So Minister knew about Fight Clubs, prisoner death, a riot AND hid it all from Police?


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This gets worse every minute.

So now we have allegations of Fight Clubs, Staff betting on fight clubs, Staff turning a blind eye to gang intimidation, beatings, a Prisoner death, a  Prisoner riot and all of it was kept from the Police???

How can one Corporation have this much power to hide a prisoner death from the Police?

Is it because ACC is a 30% shareholder with Serco in the new private prison at Wiri? Does a Government Department dependent on incarceration for revenue set awkward incentives?

When you consider the corruption of Serco overseas and the prisoner abuse they have recorded in other countries – is it any surprise that our experiment is already failing so badly?

National removed prisoners rights to vote so they can’t even change the system they are being doomed to.

Serco and the private prison experiment has been ignored as an issue for too long, it’s time to start asking hard questions now.

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    • Hear hear CHOOKY.

      Despite past misdemeanors, for which they are paying for, prisoners are still nevertheless human beings, deserving of safe and reasonable care during incarceration, to assist them towards rehabilitation.

  1. Well the bullshit is flowing thick and fast. According to corrections it turns out the prisoner, I assume the one mentioned by Kelvin Davis, wasn’t “Dropped”.

    (To quote Stuff) “The Inspectorate concluded that the prisoner fell as a result of being chased by another offender who then physically assaulted the prisoner. There was no suggestion made in the report of any practice of ‘dropping’.

    So there you go, its all good. He did it all by himself running for his life in a properly run jail where nobody in charge saw nothing! I am struggling with the difference here but I’m not a National MP or a Corrections official. And if there was a link in this man’s death to what happened to him in Mt Eden then it’s surely is grounds for a homicide enquiry!

    Queue more lies from National!

  2. Yes and their killing of the infirmed & the aged goes hand in hand to show a clear pattern with the disastrous lack of medical tests for bowel cancer, any cancer, a screen test called AMAS could pickup early for $100 and monitoring blood and serum samples for Alzheimer’s and other aged known early symptomology probably because they think it will save the treasury money, the murderers so they fail to provide preventive treatment too.

    The AMAS (early Cancer) test by OncoLab in Boston, has been around for over 20 years..

    I first read about the AMAS back in the year 2000. It can detect cancer ‘years’ before being detected with conventional means.

    AMAS Cancer Test One article from this link:

    This Government is conducting secretive genocide of the older population just the same way that Hitler did.

    It’s so uncanny how this Government practices former death by plausible deniability principals so freely in sight of the non functional media as being complicit, as this is akin to murder.

  3. SERCO Group PLC:
    Rupert Soames, CEO; Roy Gardner, Chairman.

    Sorry everyone……it aint no experiment.

    Connect the dots.

  4. Yes its hard cold business decision all right and we see ACC involved as well???

    “When you consider the corruption of Serco overseas and the prisoner abuse they have recorded in other countries – is it any surprise that our experiment is already failing so badly?”

    Well if ACC has a 30% holding in this “enterprise and allows uncontrolled fighting there one must ask how come ACC allow fighting that will generate accidents that ACC wind up paying out for???

    Yes we can see why using ACC as a watchdog will be an experiment in disaster for the taxpayer when all those claims for accidental fractured jaws and other parts of their anatomy are damaged in the fighting incidents such as lung punctures and other conditions.

    Bloody crazy world we are living in today I am speechless.

  5. There’s some controversy over *exactly* what happened but to me that’s not important at this time and will hopefully be sorted out. What is important is that a prisoner died as a result of something that happened in a prison under Serco’s watch, and the minister tried to cover it up.

  6. The removal of freedom by force is the ultimate
    and sole prerogative of the state. By its nature
    enforced incarceration removes rights and creates
    power from the prisoner. To contract out these
    powers to a private profit maximising third party
    is wrong in principle, an abrogation of responsibility
    and open, in all probability sure, of abuse.
    Private enterprise is justified due to the delivery of choice, effectiveness and efficiency, none of these are driven by morality.
    At best business is amoral and in furthering its profit
    maximising goals are in conflict with humane custodial

    • @ mortense – and your evidence to support your statement please … ?

      If the majority of prisoners are Labour voters – note I omit the word bludging – that will be because they are probably working class Kiwis, minus adequate means to pay for a strong defence, due to low incomes. Unlike the NatzKEY crims still operating out there, lying, thieving, pillaging and deceiving their filthy way through life, sucking everything that was decent out of society, to satisfy their parasitic greed! These are the worst elements of the criminal world!

      • I think the comment was ironic.
        By the way I resent the intelligence test you have to complete to post!

  7. whether or not he was “dropped” or he fell, this death was covered up by Serco and the Minister responsible.
    I call Trump, “YOU’RE FIRED”

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