Peter Dunne Sells NZ Out To Foreign Corporations


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It’s no secret that one of the best New Zealand First contributions so far this term has been Fletcher Tabuteau’s Fighting Foreign Corporate Control bill.

In it, we sought to strike back against one of the WORST elements of the TPPA, by preventing Investor-State Dispute resolutions from taking away our sovereignty.

Our bill would have protected New Zealand from the very real threat of foreign corporates riding roughshod over Parliament’s law-making ability in pursuit of profits; and also helped to ensure PHARMAC’s vital role in providing Kiwis with affordable medicine would have been safeguarded.

In short, it was probably the most important piece of legislation presently being debated by Parliament.

And little wonder, then, that National ordered its stooges and puppets to #KillTheBill.

In one of the most craven acts of political cowardice I’ve recently seen, MPs such as Peter Dunne decided to betray their people – OUR people – and vote against the Fighting Foreign Corporate Control legislation.

Apparently, from his peacock-perch up in Ohariu, Dunne is quite content to watch as foreign corporates smack their lips in our direction, preparing to brazenly challenge laws they don’t like the sound of – and, where they deem necessary – outright overturn them while suing us, the taxpayer, for millions of dollars in compensation for “lost profits”.

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This is absolutely ludicrous. It’s perfidious.

It’s National And Friends … and regrettably, it’s what YOU VOTED FOR, People of Ohariu!

Now from where I’m sitting, there’s something a bit off about the way a SINGLE electorate MP questionably only there because National doesn’t fight a proper campaign (or, arguably, because the Greens have previously insisted on standing a serious and competent electorate candidate) is somehow able to singlehandedly derail vitally needed progressive legislation in order to secure his thirty pieces of silver come election time.

Yes, of course it’s the nature of representational democracy that 61 votes naturally beats 60.

But on such an issue of national importance (indeed, something which the very future of the nation as a recognizeable political entity arguably hinges on) … I’d almost contend that decisions such as this might very well be TOO IMPORTANT to be left to the questionable principles of governmental politicians alone.

Come 2017, I expect EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD to remember which MPs voted to sell us out and down the river – as well as which MPs bravely and nobly stepped up to the plate to try and do everything in their power to protect us – and vote accordingly.

But between now and then … first up, let’s demand a referendum on implementing the TPPA.

If it’s good enough for Key to put to a national vote the symbolic minor positional alterations of deck-chairs on the titanic that’s represented in the flag debate – then something as vitally important as selling our sovereignty out through the TPPA is DEFINITELY a concern you and I ought to get a say on.

If Dunne had done the principled thing – the right thing, the honourable thing, the *unexpected* thing – and supported our Fighting Foreign Corporate Control bill through to the Select Committee stage, you and I would have been free to have our views and our voices HEARD within the corridors of power.

As it is, the Government is evidently running scared about the immense tidal wave of public opinion against its TPPA plans being given an airing through official channels. So they’ve squashed the “official” possibility of a debate before it could get going.

Well that’s, quite frankly, not good enough.

If the Government isn’t game to defend its perspective when it comes to a Select Committee process, then I guess I highly doubt they’ll be prepared to let the people have our say through the mechanism of a referendum, either.

What this means is … between now and Election 2017, you and I must apply ALL CONCEIVABLE PRESSURE to the government to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that we will NOT tolerate their continued actions to reduce us down to the status of yet another quasi-third world Kiwifruit Republic.

Mark my words, ladies and gentlemen.

If we properly get the word out to our fellow Kiwis about what the TPPA is and what it truly, awfully entails … it will be the issue that breaks-rather-than-makes National on the campaign hustings come 2017.

See you on the front lines!


  1. By 2017 it will be too late Curwen,it will be done and dusted . Its now we need to be ramping up the pressure.
    Dunne is a traitor to the people as all the MPS who voted the way they did.
    National is a disgrace and the most selfish party ever in NZ history, a bunch of yes drones for Key,who look out for their own ambitions and couldn’t care less about the harm they do to NZ

  2. I recently wrote to Peter Dunn specifically on this question. He said he would not make any decision until he had seen the TPPA details. He lied to me.

