GUEST BLOG: NZ First insider – Hell hath no fury like a Martin scorned


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At 4pm yesterday RadioLIVE reported that Curwen Rolinson, former NZ First youth leader, had been arrested for possession of cannabis.

Rolinson appeared in court on 21 April. That’s over two months ago. So why is this in the news now?

The story broke one day after TDB published the second part of Rolinson’s exposé of NZ First: “Tracey Martin –  Rise and Fall of the Queen Hearts” which asked if the ousted deputy leader had a hand in the party’s list selection process.

The article caused shock-waves within the party. Leader Winston Peters called it “utter crap”.  President Anne Martin felt compelled to defend her daughter with an email to board members, dismissing the article as an example of Rolinson’s own “grandisement” [sic].

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Interestingly, the Martins have a close link to the RadioLIVE newsroom.

It might shock readers and RadioLIVE management to know that RadioLIVE news presenter Jenny Marcroft is also paid to write media releases for Tracey Martin.  Marcroft, pictured above speaking at the NZ First convention in Auckland last year, has been moon-lighting as a media advisor to Martin since 2012.

In fact the Martins would appear to have their own cheer-leading squad over at RadioLIVE. See this tweet from Lloyd Burr, the journalist who reported Rolinson’s arrest:

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So is this a coincidence? I will leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusion.


  1. Seems like M. Rolinson’s fawning for Winston is a one way affair, or at least a little misguided! It will be interesting to see if this spurning changes his tune, because he does write good blogs from time to time.

  2. Bit suspicious that this is released now, particularly after Curwen’s expose`of the devious ops through the Martin matriarchs!

  3. Can some-one tell me why lying is such a strong beast and the Truth always seems to be still born?

    I am getting sick of Dirty Tricks! The only refuge now is constant cynicism.

  4. As Winston has declared Curwen’s article ‘utter crap’, I’d like him to give point by point proof.
    Until then I remain appalled that all those players believe they are fit to run my country.
    It’s a shame, I was beginning to think NZF was worth considering supporting too.

  5. Arrested for possession of marijuana – and this is made a big deal of ?
    Millions worldwide die from alcohol abuse and none from marijuana abuse. Please NZ get with the times and stop this insanity over an herb with tons of medicinal benefits and it is NO GATE WAY DRUG. All of the states in the US have now legalized marijuana for medicinal use so wake up NZ.

  6. Pointed this out to Curwen in a message yesterday.
    Couldnt understand why there was no record of his courtcase yesterday.
    Mainstream media murk as orchestrated by political factions here in NZ is so amateurish. Far more concern should be what Joe Trinder relayed via Mana article yesterday.
    That Italian mob are lethal

  7. “STORY” what story? No facts in curwens “story” that I saw…no substance…just conjecture,opinion…as he is entitled. Franks piece on dong liu affair and media corruption however…solid piece well worth reposting,involving corruption at highest levels.
    So what if Curwen got done…unless theres a connection proved where he was set up by nz1st,then yes..criminal…but what does Curwen expect?? anonymity for his writing from what was a publicly heard criminal charge?? exemption from critique? His points are no less valid for his court appearance, and if it is made public so what?? its no less than what he was doing with his “piece”.
    If it can be proven there was malice and direct connection to the press leak ,even what? its not illegal is it?Character indicating perhaps, but fact remains,no connection has thus far been proved,its innuendo. That’s not journalistic integrity.
    For goodness sakes…its like sharks after burley ria bons ria bond ria bond…wasn’t any story there either was there?..just msm massive distraction from the actual stories NOT being published on the massive dirty politics going on in nz right now. Suppression orders,wardill being jailed,tppa,massive msm corruption dong liu etc,northland by election ,national corruption,free falling dollar,immigration and foreign investor scamming,massive govt overspends and rorts,treasonous govt thievery in asset and core logistics selloffs,corruption and bribery at international levels,human rights removals,abuses of children,healthcare removals,…and here we are…focusing on a minor party that appears to have stabbed national in the liver by taking the safest national seat in the country by storm. The bluest safest seat in nz,gone to nz 1st,under the most disgusting and filthy circumstances that half of nz still hasn’t got a clue about….and msm is focusing on a minor charge against a minor blogger about a minor party about a minor issue while rome burns fiercely….call me a conspiracy tinfoil hat wearer…but…just saying.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Dave.

      However, in my dealings with Curwen, I’ve never yet caught him out fibbing or exaggerating. He’s always been pretty straight up as far as I’ve seen.

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