Remember when Judith Collins said this about Serco?


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While the Corrections Minister’s story over what he knew when has changed almost daily last week, let’s remind ourselves what our delightful Judith Collins had to say in 2010 about the private prison that is now accused of Fight Clubs, death, rapes, intimidation, assaults, abuse and corruption when she opened it…



…and those new ideas would be throwing Prisoners off landings? Gang recruitment? Stand over tactics and a culture of hiding any violence?

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If Judith and checked their track record she would gave seen massive corruption and prisoner abuses.

How is it that National Party MPs can say these things and there be absolutely no manner of holding them to account?

Private prisons are a cancer NZ must get rid of but we must demand more for public prison resourcing if we want better outcomes than this madness.



  1. Accountability happens once every three years. Given the average voter attention span is 30 minutes with ad breaks included, your very average politician has a job for life.

  2. True that Nicholas,

    National committed?

    “to a world class prison service” Ha.

    They should be committed to an “institution for the insane” mate that’s all.

  3. Well…Perhaps Miss Piggy Collins thinks mud wrestling is a fine sport seeing as how she was implicated in so many dodgy things in Dirty Politics.

    But what she doesn’t realize is that shit sticks.

    And if your going to wallow round in the filth you aint gonna come up smelling of roses.

    Orivida , anyone? ….they say the backbenches give a panoramic view as to whats going on in parliament ….

    As to Uncle Sam , maybe he needs to be informed just what his portfolio actually is , and just what is expected of it.

    Somehow I don’t think he was paying attention when they handed out the job descriptions ….

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