How much of a whitewash was Judith Collins Inquiry?



Earlier this month, OIA papers from the inquiry into Cameron Slater’s hit job on the head of the SFO were released.

They seem to have been totally ignored.

In these new papers we see a Judith Collins who wasn’t just being talked up by Cameron Slater, we see a Minister who was furious that Adam Feeley had supposedly upstaged her…

Former Justice Minister Judith Collins described a champagne stunt by fraud watchdog Adam Feeley as an “utter disaster” that threatened to overshadow the Government at a crucial time, newly released documents show.

They also reveal that Mr Feeley believed Ms Collins had overreacted when the then Serious Fraud Office boss was found to have celebrated charges against Bridgecorp with champagne taken from its offices.

An inquiry by High Court judge Lester Chisholm, which published its report in November, found no evidence that Ms Collins had attempted to undermine Mr Feeley when she was Police Minister in 2011.

Collins would have us believe that Slater was just lying when he claimed she was gunning for Feely, yet here we have her admitting she was angry.

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The fact is that this inquiry into Judith’s role in an attempt to smear and attack the head of the Serious Fraud Office was a whitewash from the beginning.

Not every witness was called, the most damning evidence was ignored, who Slater was working for to undermine the SFO boss was never answered and the Police investigation into the issue was mysteriously shelved.

It simply astounds me that abuses of power this huge can just be accepted by the NZ electorate. We ripped Helen Clark to pieces for signing a painting she didn’t paint, far right bloggers were colluding with ‘others’ and talking to the Minister of Justice while plotting to take out the head of the SFO.

And this doesn’t apparently disgust the majority of voters.

Wow. Just. Wow.


  1. Simply , 95 percent of the N.Z electorate haven’t got a clue as to what is actually going on .
    I was speaking to an aquaintance ,( who i hadn’t seen for awhile), the other day , who is no fool and tries to keep abreast of things.
    He was under the impression that Key had only pulled the waitresses’ pony tail once and that it was a storm in a teacup.
    He was genuinely shocked when i told him the full story!
    Go figure !

  2. We New Zealanders are quite an exotic bunch…

    Indeed…we are now the worlds biggest open cast Ostrich farm , and at any one given time are to be found bent over , long necks ground-wards , and with our heads down a hole.

  3. Not really astounding, sadly typical really. Most of the inhabitants of Hobbitland (previously known as New Zealand) are either blissfully ignorant or indifferent to what goes on in within the government. National’s biggest achievement has been to make corrupt government a normal New Zealand institution – something we would never have imagined only a decade ago that could ever happen here. But it has, and it is going to be goddamned hard to reverse it.

  4. Simply shows how in the dark most of our population is… And the foreigners… An increasing rate of people… Don’t know what is going on at all either… They just see positive propaganda on the news and think the nats have their best interests in mind.

    Need to take National out…

  5. People are not gullible, they just are not informed because of news media being highjacked by National.
    The problem is with the Speaker in parliament ,he supports Keys
    sneering and refusal to answer questions,when challenged on this by a questioner who asked the Speaker to ask Key to answer in a satisfactory way , the Speaker answered “the PM answered to my satisfaction” with a smug grin on his face. no one is allowed to challenge the Speaker ,he is a stooge of Keys.
    Northland people showed they weren’t gullible in voting for Winston Peters after decades of Northland being National.
    When a Government owns main stream media,its hard to get the truthful story.John Campbell was removed because he was getting too close to the bone and putting Key on the spot.
    When dissent is shut down and rules altered to favour the government
    how can we get a change of government.
    We have had more honest answers from T D B and other alternative news sources now and the truth is coming out.
    The truth is coming out
    and Key keeps out of the limelight and ignors the problems.
    Nicky Hagar should write a book about the current situation (maybe he already is)the public are more aware now and wouldn’t be fooled into saying its lefty loony conspiracy.
    capcha4+5 =9

  6. Martyn;


    Our judges and courts are controlled by Bilderberg says whistle-blower wife of Bilderberger. Military takes borders from them.

    Judiciary everywhere are now bought by mafia, drug lords, and corporations.

    This was released in a startling video recording in a conversation with an ex wife a powerful Bilderberg member and NATO boss.

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