Nicky Hager’s Court case this week – Police caught lying already



As TDB pointed out last month, July will see an incredibly important Court case (the second of these cases was to be the Jon Stephenson’s case against the NZDF – but that has been interestingly put off till the end of this year), Nicky Hager finally gets to challenge the Police decision to raid his home mere weeks after Cameron Slater complained about his emails being stolen.

Aside form the chilling fact that Slater had his complaint actioned in just over a month, Hager had evidence in his home for his next project on Police corruption – that it doesn’t seem to worry NZers that the Police are acting in this manner is as alarming as their shrugging off of the revelations in Dirty Politics.

In John we trust.

So far the Court case today is not looking good for the Police or the sleepy hobbits of Muddle Nu Zilind who have worked so hard to simply accept Key’s claim that Hager is a communist conspiracy theorist. If the Police have acted inappropriately to raid an investigative journalists home, sleepy hobbits might feel some panic at their dinner parties that NZ looks less like the egalitarian pretension we like to cheer and more like the Police States we jeer.

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The truth is that Key has done more to attack and blunt media in NZ than any other PM since the waterfront lockout. Don’t believe me? Let’s count the ways…

John Key’s crimes against Journalism

  • Killing off Public Broadcasting TV by shutting down TVNZ7 and having Minister’s lie about how many people watched the station.
  • Raiding newspapers and broadcasters to stop them publishing the tea pot tapes.
  • Defaming investigative journalist Jon Stephenson who questioned if NZs SAS had committed war crimes in Afghanistan by handing civilians over to known torture units.
  • Defaming investigative Journalist Nicky Hager by calling him a communist conspiracy theorist when Hager opened up the Dirty Politics black ops team working within Key’s office.
  • Calling award winning Journalist Glenn Greenwald and whistle blowers Julian Assange and Edward Snowden ‘Henchmen’ when they revealed the truth of Key’s mass surveillance plans.
  • Having all of Andrea Vance’s emails and phone records taken.
  • Bullying journalist Bradley Ambrose and raiding media broadcasters who had copies of the Epsom tea pot tape.
  • Using far right hate speech merchant and Fascist Cameron Slater to smear public servants the Government didn’t like.
  • Falsifying SIS information and working with the state spy service to smear Phil Goff in the media months before the 2011 election.
  • Killing off Campbell Live for political reasons.
  • Direct interference into Maori TV criticising Government.
  • ‘Cyber bullying’ laws that make it illegal to criticise the Government online.

…the biggest threat to media in NZ is John Key, so the current case in Wellington where Nicky Hager is challenging the Police raiding his home is crucial.

A day in and the cops have already been caught out lying…

Police undertaking to Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager allegedly broken
Police broke their undertaking not to use information seized from the home of Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager, the investigative journalist’s lawyer claims.

Officers acting on a complaint from blogger Cameron Slater, whose hacked emails were the source of much of Dirty Politics, seized electronic and other material in the early October search of Hager’s Wellington home.

Hager wants the High Court to review the police decision to get a search warrant and conduct the search. He says his information should not have been seized because it was covered by journalistic privilege.

In the leadup to a hearing of Hager’s claim, his lawyers have continued to ask for copies of relevant police documents.

Some of the documents have been shown to Hager in an edited form. One that was first released in edited form was later shown in its entirety.

…in a normal democracy, an investigative Journalist who had caught the Prime Minister out by releasing all their abuses of political power only to be raided by the Police would be front page news. In the ovine Nation of Nu Zilind however we have Princess christenings and rugby game wins to distract attention.

It almost makes you wonder why Key is so hell bent on destroying the value of Journalism when mainstream media are doing it for him quite well on their own.


    • And that ruling says much about NZ – that We are willing to look the other way while the PMs Office colludes with the SIS to smear the leader of the opposition months out before the 2011 election will be judged far more harshly by history than the wilfully blind present

      • It shows that the majority understand that politics IS dirty and if the PM wants to use a blogger for his own means then good on him, and that publishing personal stolen emails is NOT in the public interest.

