What homeless people would do if they had a home



If you were one of the over 30.000 Kiwis with no place to call home, what would life be like if you had a home? We asked people from Lifewise’s Merge Cafe who are currently homeless they would do first if they had a home.

Most people spoke of the overwhelming feeling of happiness they would have if they could get off the streets and into a home: “I would be so grateful, so happy, and I’d thank God for everything”

But it might surprise you how many people looked forward to doing chores that can really grate in everyday life. People said that what they looked forward to most was practical things like paying the rent, power, and for groceries. People also spoke of the joy they would have doing daily things like “cooking a home cooked meal – I would really enjoy it. I’m a great cook”.

They were also keen to celebrate: “I would invite all my friends around for a beer! Then I’d pay all the bills”. People also said that they would “love to have a place to be with all the people I love -my friends and whanau could come and visit”.

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A lot of people also spoke wistfully of solitude “I would celebrate big time – alone!”.

And then there were some really simple things that our team found incredibly heart-wrenching “praise my creator and turn the heater on”.

And the one that really says it all: “I would LIVE”.


We want to give these people the joy of their very own place to call home. Please donate to the Lifewise Big Sleepout today and get someone off the streets and into a permanent home.


  1. Many of us have become lulled into accepting the status quo, especially in “developed” countries that we have become unaware of the underlying travesty of justice which deliberately creates poverty, ignorance and want.

    Everywhere we look there are security measures, police presence, rules in place to demand obedience to the most trivial and whimsical requirements which are designed to suppress individuality and enforce loyalty to authority, regardless of the legitimacy of that authority.

    Most of us believe the propaganda messages which blame the most vulnerable among us for their “failure’ to prosper. We have been taught the Punishment model which says that anyone not achieving according to the societal standard is guilty of laziness, selfishness and sloth and should therefore be punished for their lack of character by being deprived of assistance from those who have more than they do. This is the thinly veiled propaganda which has justified the monumental greed of “The Club” (to which we belong according to John key unbeknownst to us). The Club which has siphoned off the resources and wealth, leaving everyone else to compete for the crumbs.

    Even those who work for financially successful firms and who have been used to large salaries (and long hours) have been co-opted by this propaganda. The race to accrue more money has made everyone slaves to the corporate entities. Good people have been seduced into joining the ranks of slavery. Without these hard-working lackeys, the ones in power could not maintain and expand their iron grip on the world markets and therefore the world’s great wealth.

    Our fellow New Zealanders need us and we need them. A united stand for dignity, decency and respect for us all is needed. We see “The Club”, we recognize the propaganda for what it is and we will eventually achieve freedom in the true sense of the word.

  2. Karen Hudes, acting Senior Counsel to the World Bank (previously fired by same bank for speaking about its fraudulent dealings) is now speaking with World Leaders and Governments about a new Global Currency.

    Ms Hudes advises that the Banking Cabal has been stealing money from countries and their people for hundreds of years and that the time of the Cabal is now finished. She states that the debts of countries will be wiped off the books.

    Poverty, homelessness and helplessness will be confined to the barbaric age when the Cabal ruled unchallenged

  3. I watched One News tonight, and saw how Auckland business owners are now using sprinklers to drive away homeless sitting and sleeping outside their buildings and on access ways.

    And Michael Barnett, business spokesperson for Auckland business, he defended this, talking about the filth they leave behind.

    Good grief, what has this country become like, humanity and decency and respect are now alien words, I suppose, the media are otherwise more concerned for business making profits, and report critically about an opposition party “daring” to raise the issue that too many offshore buyers of residential real estate may be driving home prices into unaffordable territory.

    Using some sample statistical data, based on names, it is instantly labeled “racist”, while nobody holds the damned government to account about the disgusting policies and otherwise lack of honest action, to provide affordable, warm, healthy and safe homes to people.

    It is time to take more actions, and not just lament this state of affairs, they protested again in Athens, Greece, perhaps we need to learn from them, before we get into a similar situation, with ending up as tenants in our own country.

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