    • I used to have some respect for Peter Dunne but since he sold his soul to the devil I feel sorry for his family as history will record him as a traitor to this land he has sold under his watch.

  3. Hear Hear.

    Peter Dunne is worse than a waste of space. A Judas.

    Make a deal and get this Judas out of Ohariu by not splitting the votes next election. Learn from Northland.

    Good on the opposition that supported this bill!

  4. Foreign corporates – or those involved here, will implode just like the currency that props them up.

    New Zealand and its people are stayers. Corporates are not.

  5. Curwen If not all members of the National party voted yes in the kill the bill saga,could we lobby them to put a vote of no confidence or get some willing to resign to create a bye election. A long shot given the ambitious natures of National members.
    Maybe Maori could set up a march on parliament ,im sure opposition members of parliament would join.
    Maybe pie in the sky ideas but I feel furious at the way Key controls his members.
    Of course Paula Rebstock and Goldman Sachs are busy setting up privatisation of every service they can in readiness for corporations to come in and take their pick of what they want.
    Its unbelievable that Key has allowed NZ to be handed over like this
    and no protests in the streets so far.
    If TDB is the only news media reporting this what hope have we got .
    We need the Herald to be up in arms and reporting it as well ,doubt that would happen .
    I really feel we must do something .

    • Elle, where have you been all this time? Only a few months ago there were demonstrations all over NZ. Didn’t you attend? I remember several years ago attending a talk in Dunedin by NZNotForSale (or CAFTA??). Letters are constantly appearing in the press; editorials and articles appear in papers and magazines (mostly in favour, sadly). If you are unaware you haven’t looked.
      I recall that in NZ Herald Online a while ago, it foolishly invited viewers to vote for or against the TPPA. Something over a 1000 votes were cast ; less than a 100 voters supported TPPA, if I recall.
      That is what we really need to see – a survey by a reputable pollster to show once and for all what the public position is. It wont happen because the Government already knows from their focus groups how little support the Government has. The alternative is to tack a referendum on the topic to the flag referendum to justify the cost.
      In the meantime the politicians can ask for the TPPA negotations to be suspended pending the outcome of the referendum. Why should the Government not agree?

      • Yes I did know dennis , but that was then this now, Key never takes notice of protests any more than he does referendums, I have signed every vote to stop the tpp,couldnt go to protests though for various reasons.
        The Herald wouldn’t give correct figures of a vote, they support KEY.
        I mean instead of individual protests,a gathering at Wellington outside parliament,but Key makes sure hes not there when any sign of dissent comes up.
        This is a PM who does what he wants with impunity,people don’t count,hes spending nearly $30mill on flag change no one wants, whats the betting he changes it regardless of the people wishes.
        In his list of assets which are are far more than stated he says he owns an apartment in New York,is that the one the taxpayers paid for as an investment,it was bought for ambassador of NZ ,when Mike Moore was in the same position he had very basic accommodation. I liken this PM to Zimbabwe and the Korean tyrant,take what he likes do what he likes,because most public services have been privatised,and Key is the boss who must be obeyed . WE cant even rely on the Governer General,who is silent on every issue.
        Maybe general strike , but workers are so afraid of losing their jobs it wont happen.
        Key has us tied up like strussed chickens ,no doubt trained from the very beginning by American interests.,why would he listen to anyone wanting a suspension,he wants the TPP,hes part of it.

        5-3=2 captcha correct.

  6. He got about 35% of the electorate vote.
    A Greens/Labour agreement would have seen him off – now we get something presumably neither of those parties would want.
    In an MMP systemhow come electorates are still decided by FPP?

    • Word. If labour hadn’t shared Hone, would Mana have ended up with two seats? Ie enough left bloc vires to have pushed the bill through. Jeez it’s a shame most of the nz public are so unable to think for themselves and realise there are more than just two political parties. And its a shame labour is the main opposition party, they are truly awful

  7. I don’t usually resort to name calling – I leave that to dummed down Nat trolls. But on this occasion – what has this c**k done!