        • The PM uses a blogger to smear lies and run corporate hit jobs and that’s ok by you? I think you have ended having any moral high ground on this blog – you do understand that it isn’t illegal to publish emails if they are in the public interest?

          You don’t seem to understand the law or ethics Kevin

          • “The PM uses a blogger to smear lies and run corporate hit jobs and that’s ok by you?”

            I don’t think using a blogger to smear lies is ok but it’s questionable whether that actually happened. From what I understand Rodney Hide has denied things mentioned in Dirty Politics which puts the credibility of Dirty Politics in question.

            In any case where are the defamation lawsuits?

            Anyway, I know that publishing the emails was ok if they were in the public interest, but in my opinion they were not in the public interest. That’s the key thing.

            • Then you clearly don’t understand then Kevin – hold on – have you even read the book Kevin, because it seems from what you have written here like you haven’t. Are you commenting on a book you haven’t even read?

              Is that how inane this conversation is?

              • I have read the book but a while ago and didn’t read it in any detail. Not being sarcastic, but obviously you’re read it and examined it in more detail than what I have. So if you say the book says that John Key used a blogger to smear lies then without contrary evidence I will accept what you say.

                The fact is the majority are simply indifferent to the fact that politics is dirty. That’s what I’m saying.

                  • No, it’s not right, but it’s politics and I can’t see how you can change it.

                    I mean, the writers of the US Constitution understood the the nature of politics which is the reason for the separation of powers – so neither the president , congress, or the judiciary could have too much power.

                    I don’t know, maybe there is way to have dodgy politicians be accountable but I can’t see what.

                    • It’s called a well informed citizenry via a media that isn’t frightened of the Government – your ‘oh well’ attitude is part of the problem.

                • “So if you say the book says that John Key used a blogger to smear . ”

                  dude – its the subject of the entire book

                  kind of curious how you can say youve read it yet fail to know the general gist of it

                  • I trust Hagar as far as I can throw him – and this was even before Dirty Politics came out. So if Hagar says the PM smeared an opponent with deliberate lies (important – lies) my response is a sarcastic “sure he did”. And using a catspaw to smear your opponents is part of the political game.

                    • But Kevin, that sounds once again like you don’t know what you are talking about.

                      You do know there was an inquiry into the allegations right? You do know the SIS had to apologise to Phil Goff for colluding with the PMs Office to release falsified information months before the 2011 election about him?

                      Your ‘sure he did’ suggests you are in fact not sure of the facts once again.

                    • I trust Hagar as far as I can throw him

                      And yet, Nicky Hager made a moral call not to publish personal, embarrassing (and ultimately irrelevent) portions of the leaked emails that came into his possession.

                      The same could not be said of his right-wing opponants.

                    • trust is irrelevant to actually knowing the subject of the book in question.

                      Who cares how much you trust hagar when you dont even seem to know the books subject?

        • So kiwis accept that it’s dirty, and that’s ok? Not as far as I’m concerned, it’s not. As for the use of stolen emails, Slater had been boasting of being in possession of such, and of his intent to publish them as a weapon against his opponents, long before the Dirty Politics saga hit the headlines.

        • It shows that the majority understand that politics IS dirty and if the PM wants to use a blogger for his own means then good on him…

          Kevin, your moral compass is way off.

          If you think dirty politics is “good”, then you are part of the problem.

          Lying, cheating, stealing – all ok by you?

          I wonder if you’d feel the same if it were a Labour-led government we were discussing? I suspect not.

          No wonder you don’t dare put your real name to your beliefs.

          • Politics is amoral. The most important thing is politics is power – gaining power and keeping it. Whatever you think of National and John Key they are masters of gaining power and keeping power.

            And you can be the most moral political party in the world but that alone will not get you elected.

