Rachel Glucina, Pebbles Hooper and Cameron Slater – the MediaWorks dream team?



While the total meltdown at Mediaworks continues, it seems apparent that Duncs Garner and Heather Duplicitous aren’t going to be enough to stop TV3 from imploding under it’s own self mutilation.

Paul Henry has been a total flop, the axing of Campbell Live for political purposes ratings suicide, newsworthy? and the manner in which management have conducted the entire fiasco a lesson in how to destroy your brand in 6 weeks.

I am suggesting MediaWorks a saviour – why pretend to be anything other than what Mark Weldon and Julie Christie really wants TV3 to be – an unquestioning mouthpiece for the National Government.

Put hate speech merchant and part time fascist Cameron Slater on with pretend journalist Rachel Glucina to host the 7pm timeslot and call it ‘Open wide’. Each weeknight Cam and Rach spit on poor people and laugh at books. Pebbles Hooper can join in half way through with fashion advice for the homeless which always ends in her making jokes about dead babies.

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For MediaWorks they can drop the pretence of being a reputable news organisation and for Rachel, Cam and Pebbles, they get to do what they love, voice ill informed right wing nonsense which is so hip with the kids these days.

Between climate change denial and kissing John Key’s arse, they can cut the crap and get to the big issues like ‘why are feminists hairy trolls’, ‘why are Unionists commie scum’ and ‘why are Maori’s so smelly’.

Cam can give weekly updates about conspiracies on who from the Labour Party is plotting to goad him into suicide while promising a big new news blog that never arrives, Rachel can tell everyone she’s in PR while turning journalistic tricks for the PM and Pebbles can mock people with disabilities.


It’ll be a show the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind will love.



  1. You are so right Martyn. The only news I watch now is TV1 and it is pathetic!
    I sit and shake my head when the first and major story is a rugby match an a kiwi winning a golf championship! And then it is repeated on the sports news.
    Surely people have to wake up!
    All strength to Bernie! Where is our Bernie?

    • That means that it’s time to turn it off,then!
      A world wide trend.

      Get any semblance of news left from RNZ or it’s web site.
      Morning report is archived for quick perusal.

      Better still, http://www.scoop.co.nz/
      Our own independent news clearing house.

      For world news,http://rt.com/news/
      The closest you will get to any real truth from MSM.
      Professional journalism,shows and documentaries.
      No wasting a third of your time with adds.
      No ‘celebrity culture’ and sport. Time/mind saver.

      And off course,Martyn’s TDB.
      With access now to Evening Report,a new local independent website
      with some good articles, to complete a ‘golden triangle.’
      eg;http://eveningreport.nz/2015/04/20/who-calls-the-shots-acne-isotretinoin-ii-big-pharma-research/ Must read for all parents.
      You will not find that in our MSM.

      For your health,http://www.mercola.com/
      The top global site to keep for life,literally.

      To confirm/research any info from above;
      Huge data base and video pool.(on right)-the real info/visuals on Ukraine.

      Martyn; Congratulations for annex of Evening Report.
      Gives TDB a big lift. Well done.


  2. Peebles Hooper is a disgusting and spoilt little idiot. She obviously does not have a conscience or any empathy.I have never read her articles in the NZ Herald and glad I haven’t done. That idiot must be totally ashamned of herself and her nasty words.
    Yesterday morning we were again assaulted with the John Key Mutual Admiration Society appearing on the Paul Henry Show. The guy(Key)is so in love with himself that he ‘must be on tv whenever and where-ever possible’.
    And in regards to Paul Henry. Yesterday he said something(that I cannot recall now)that made me just switch off the sound because I couldn’t stand hearing his opinions anymore. I only listen to Hillary reading the news or the weather-forecast on the Paul Henry show. The rest of the time I have the sound off e.g the sports-news, the JKMAS and Paul Henry rantings and ravings.

    • Thankfully she resigned today…

      Paul Henry is a total puppet… only used to belittle poor people and to show his rich mates how he can make fun of kiwis and get away with it….

      He is a disgrace, and his opinions are often only the opinions of whoever is paying him the most…

  3. Thanks Martyn had a chuckle out loud reading your very true words

    What I would like to know is … how come tax payers don’t have a say as to where their hard earned tax dollars are spent
    Tax money is being poured into NZ on Air and then syphoned into TV3 and all this rubbish that they produce,
    Millions of dollars we pay just to have our beliefs and life styles attacked by auto card readers.

      • Me too
        Country boy is great mate,

        we’ll all suffer “NEVER IN SILENCE” together.

        Great piece on the imploding TV3 which Weldon has wrecked single handed.

        Weldon is another traitor of NZ society so fuck off Weldon and take your clowns with you, Key Henry, Garner & Christie with you, and have a good life in Hawaii, poor Hawaii.

        Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  4. You could probably include John Tamihere and Michael Laws in there as well, doing guest appearances. The public would lap it up. Well, some of them, anyway.

  5. Great laugh. I can see this show happening. Larry Williams still has Slater on his “business” show, with his prewritten anti-Maori and antisocial one-liners.

      • It tells me that we should be contacting the compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary and suggesting a change in their definition of the word “journalist”.

      • That he does a lot of posts that tells things from Israel’s point of view instead of the usual Palestinian propaganda? Besides if this blog had pro-Israel threads Martyn Bradbury may have been invited instead of Cameron Slater (I have no idea what Martyn’s stance is on Israel btw).

        • The whole ‘Slater Operation’ could well be a black/psy-ops
          ‘limited handout’ sort of thing,as Webster Tarpley would say.
          By that he means limited contact with intelligence services
          (sis,cia,mi6,mossard?). ie;The patsy?

          Explain trip to Israel? Didn’t he get financial support?


  6. Yes indeed. They may as well do that, it would be no worse than the wall to wall (hyperreal) ‘reality’ tripe that they dish up endlessly. TV3 is history, whoever ends up owning them will lose megabucks, and it serves them right!

  7. I’d watch it – I like Cameron Slater and Whaleoil. Then again I like this blog too and I thought your TV show years back was and is one of the best investigative journalism shows ever shown on New Zealand television (and I’m not just saying that).

  8. With Cam, Rach and Pebs voicing propaganda for NatzKEY through the grubby MediaWorks network, perhaps the programme could be called *The Emanating Stench From The Cesspit!*

  9. Actually Martyn her name is Heather du Plessis-Allan and I think she deserves a bit more respect than you just gave her by mutilating her name. In the last 6 months the results of her investigative reporting has certainly been seen by more people than anything you have written. I thought you might have modified your style after getting dropped from national radio. I have in the past agreed with most things you have commented on. But this TV3 thing has warped your sense of proportion and detracted from the real broadcasting issues in NZ.

    • I recall her atrocious piece sucking up to Cameron Slater on Seven Sharp one week before Dirty Politics broke – I tuned out after that Dave.

    • The broadcasting issues like National’s rampant power prices, National’s inability to protect vunerable children in poverty and abuse, the economy, the environment, dairy, housing, etc etc etc…

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