sick; he needs severe mental help, and is injurious to the public good.

    • @ Kingi
      The Nats want that 4plus% Craig and the Cons. “stole” from them. It could be the difference between them winning and losing in 2017.

  2. Their purpose is to put a stake through Craig’s heart to ensure there is no come-back and that his relocated votes go back to National, rather than go uncounted when cast for an unreliable, marginally viable “ally” like Colin Craig.

    • that his relocated votes go back to National, rather than go uncounted

      They don’t go “uncounted”: they become so-called “wasted votes”.

      It’s very important to understand what is the real effect of a “wasted vote”.

      Effectively, wasted votes get apportioned to all parties that meet the threshold according to the percentage of party votes that each of those parties received.

      In the last election, Conservatives got 95,598 votes but didn’t meet the threshold.
      The Greens got 10.7% of the party vote, meeting the 5% threshold.

      So the Greens were effectively allocated 10.7% of the CP vote i.e. 10,229 votes – roughly half a seat. CP voters (probably Nats) giving 10,000 votes to the Greens – a bit hard to take.

      Conversely, remember this if you and nine of your friends voted for a party that didn’t reach the threshold, then roughly 5 of you gave your party vote to National.

  3. Except if Craig really did harass his secretary and send her poems, which I honestly believe he did, then he deserved everything he got

    • “It’s much easier to fool the people than persuade them they’ve been fooled” – Mark Twain

    • the court case no doubt will bring out the truth

      …the fact that Craig wants it out in the open means it isn’t as bad… in his opinion ….as it is being made out by the “Dirty Politics Brigade”

      ….and you have heard of ‘honey traps’ haven’t you?

      …or people crying “wolf!”… when there is no wolf?

      …or “fire!” …when there is no a fire?

      Let the court proceedings commence!…bring on the popcorn

      • Len Brown was another example of the ‘right-wing honey trap’ by “Luigi Wewegi” – who sounds like a character out of a Super Mario Game – and Palino.

        Where are those “dirty Politickers” now?

        • I dont know why…but I have less sympathy with Len Brown…maybe because he was supposedly Left and did more damage…and struck me as a corrupt , self serving political opportunist …as well as being a lecherous ,self deluded middle aged male

          Colin Craig strikes me as being more naive…and more critical of jonkey nact…hence the possibility of support for Labour (could be wrong however)

          While Craig wasnt overtly critical of “Dirty Politics” he may have been taking note of it, not approving of it …and waiting until he got into power

  4. I have been no fan of Colin Craig, and I do not support the Conservatives, and I feel worried about the man.

    I am drawn between sympathy and pity, and am also concerned about his general mental well-being. But that may all be the result of what is presented here, and was mentioned in the media, and what Colin published himself.

    There appears to have been an agenda and serious attack at him personally.

    So far I am struggling to make sense of it. I definitely have no sympathy with the ones like Slater and the other two mentioned, and I am no friend of Mr Hooton.

    Colin Craig is swift with getting lawyers in, we know it since he tried to sue Russel Norman.

    So I will watch this with interest, I just feel, this is rather worrying and sickening, how far “dirty politics” is taking this country and the politically involved. I am sure there is something to it, what Colin claims, and we all know, that Hager had some very good reasons, and sources, and evidence, to publish his book ‘Dirty Politics’.

    I claim it goes much further, and also involves many in the maintsream media, and that is what this rotten Nat ACT government we have relies on, their “mates” in the MSM, some in high places.

    So I encourage all, whether Colin Craig or others, come forward with the truth, if you know something, come and do democracy a service, it is at high risk, in little Aotearoa NZ.

  5. In politics if you set yourself up as a moralising ‘Christian family values’ type, you’ve got to stay squeaky clean….

    ….and that seems not to be the case in this instance. 😉

  6. Martyn, are you saying that Jordan Williams seeked out Rachel Macgregor after last years election, and started a relationship with her so he could get material to bring down Colin Craig, and install a new leader? (I couldn’t read the attached leaflet).
    I really don’t like anyone in this sorry saga but I do feel a bit sorry for Colin Craig, having used his millions$ To create the Conservative party, only to have it snatched out from under his nose. Jordan Williams now trying to install a new leader – a coalition partner-in-waiting for the right – the manipulations are intriguing and appalling

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