New rental standards no win for renters – Renters Rights NOW


Some are claiming that the rental standards the National Party have been guilted into making post the deaths of state tenants in freezing cold homes is some sort of ‘win’ for renters.

I think that’s trying to see the glass thrown at you as half full.

There’s no win here for renters.

Insulating homes people can’t afford to heat isn’t a solution and seeing as this doesn’t take effect unit 2019, polar ice caps will be melting before these standards take effect!

Increasing residential tenancy laws are meaningless if Slum Lords can still kick you out in 42 days.

And smoke detectors should be a mandatory part of any insurance deal.

These so called ‘rental standards’ are window dressing for windowless state houses. It’s the pretence of doing something.

Because the Poor, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennial’s have been locked out of the property market dues to boomer and foreigner speculation and the legacy of having to pay for their own education, they need REAL renters rights and they need them NOW.

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This is a story sums up all the problems with the current market, Auckland rent increases unavoidable – expert …

Barfoot and Thompson director Kiri Barfoot said they regularly reviewed rent prices.

They were in the business of pushing up rental prices for the landlords, Ms Barfoot said.

“Maybe we’re more proactive than someone who looks after [properties] themselves and just wants to get tenants in and doesn’t realise they can [increase rents].”

She said the 4.6 per cent increase in rent in the Auckland area was “modest”.

So Barfoot and Thompson are constantly hounding their clients and playing to their greed to artificially ramp up rent prices? The Free Market at it’s most pathologically ruthless.

How Charming.

We seem to have a system that only benefits those renting the property out. The ability to constantly push up rents due to desperation only entrenches the poverty of those locked into renting get caught on.

Our communities need diversity. State Housing and housing affordability for the poor needs to be seen as a civic obligation, not a slum lord pay day.

Families who can put down roots into their communities is essential for those communities to thrive, if the entire structure of the free market rental environment is built for property speculators, is it any wonder inequality is such a wound on our GDP?

A Landlord can just give you 42 days written notice to evict you if a family member wants the rental, a loophole large enough to be able to drive a truck through.

Long term low rent accommodation is the solution, allowing the corporate greed monsters of Barfoot and Thompson to just graze on the fields of inequality while those with little get pushed to the fringes is not a solution.

Real renters rights would require the following environment…

-Long term fixed rentals

– 20 000 new state homes with new loan schemes to allow beneficiaries to buy their state houses.

– capital gains tax, land tax and property speculators tax

– strict restrictions on foreign ownership of residential property

-4 bedroom Apartment buildings for first time home owners in central cities

-vast new affordable home building program connecting our forestry industry to training schemes and work programs.

We require new law cementing in long term tenancies with rent controls and the promotion of ‘ethical landlords’, people who refuse to squeeze every last drop of money out of their tenants for needless greed.

The reason we don’t have any political party articulating real renter rights is this…


…property speculating boomers are simply too large an electorate to piss off and any move that gives renters more rights will be met with political fury by them. That’s why Andrew Little caved in on a capital gains tax and that’s why National’s capital gains tax isn’t called a capital gains tax.

Our social inequality demands solutions. Renters rights, affordable housing and a realisation on behalf of those Generations thrown under the User Pays Bus that agitation is all they have left as hope, is part of that solution.



  1. Bring in tenancy laws as they have in some European coutries, such as Germany, they may not be perfect, but are a good start, like having legal obligations for landlords to offer homes with heating, so that at least 18 degrees inside temperatures can be guaranteed 24/7.

    Too many homes in NZ are ice boxes in winter.

    We do not even meet WHO standards, that is in most older homes.

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