            Which is why Labour should stop trying to be the voice of the voiceless and instead focus on gaining power, even if it means portraying themselves as just a “better” version of National – in other words cosy up to the majority. Once in power then they can implement whatever policies they have to help the disenfranchised and make society fairer for everyone.

            • So you have an immoral view of politics and power and want us to accept your viewpoint to win rather than respect our ethics? What an ugly view of the world.

              • Nope I’m saying morality, or morality alone, won’t get you elected, but doing things like appealing to people’s self-interest, will.

                Don’t get me wrong. I’d much rather have a party in power that was about fairness and a better deal for everyone. And I do believe the under National there are people who are suffering and deserve better. But those people are the minority and by appealing only to them and ignoring the majority Labour will never get elected.

                  • Not defending, just saying how it is. If you can find a way so that politics is not dirty I’d be all for it.

                    • bollocks your not defending it

                      your entire opening gambit is to use the public mood as justification

        • Kevin – you may be accepting of grubby politics. The rest of New Zealand would prefer something better.

          No doubt you’ve heard the phrase; “In a democracy, you get the government you deserve”.

          • I wouldn’t say accepting. Like the majority I’m indifferent to the fact that politics is dirty.

              • Fair enough comment. But how would you go about changing it because we’re basically talking about changing human nature? People don’t care that a party has acted immorally so long as that party makes them happy. I can’t remember the term for it right now, but it basically means the greatest happiness for the greatest number. That’s what has kept National in power. The downside is those those that are disenfranchised are worse off, a lot worse off.

                And for what it’s worth my opinion on the police – they’re sociopaths and more needs to be done to keep them in check – is the same as yours and it doesn’t surprise me they’ve been caught lying.

                • “how would you go about changing it”

                  step 1 would be to stop making excuses for it – thats you and me and everyone else in the electorate kev

                  you up for the challenge? – you can make a start here if you want

                  • Using a catspaw to smear your opponent is something that’s being going on for hundreds of years in the world of politics. I just can’t see how you can change that.
                    Also, smearing and defaming are two different things. I accept that The PM used blogger(s) to smear his opponents. But defaming I find difficult to accept as the PM is a lot more crafty than that – he would know when he was stepping over the line.

                    • “But defaming I find difficult to accept as the PM is a lot more crafty than that ”

                      yes – thats the point of the book – he used proxies to launch attacks

                      Lets not forget that DP (the book) didnt come from no-where. There was persistant rumors for years preceeding it. So – when youve got even a rumor that any other political party ever has done the same you can claim its BAU – but you dont. No one does

                • How about abolishing political parties,all independents who follow the directions of their electorate (Internet referendums). Capped electionaring budget. PM and cabinet voted in by all members ,all bills private members bills. 6 yr term.

            • “Indifferent”…

              Kevin, have you heard of the saying; “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing?”

              Think about it.

              • You guys are amazing – democracy goes out the door when anyone challenges your view of the world. Campbell Live was a good outlet for what you believed and it is not only the right wing that has had an issue.

                Hager was in full flight back in 2003 with his book “Seeds of Distrust” along with John Campbell ambushing the then PM Helen Clark. Following this interview PM Clark described Campbell as a “Sanctimonious little Creep”. John Key clearly learned from this and when interviewed in August 2013 regarding the GCSB looked more like the interviewer.

        • ok kevin – point to a party in govt – any party, any time in NZ, who has used the same tactic, and provide examples

          cmon kevin – im bloody waiting.

          you want to run the line that what JK and WO did was business as usual you better have some examples pronto!

          prove your damn argument – or else admit you dont have a bloody clue what your on about

          frankly that people like you would continue to pretend that this is just politics is disgusting – your sticking up for the powerful manipulating the public and threatening anyone they dont like – and using the apparatus of the state and tax dollars to do it!

          i thought people like you were against that sort of thing – isnt that why it was “nationals turn”?

