The boycott is working – TV3 7pm ratings continue to meltdown – bring Back Campbell Live



The ratings are damming, apparently no one wants to dine with TV3 at 7pm.

This weeks ratings for Come Dine With Me hit a new low for TV3 with an average audience of less than 100,000 people tuning in.

The average audience of 99,210 viewers is lower than the lowest rating episode of more than a decade of Campbell Live.

The boycott of TV3 driven through social media is having more impact than TV3 want to acknowledge. It now has over 5500 members.

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The self mutilation of TV3 for political reasons by TV3 management will demand a response from TV3’s new owners. If the boycott continues when Duncs Garner and Heather Duplicity take over (who can ever forgive her pathetic Seven Sharp interview with Cameron Slater?), then TV3 will have no choice but to reconsider bringing back Campbell Live.

It’s not like Seven Sharp is in any way better – in fact it’s far worse!


The message to TV3 is simple, people will stop promoting a boycott once TV3 bring back Campbell Live.

You can join the boycott to bring back Campbell Live here. 


  1. It’s difficult for some reality tv shows to do well in New Zealand because of the small size of the population. In England where you have over 60 million people it is easy to find suitable contestants for a reality show like Come Dine With Me and a certain level of anonymity is preserved outside one’s own district. In New Zealand with just 4 million both are problematic. The same goes for The Apprentice and The Batchelor. An extra problem for the X Factor is that we don’t have much of a music industry so there is nowhere for the top finalists to go next.

    • anyone appearing on the show wont be doing their career any favours, many see them rightly or wrongly as capitalizing on jc being shafted

    • maybe we are just more intelligent and educated ….and dont like reality shows as much as the Brits

      …maybe we like investigative hard hitting journalism better?

      • You numb-nuts should start your own Kiwi shows called “Come whine with me”, or “Big Bother NZ”, instead of whingeing about Campbell Live. He’s goneburger.

        It’s just ratings and people only complained for a few weeks when Buck Shelford was dropped as captain, or Judy Bailey lost her job as Mother of the Nation.

        There’s NOTHING political about CL’s demise. It was pure and simple economics. I totally agree with the leadership team at Mediaworks doing what’s best to keep television new and fresh. CL had had 10 years of a chance to get ratings high and was losing the battle.

        Look at him now, an All-Black bus-chaser, pretty sad, he should just bow out gracefully. He’s just an aging embarrassment to us here at Mediaworks.

        • He’s just an aging embarrassment to us here at Mediaworks.

          A bit tectchy there, Mark? What gives?

          And how do you know there’s “NOTHING political about CL’s demise”? Do you have any countering information? If you do, feel free to share.

        • Mark, if what you say is true then how do you explain the rating less has been dinosaur that is on in the morning .
          The same rating less has been Dinosaur that used to have a show in the evening and whose ratings sank faster than the Titanic.
          Strange that his rating less has been dinosaur just happened to try and become an MP for the National Party and failed miserably at that as well.
          Why does he get to stay?

        • @ MARK – your shifty buddy John Key wanted John Campbell out of the equation, demanding too much accountability from him and his cohorts! Of course it was a political move.

          Great news about the 7pm TV3 meltdown 🙂 Can’t wait until MediaWorks is on its knees! It’s getting there 🙂


        • “I totally agree with the leadership team at Mediaworks doing what’s best to keep television new and fresh.”

          Any news on a start date for this?

        • And another point. Your final comment Mark –

          “Look at him now, an All-Black bus-chaser, pretty sad, he should just bow out gracefully. He’s just an aging embarrassment to us here at Mediaworks.”

          Ah but Mark, wasn’t the whole AB’s Manu Samoa rugby game a brilliant success, thanks to John Campbell. He’s a star, an absolute gem in just about every respect 🙂

          And MediaWorks dumped him on the word of a corrupt sleazy politician!

          GO JOHN CAMPBELL, a man of great humanity, with bucket loads of charity of spirit 🙂 An asset to any media network 🙂 In fact an asset to NZ.

