Table Talk – why is NZ in Iraq & Afghanistan?


This is the public discussion at IKA last week hosted by Mike McRoberts and Paula Penfold with panelists Keith Locke, Jon Stephenson and Tayyaba Khan.

There is more honest appraisal of what NZ is really doing in Iraq and Afghanistan in this one hour than the NZDF have said in almost a decade of war.


  1. Because we are a vassal state in the U$ hegemony, also the reason for the TPPA.Australia is the U$’s South Pacific sheriff and is stationing marines in Darwin.

  2. Excellent. What was the story Paula Penfold mentioned – The battle of Baghaq (sp?). Does any one know where is can be viewed?

  3. Thank you thank you thank you Martyn for posting this!

    It is vitally important that we hear this and not all of us can wander in to dear ol’ Laila’s eatery (it’s a long walk from Christchurch.)

    John Stevenson (sp?) is a wonderful source of reliable information on the Middle East and Afghanistan and it is a serious calumny that he his treated the way he is by government officials, politicians and the MSM.

    Excellent broadcast.

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