        • “It shows that the majority understand that politics IS dirty”

          Why must politics be dirty Kevin? Why does our system have to be corrupt in the interests of major corporations? Do you enjoy being enslaved by lower wages while companies make record profits?

          How can you think that letting a leader use others to bring down his opposition through lies is okay?

          You are terrible.

    • There’s a big difference between an election and the justice system.

      Police and MPs still have to obey the law.

      Not such a difficult concept to comprehend, surely?

    • The most damaging part of this entire affair is the language the PM has used to describe anyone who is attempting to undermine him: he called a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist a “loser”, described him as a henchman of Dotcom, basically did everything he could to slander him and his information before it had been released. He took a note straight out of Foxnews/Wail Oil/Crosby-Textor; attack the person, not the evidence. Attack the person because they cant prove an insult wrong, the media will lap it up, and it will cause a great distraction from the actual events that need reporting.

    • There has already been a ruling on this topic: By the electorate.

      Hmmm, is that right, Andrew?

      So you support the electorate’s “ruling” in Greece?

      And if the electorate elect a left-wing government that re-nationalises power companies, you’d be just as sanguine? Yeah, of course you would. (Note, sarc.)

      Or would you change your pseudonym and come back, in full attack mode?

    • wow so not only can elections produce a mandate on a single policy – they can absolve guilt as well!

      next week – were going to put little to the test and check if he has any odd shaped birth marks!

      Jesus wept

    • Responsible for the status quo is the part of the “electorate” that is in its majority the vested interest holding, property owning, business operating, bosses’ backside kissing and conditioned, selfish lot, who always loyally vote, as they know, that if they do not, they may have to pay fairer taxes and SHARE some of their power and privileges.

      Non voters were a massive share of those who enabled Key to stay in power, as they had been conditioned to feel and think it was all a foregone conclusion, as they largely relied on the brainwashing media, the spin of government, the smiles by a Mr Key, and promises based on nothing much of substance, that would not offer them anything anyway.

      National did not really gain votes last election, it was the disillusioned and discouraged non voters that helped this NatACT lot.

      Media are the key to power, that is what propaganda experts know, not only Crosby and Textor, one Mr Goebbels knew it, same as others.

      So this here is the first time I read about Nicky Hager’s case being before the courts, and it proves yet again, how manipulated most of our media is. There are forces working behind the scenes, and I know from reliable sources, even certain supposedly “independent” Commissioners that are meant to be “watchdogs” do tow the line, and cover up the failures and misdeeds of certain government and administrative operators.

      They have laws to their avail, designed to give them much flexibility, to mostly do nothing, to dismiss complaints and grievances, while dissenters and outspoken journalists like Nicky get persecuted and “silenced” by not having media give them much time and space now.

      I noticed also the changes at National Radio, where we have different persons on different programs, and also in the news and reporting sections now, who all seem to be less critical, more mindful and almost all pro government.

      And that is meant to be our only real public broadcaster. Forget most of the rest, as Martyn summarises above, those that want to keep their jobs are sent messages, shut up and report what is withing boundaries, or move on.

      This place is so “stink” now, only due to so many Kiwis being indifferent about what goes on, naively thinking all is mostly well, and focusing on their private lives and little else, who do nothing to change things.

      What more do you need, this is becoming something close to a perfect “dictatorship”, where you need no force and lock-ups, as it can all be done so smoothly, without most even noticing what is happening.

      Kim Johng Key is the master of manipulation and deceit, and he is the ideal one to do the job for the lobby groups and key stakeholders that want it to be like this. They will do all to keep him in the job, for a 4th or even 5th term.

      If only more Kiwis would finally wake up from their mental slumber and see what is really happening.

