TDB Political Caption Competition

By   /   July 7, 2015  /   6 Comments


  1. wild katipo says:

    ”My goodness that was a fine liquid lunch ”……..( he thinks to himself as he delivers his decision to the press….)

  2. e-clectic says:

    I got Climate Change sorted when I was Minister for Climate Change Issues, then fixed up ACC – and now I’m bringing my track record of successes to housing. FIGJAM.

  3. Margaret says:

    I trusted my mate Bill to come up with the final solution. He’s been working on the problem of how to dispense with the Legacy of Micky Savage, for the past fifteen years. Can’t have any Labour Party Saints hovering, now, can we. I just need to fix the RMA and give the developers free reign in housing – 95% private and 5% public – it will take time.

  4. Stuart Munro says:

    Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, perversity is Gnationalism!

  5. Groucho Marxist says:

    Not only do I have a one-eyed view of the world, but I am a bit myopic as well.

  6. phillip ure says:

    smith:..’did you know that in my spare time i am a champion gurner..?’

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