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Kia ora fellow TDB posters

We’ve recently had an incident where a suspected banned individual has re-surfaced using another log-in, and masking his (or her) IP address with some kind of Proxy program.

That person (or persons) was then making a nuisance of himself with multiple postings that in our view was little more than spamming.

However, this person was not as clever as she (or he) thought and we detected an anomaly with the IP numbers that linked the various user-names together.

The chances that this is one individual is therefore high.

We will be pursuing the issue and if (or when) we uncover further information we will be lodging a complaint with that User’s ISP. A Trespass Order will then be laid against the individual (or individuals) concerned.

In the meantime, I remind all TDB posters of the following;

1. All posters are guests. Posting rights are a privilege. There is no more “right” to post material here than for it to be mandatory for a newspaper  editor to publish your letter to the editor.

2. If you behave yourself and generally act sensibly then there are no issues with continuing to participate.

3. If I (or another moderator or Admin) give an instruction on use of unacceptable language, prolific posting (ie; spamming), ad hominem attacks, etc, then please follow it. If you decide not to, that is your choice, but the consequences should not surprize you.

4. Anyone who thinks that I am being unfair when I make moderation calls should bear in mind that I have deleted unacceptable comments from Leftwing posters, and have banned two Leftwing posters who failed to comply with my requests. However, bear in mind that this is a leftwing blog. Rightwing posters who want to debate, challenge, put their side, are welcome to share their points of view. That welcome does NOT extend to one-liners consisting of snide remarks, personal attack, derision, etc. Or repetitive or multiple postings. I will simply trash such posts without so much as a blink.

5. New bit: If you are using a proxy to hide your IP address, and we pick it up, and you are making a nuisance of yourself in some other way, and you are cloaking your identity with a pseudonym, then we will request your actual  ISP email address. Failure to comply will mean you are not acting in good faith and your welcome here will be withdrawn.

6. This is not up for debate. Admin pays the bills, they call the shots, them’s the rules.

If this sounds harsh, blame those individuals who have a bloated sense of entitlement that the rules don’t apply to them.

Believe me, they do.

– ScarletMod

– CrimsonMod



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  1. lprent says:

    Good. If you ever need a hand with the technical arts of how to detect and actively exclude, then send me an email.

  2. Scarlet Mod says:

    Thank you, Lynn. You actually crossed my mind last night when I was going through TDB’s IP logs, which is when I spotted the anomaly, an anomaly linking two User-names, despite both apparently using a Proxy. (hee hee hee, and I can bake a darn nice chocolate-jaffa cake as well!)


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