    • As Churchill once said – “The greatest argument againsty democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter”. While you may be comfortable with Justice been left to the Mob these repeated and clear abuses of power and devolution of the 4th estate are a serious threat to freedom and democracy. Tryth is most voters fall into the conformist sheeple category and are sorely lacking fcatual information or the critical thinking skills (this should be a compulsory school subject!) to adequately or usefully comment or have influence for the greater good. National and Key in partidular are being shown up at last for the visionless frauds they are.

  1. When you start to put together all of the bad things JK has done to this country. I wonder, how the heck anyone can have any confidence in their government… When we hit recession… They are totally going to blame Labour….

    It is starting to get to a point. Where NZ will need an overhaul…

  2. The most damaging part of this entire affair is the language the PM has used to describe anyone who is attempting to undermine him: he called a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist a “loser”, described him as a henchman of Dotcom, basically did everything he could to slander him and his information before it had been released. He took a note straight out of Foxnews/Wail Oil/Crosby-Textor; attack the person, not the evidence. Attack the person because they cant prove an insult wrong, the media will lap it up, and it will cause a great distraction from the actual events that need reporting.

      • Are you not aware of who John Key is a puppet for and just why he lies and acts like a corporate owned idiot who is out of touch ?
        His lies are documented, his arrogance and elitism is obvious.
        Nat. supporters are very unclear about how much damage is really being done to this country. It is not all about economics and corporate greed and taking taking taking. His priorities are serving his masters and to hell with the poor ; the environment and those in need and those out of work and those with no homes and those committing suicide. Wake up ! He even controls the media so we have to hunt for the truth.
        Evidence to back his dangerous reign are all over the place. The sooner he retires back to Hawaii, the better off we will be on so many levels. Eventually history will show that his legacy and what he is all about stinks to high heaven.
        His OLE BOYS NETWORK are trying to run the show and deny the truths but eventually the truth will come out and what we have been saying all along about him and his govt. will ring out as the real truths that most, now, just can not face or are not aware of. Most believe the media that his boys club controls which is full of propaganda and many lies. Wake up folks. Just look at the quality demise of Q &; A and the Nation. They mostly have pro Natz commentators on and Natz politicians and rarely, anymore, do we see anyone on these shows with their heads on straight and with some substance between the ears. We do not watch these shows anymore – waste of time.

  3. Yes Matryn

    Key’s club here is hard plugging the rumour mill on this one.

    They are all in damage control today aren’t they?

    FJK can do no wrong they expound in their silly way, don’t they think or perhaps not paid for their services if they do?

    It is patently obvious to all the gove4rnm,ent is still encouraging “Dirty politics still, even though key has been disgraced in many eyes, except the blind that we see pop up from time to time.

    Key’s lie register exceeds 300 now recorded violations of the truth.

    he could apply for the Pulitzer for lying?

    When cornered Key always makes the statement, “I cant’ remember”

    It may be time soon to bring that long lie list out to show what we are living under?

    Key has lost the mojo and looks tired and burnt out as every dog has its day so the saying goes.

    Key – “I can’t remember whether Andy Krieger was buying or selling, it might have been selling with me, but at the time it would have reflected the economic fundamentals at play in New Zealand

    Key was elected prime minister of New Zealand last weekend after his National Party achieved a crushing victory over the incumbent Labour government of Helen Clark.

    The timing of his elevation, in the midst of a financial crisis, may be quite prophetic. After all, Key’s rise to prominence in foreign exchange circles came after he struck a rewarding relationship at Bankers Trust with Andy Krieger, a daring New York-based trader who launched a legendary raid against the NZ dollar in 1987.

    Krieger reportedly bet more than the country’s entire money supply against the currency, forcing it down sharply and taking massive profits in what is still described as one of the finest forex plays ever completed.

    • Is that mutt John Key trying to tell us he FORGOT where he stood on one the biggest and most historic FOREX heist’s that ever was conducted ?? ?….and against his OWN country of origin????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      COME ON !!!

      BULLSHIT !!!!

