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  1. In the land of milk for not much money i would never dare to put forward a ‘bottom’ for where the international milk prices will end up,

    An even larger slice, after last nights 13% drop in the price, of our dairy farmers will now be producing millions of liters of milk sold at a price lower than the cost of production,

    The delusional price currently being quoted by Fonterror as the farm-gate price to the farmers will obviously have to be revised Down when that company’s board meets next month,

    The dairy merry go round has stopped, the music has been silenced and the sounds of farmers sobbing resounded from my wireless this morning,

    Fonterror has a stark choice here, directly trade dairy products with Russia in the face of EU/US sanctions and risk attracting the anger of the US controlled Banking Cartels,

    Or, have the whole mess continue to suckle the sugar rush of US quantitative easing drip fed through our major Banks to the individual dairy farmers until such time as they have 100% of their equity, including their allotment of Fonterror shares, bound up in Bank debt,

    No choice at all really…

    • a takeaway with this one is that the next auction is the one they were all steeling themselves for – as the glut will be even bigger then..

      ..and it’s not gonna look any better..for a very long time..if ever..

      ..and @ whoar and @ the standard i have been banging on about this for ages.. the dairy industry is going down the toilet – with the glut predicted to last for the next five years – at a raft of countries rark up production in what is now a matter of chasing fools’ gold..

      ..i am particularly concerned because so many iwi are sinking their treaty settlement money into this titanic of an industry..

      ..and if iwi haven’t spent their money yet – they should hang tight for now..there will soon be a lot of very cheap rural land on the market..

      • Yeah Phillip i would have picked such a tanking of the market to be five years out as the Chinese production said to be at about 80% of their needs,(excepting the higher end products like baby formula etc), got closer to 100%,

        I suspect, that the Chinese are doing actual off market deals with some of the South American producers,(as is Russia),the claims by agri-economists here that China is holding a glut of supply from previous global auctions being wishful thinking,(the facts of this will become apparent in time with some more digging),

        The main causative of the current catastrophe can be laid at the feet of the EU/US economic sanctions imposed on Russia who were more than obliging by banning all food imports from the US/EU, Canada and Australia,(but not New Zealand),

        80% of EU dairy production was befor the sanctions going straight into Russia and that wall of white is now competing with Fonterror at the global auctions so we might not have seen the bottom of the market yet,

        Bravo to the free trading capitalist hegemony cutting off their dicks to spite their faces…

  2. I would love to see David Cunliffe as Minister in charge of dealing with climate change and the environment..He has the ability in spades and it would heal Labour Party wounds..It would also make the Labour Party more dynamic

    ….Kevin Rudd of Australian Labour was a brilliant Greenie on this issue in Australia and internationally at the Copenhagen talks…He regarded it and still regards it as the most important issue of our times …unfortunately he was undermined/betrayed not only by Gillard who had no interest in the issue …but also by the Oz Greens

    A Labour/NZF coalition could serve as a basis for a new Left coalition government ( has been done before)

    …which I hope would also include Mana/Int and Kevin Davis standing aside for Hone…this also would heal Left wounds

    …and personally i would like to see Winston Peters invited by Andrew Little and Labour to share leadership /Prime Ministership of this Labour /NZF coalition…either sharing alternatively and consecutively or joint partnership sharing

    ( I know this is what Matthew Hooton is mooting for the Nactional Party ie offering Winston the role of PM….but 1.)…I dont think Winston would take it…2.)the nacts will be desperate to retain power at any cost but it would be doomed to failure … Winston has already brought them down once)

    imo Winston deserves to be the first Maori PM….and it has been racism that has prevented this…despite some foibles he is brilliant….as an elder statesman PM it would also cement the Left coalition

    The Greens dont seem to want to be in coalition with Labour at the present time…but this may change in the future…lets hope so because they have some very good knowledgeable MPs like Steffan Browning on agriculture and soils and biosecurity

  3. This in parts is very funny …particularly the cartoons and comedy

    ‘Jade Helm 15: What you need to know about 7-state Pentagon super-drill’

    “The US Army calls Jade Helm 15, which begins on Wednesday, a “routine” exercise, but Texans are forming militias to prevent what they fear is an imposition of martial law, and even Chuck Norris is running scared. RT sorts the truth from the myths…

  4. a question re andrew little..

    is he going to be our bernie sanders or our hillary clinton..? this stage you’d hafta go with hillary..really..

  5. Anyone reading the Herald letters online will see from almost all of the comments condemning National for ruining the country.
    National and Key has lost popularity big time whatever the polls say. Key dosnt give hoot, nothing seems to unseat him because he owns most of the government agencies and they do his bidding.Most of the leaders in the world today are puppets of UK and USA corporations and banks and they are all corrupt.
    People don’t seem to understand how dangerous these outfits are,they aim for total control of everything.NZ is a first test case to control because we are small and apathetic, we are under control through Keys efforts to obey the puppet masters.
    Maybe people are scared to face up to the fact all the troubles in NZ are planned by these criminals. It wont be long until it becomes so apparent it will be too late to do anything.
    The Herald will never tell us what is going on nor will MSM,they are owned by the criminal masterminds.
    A beautiful country ruined by Key and the criminals he is owned by.

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