          More than what can be said about NatzKEY puppet MediaWorks and its team of sludgy cesspit wallowing administrators!

    • It’s difficult for reality TV shows to do well in New Zealand because most of us think they are rubbish.

    • “we don’t have much of a music industry”.. come on!
      We have a feckin BRILLIANT music industry.. its just that most of them don’t want to participate in a piece of crap like any reality tv show you care to name.

  2. I have an acquaintance that works for TV3 who tells me the atmosphere there is toxic and that they are in all sorts of trouble.
    The ‘I’m in Love With Me Paul Henry White Elephant Show’ is tanking so badly they might need to pay a fortune to get the Italians to help drag it off the reef.
    Nobody wants to work with him for fear of trashing their own future careers by being associated with such a failure .
    He now has the dubious distinction of having the ability of turning every thing
    he’s involved with to crap in double quick time.
    The ultimate loser !

  3. Still a TV3 free zone here. I love Dancing with the Stars – but screw them. They’re not getting 1 more viewer from this house.

    • Ahhhhh, the good old days of TV3… Outrageous Fortune , Bro’town, Mike Roberts reporting from Gaza, Bryan Bruce’s Inside Child Poverty , Campbell Live, Rodney Hyde dropping his dance partner on her head*…

      Will we ever see such fine programming again?

      Evidently it has gone to the dogs, now. Dogs take one sniff, cock a leg, and…

      * Evidently Krystal let slip she’s a Green voter. Bad move. Head drop followed. *ouch*

  4. I fear Duncan and Heather will be able to self promote, with the assistance of Radio Live(ing Dead), and so.

    Garner is an expert in this, he does constantly remind listeners to also tune in to his TV shows. And as he has a bit of a following, due to so many “drive time” Waitakere Men and the likes, listening to whatever, while being bored driving through the traffic, he will probably get some switch the TV on and watch the new pair once their 7 o clock show starts.

    This “Come Dine With Me” nonsense is just a gap filler.

    I don’t watch Seven Blunt and won’t bother watching Garner and Du Plessis. Neither of them is likely to present stuff that will be well researched and worth watching. Garner and his other off-sider on 3D on Sundays will also struggle to fill the too short 30 minute “current affairs” on Sunday evening, that is for the longer term.

    Mediaworks and TV3 can’t be bothered spending too much on such shows, and it will show in poor quality.

    • Yes, don’t think the new TV3 show will work. Why do we have to continue the 2 person delivery format? Wastes so much time with inane interactions between the presenters and mutual back-slapping. Cut the fluff and froth, give us a single, intelligent, well-informed presenter with a team of researchers that know what that means- not the regurgitation of PR releases, native advertising and sound bites. And no ‘celebrity news’. It’s not!!

  5. TV3 is a gone burger for sure and we now will have the complete National run public trumpet blowing crap politico NatZ blues all day and night.

    We need to start a public fundraiser to get a TV Channel for Journalists and opposition voices out there as we build to the 2017 election folks. Who is keen to set up the website fund raise for the “New freedom” channel?

    • Yes Cleangreen, that is definitely what needs to happen.
      I would love to know how much money is required to set this up and then the ongoing cost requirements.
      Maybe Dr Wayne Hope knows more about this?

  6. still not watching TV3 or any other of the bloviating gasbags on other channels.
    Can’t be bothered to be dumbed down, just to have some executive earn a wage.

    and why would we bother, every information we need or want is at the tip of our typing fingers, movies, tv series etc etc all there on ze internets for us to watch, without ads, without insults from wanna be managers and the likes.

    As for John Campbell……that bloke is was and will be bloody marvelous.

  7. Watched Samoa play All Blacks in Samoa with a lovely Samoan family it was great fun,John Campbell got all the attention JK got none that I could see.

    PS the capcha said error again ,but my answer was correct,such a nuscience,.
    3 +7 is definitely 10, last attempt was correct also,whats going on .?

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