Key to the Max


The real issue regarding the PMs son, Max Key, is how his lavish lifestyle has become the only thing the media are focusing on rather than 250000 kids in poverty

Look at this – THE ENTIRE politics section of the NZ Herald…

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.03.23 pm

…this unhealthy myopic celebrity obsessed focus on privilege is as crass as the thought of hungry children watching MasterChef in a  freezing state house.


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  1. Yes an new Dynasty rubbing the salt into the wounds of the sinking middle class who are joining the poor ranks and demeaning them all at the same time.

    Key spent to much time in the upper class circles where he is now comfortable with that and has forgotten his poor class roots, but he will just say as he does “I’ve forgot about that.”

  2. That’s a really good question and I look forward to the NZ Herald explaining its choice of stories.

  3. Yes….its getting kind of tacky .

    This is the same sort of voyeristic perverted crap we get with the Kardashian socialite garbage.

    Who the hell is Kardashian anyways in the first place that we need to know every time she burps and farts?

    Well,….its getting the same way with this kind of embarrassing Womans weekly trivia. Just another sheltered kid being held up as a kind of human interest story – and its true – when viewed in light of whats going on in this country …its ostentatious and banal.

  4. It happens all the time with the Royals, and these pampered and privileged family members get shown on TV again and again, so as to remind us, we are expected to be sycophants, and otherwise just shut up, work, pay taxes and fill the malls to consume.

    Slowly celebrity lifestyle has sneaked into New Zealand media and homes, and it gets a special treatment, with this kind of story.

    We are designed to become a little America, where “coolness” and wealth are totally ok, yes aspired to, while the politicians tell lies about a supposed “egalitarian society”, which does not exist.

    “Equal opportunities” is the modern slogan, to serve as a pretense for “equality”, while we as members of society have become more unequal than ever before, in this country.

    I have no time for Max, his “state home to riches” dad and other such examples, so I give them no compliments, as little attention as possible, and rather put them under scrutiny.

    So what “achievements” has young Max to present us, I ask? What has he contributed to society? I see a young man being rather arrogant and out of touch, perhaps even more so than his father is.

    Send them packing, the senior in 2017, at least.

  5. Obviously more fun than planking then. Seriously though, the media are treating him like John Key’s successor in waiting, reporting on his every move as if he is some kind of Prince Harry. I don’t care about him or what he does any more than I care about Johnny Depp’s dogs or Kim Karshadian’s sex life, and that is absolutely zilch.

  6. Seems to me everywhere you look on msm at the present time, there are either pictures or videos of FJK & son’s recent holiday in Hawaii! At the expense of real news of course!

    It’s cheap tabloid fodder! Quite sickening and insulting the intelligence of Kiwis! Even so called NZH journalist Claire Trevatt has an article on Max Key and his papa J on holiday! Why isn’t he working or studying, instead of going away on an overseas vacation with mummy and daddy, flaunting himself and his latest girlfriend on social media, generating publicity for his obnoxious father?

    Obviously msm needs to keep their paymaster sweet. A ploy to avoid giving the dumbed down public the facts!

    Thank goodness for the likes of TDB. Thanks Martyn and contributors for being there, delivering real news.

    • Why isn’t he working or studying? Because his job is being a DJ. He is a man, not a child, so I wonder how much of this “leave the poor child alone” is in fact hiding some other agenda – is Max going into video production? Is he wanting high hits for more advertising? Is this why it’s even in the news? Much like the publicity his sister Stephanie got from her supposed “provocative & controversial” photo shoots (sorry, not really high art comparable – more Katy Perry wannabe) before her gallery exhibition.

  7. No fun being the son of an unpopular PM.
    Like us he has no privacy ,hes watched more than his father in Maui, but probably JK is indoors plotting with his cronies the next move in NZ takeover, dosnt have time to keep an eye on his son.

    Seriously what has Max done that other wealthy kids havnt done,or even less wealthy ,hes got a girlfriend hes showing off,but of course that’s a big story to the Key obsessed Herald.

  8. When I looked at the comments after an article by the NZH political reporter they were all negative. I find it hard to imagine there is any good business/circulation benefit from running this story. Most kiwis don’t want to know, so why are they doing it?

    • The story involves a very good looking 20 year old woman in a bikini. I expect it will rate extremely well and sell ads.

      • You’re probably right, in the race to the bottom of the barrel I wonder why the editors at the NZHerald haven’t thought of Page 3 girls?

      • Yeah, it will sell ads, that is what some merchant prostitutes would say, right?

        Society is for sale, values are for sale, sex is for sale, fame is for sale, compliments are for sale, dignity is for sale, integrity is for sale, honesty is for sale, favours are for sale, and Hooton is for sale. What do they pay you for the nonsense “political commentator” role at Radio Nz by the way, who pays your time, travel, meals and other expenses, and to what amount when you appear on certain media? We would like to know the truth, Mr Hooton, thank you.

  9. I was struggling to find any comment on NZHERALD or STUFF that was anything else than “who cares”.

    For some reason, NZHERALD and STUFF were trying to make a story out of nothing. Its really sad….

    I can’t stand the Prime Minister, but really don’t care about his son.

    If someone attacked my children because of what I do, I would tell them to bugger off as well.

    There is no such thing as a public figure. There are public roles.

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