  4. “In a normal democracy….” Three words which sum up the problem of NZ. To borrow a pun from Star Trek – its democracy Jim, but not as we know it. Ours is no longer a normal democracy – it has been turned into an ersatz McDonalds democracy. From the outside it looks real, clean and bright but open it up and you find the deception and worthlessness that underpins it.
    How did a great nation like New Zealand get itself into such a state? More important, how do we get out of it?

    • We start by having a united Left to confront jonkey dirty tricks Nactional in the next Election….instead of Left parties which knee-cap each other ( like Labour did by pitting Davis against Hone in TTT…and wiping out ALL the votes cast for Mana/Int…mine was one of them).

      I would suggest a FOL ( Federation of Labour which fronts for all the unions at times where it is deemed necessary to work together )…style umbrella group led by Metiria Turei …who has shown she can work with Mana/Int, Labiour and NZF….to coordinate a united cooperative front to WIN the next Election!

      …marginal Left seats can NOT be fractured by competing Left parties…letting in the right wing ( eg. Peter Dunn…who was only let in to win this seat for Nactional because the Greens and Labour both contested this seat and split the Left vote)

      There is no other way!…the Left MUST work together to oust this government!

  5. The likes of Glenn Greenwald and Nicki Hager and Julian Assange and Snowden etc. are dwelling in an ethical reality that the likes of John Key and his dirty politics buddies can only dream of. There is more integrity and honesty in the above men than Jonkey Donkey is even aware of let alone can experience or even understand.
    He diminishes any journalist who challenges his OLE BOYS NETWORK of greedy corporate clowns trying to control most governments for their own gains.

    Thank our lucky starts for media outlets like The Daily Blog and RT.COM and The Intercept and others that we can trust and are not owned and dictated to by those psychopaths with no conscience.

    Good luck Nicky because this court case against you is a bunch of bollocks. You deserve to be praised and thanked for your part in exposing the rot and dirty politics in government and elsewhere.
    Many ! support you Nicky, don’t listen to the ignorant idiots.

    • +100 Blake…”The likes of Glenn Greenwald and Nicki Hager and Julian Assange and Snowden etc. are dwelling in an ethical reality that the likes of John Key and his dirty politics buddies can only dream of”…

      these guys are the true heroes Varoufakis in Greece…they stand up to the bad guys for the rest of us …and fight against injustice …and give the world hope

      • And unfortunately many of those journalists lost their lives for being so courageous. They are also the real unsung heroes and let us not forget their sacrifice to get the truths and the photos to us.

        My blood boils thinking of the arrogance and stupidity of these elitists idiot corporate owned gangsters and banksters who run the show and dictate to most media outlets.

    • Assange is unable to leave an Embassy in London for fear of extradition.

      Snowden won a better prize – he is in Russia for as long as they need him.

      Hager and Greenwald appear to be simply pawns in the game.

      PS what great news that NZ posted a surplus of more than $1B just announced.

      • To call Hager and Greenwald – “pawns in the game” is so not correct and actually rude and disrespectful towards them. I also disagree with your statement that Snowden is in Russia for ” as long as THEY need him “. He is only there because he is trying to save his life, not because it has anything to do with collaborating with Russia in any way. He would never do that as he is a man of principle and he is not a known liar and I wish I could say the same for our lame lying prime minister.
        Both Snowden and Assange should be released because they are not criminals and are heros and ethical men of good standards. Far far from the likes of Steven Joyce and Jonkey Donkey.

        As for your $1B surplus announcement, I doubt that as well as we already know that National and its leader can not be trusted and they lie and likely create fuzzy logic statistics. I do not believe that surplus figure at all and if it were true than why are there so many homeless and starving children and tons of programs to help not being funded properly ? Why has this current govt. not helped out with the suicide stats and unemployment and helping the poor get into safe and healthy housing and on and on.
        I smell a National supporter. I sense the denial and blind faith.

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