Ika Salon with Pam Corkery


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Ika presents a Salon with Pam Corkery – Tuesday 28 July
“Live and Undrugged: Mayhem, Media and Mates”

For bookings here:

Pam Corkery has provoked and enlightened during a long career in journalism, a short stint in Parliament, a brief encounter with a brothel and six years of alcohol and drug free living. Fresh from Dancing with the Stars, Pam will be dancing her own verbal steps at July’s Ika Salon.

$30 including dinner – with seafood, meat and vegetarian options.

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Doors and bar open from 5. Come early for drinks and snacks, dinner served from approx 6.15 pm followed by Pam’s presentation (approx 7.30). We’ll be open for snacks, drinks, dessert and conversation from 5 pm into the evening (snacks, dessert & drinks extra).

The Ika Salon is a chance to share food and conversation with others. We welcome single, double or larger bookings & will develop a seating plan with a great night in mind for you.


  1. I like her frumpy frankness, as she speaks her mind as true as an Irish lass.

    Wished on time like this I was an Aucklander again.

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