  8. I’d go to his twitter feed or FB page to tell him what I think of him…except that he’s already blocked me on both .

    I’m not sure whether it was for pointing out his treasonous behaviour over the GCSB Bill or that I helpfully told him he had a meringue on top of his head

  9. Thats not OK to tell people to consent to the TPPA and wait till 2017 .
    To wait till 2017 and to support the corrupt govt minions.
    Blaming one govt minion( Dunn) does not cut it.

    The people of NZ do not give consent for the TPPA.

  10. Great item mate…totally agree..
    DLANZ has labelled this dude, alongside Tariana Turia and Jim Anderton as the 3 Benedict Arnold’s of NZ Politics over twenty years…yes more so than Winston..he was always a Tory.

    Your comment ”Now from where I’m sitting, there’s something a bit off about the way a SINGLE electorate MP questionably only there because National doesn’t fight a proper campaign (or, arguably, because the Greens have previously insisted on standing a serious and competent electorate candidate) is somehow able to singlehandedly derail vitally needed progressive legislation in order to secure his thirty pieces of silver come election time….Yes, of course it’s the nature of representational democracy that 61 votes naturally beats 60…” is good evidence to show this government DOES NOT have the mandate of the People / Citizens..something the Governor General / Kawangatanga should be made aware before signing Vice Regal Signatory on such.

    DLANZ wrote to him a couple of years ago over Sale of Assets legislation and the damage to Constitutional changes to such as Waitangi and Whakanui Oranga / NZ Disability Strategy 2001. This shows the same and DLANZ urge that; The Waitangi Tribunal be given the time… ora
    Waiata Song ‘Man Who Sold the World’ David Bowie and, or Nivarna

    Regards and keep smiling
    Doug Hay
    Cordintor DLANZ

  11. I too join the chorus of disgust. Dunne has let us down on so many occasions, and 61 to 60 votes is a parliament split down the middle. At least the Maori party are not supporting National for a change because they know the TPPA will threaten Tiriti rights and all New Zealanders’ sovereignity.

    The ISDPs are an attack on the nation state.

    So,is supporting the TPPA, as Dunne has done, especially the risk of governments being sued by corporations, is this not called treason?
    ( Reaches for Oxford Dictionary: Treason: “..violation by subject of allegiance to sovereign or to chief authority of State….breach of faith, disloyalty.”)
    What oath of allegiance do MPs take?
    The Constitution Act 1986 requires that, before being permitted to sit or vote in the House of Representatives, members of Parliament must take the Oath of Allegiance.
    “”I, [name], swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.” or an affirmation:
    “”I, [name], solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm,that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors, according to law.”
    I hope some lawyers look into this.

  12. If ALL ELSE fails, when the next left wing leaning Govt is in power, put a TPPA tax on the corporations, NZ Uber wealthy & remove ALL their tax rorts. RING FENCE the money into a fund to fight-pay for ALL the ensuing legal battles (and fines) that the party THEY blindly followed, caused, by accepting this TREASONABLE act/action.

    Obviously it’s better if the TPPA doesn’t happen, but given JK has an almost fascist control over his party and the democratic system, with the help and support of a complaint Lame Street Corporate media, then make sure the rich bastards PAY for the damage caused and NOT the poor or average Kiwis.
    Let see how JK goes down in NZ history. My guess he’ll be equivalent of Marshall Philippe Petain in France, to BOTH the rich and poor (if the above idea is acted upon !!).

    p.s. Find a way, of making those responsible (Civil servants and MP’s) for this treasonable act to stand trial for treason (or an equivalent). Extradite them from overseas if needs be and if they won’t return to NZ, remove their passports and rights to return to NZ.

    • Well kevin I imagine the tpp has been sewn up in favour of corporations, Key will have agreed to keep tax at a mimimum for his cronies and set into law that the tax would remain the same in perpetuity, the corps have worked on this for years,and left no stone unturned. Key is a traitor.

  13. Kevin, I like your thinking – any good political lawyers out there – cause these guys need arresting!

  14. In any case, any pretence that this government is honest, democratic, or acting in New Zealand interests ends with the TPPA. Signatories will be traitors and must be treated accordingly. Democracy should not be allowed to pass away without a struggle.

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