Greece votes NO – better to die on your feet than live on your knees



The No vote is far more powerful and larger than most anticipated. The reality is that the greed of Greece’s leaders who colluded with Goldman Sachs has led to a situation where foreign corporate bankers have degraded the quality of life for people in Greece to such a level that they have no other option than to fight.

Better to die on your feet, than live on your knees. Austerity is not a social policy. The promise of democracy is you can look into the face of your child and know they will get a better deal than you did, when that promise breaks people have a reason to riot.

In the birthplace of democracy, the most important battle of  technocrats ruling for banks rather than people is being waged and everyone interested in social justice must be engaged.

This is about people being able to live with dignity or foreign banks being able to continue making their corrupt profits.

The Right wing are screaming that Greece is lazy and hideous for needing a bailout of 370 Billion. I can’t recall their voices gushing with the same level of anguish when their big bank mates needed bailing out – compare what Greece needs to the mega bank bailouts…



    • This is only the beginning. Some time around 2020 or so, the whole disgusting rotten dept-based global financial system will come crashing down in ruins. Many people will be very badly hurt by that crash, but there seems no alternative, as the vested interests and powerbrokers, who hold most of the power, will not see sense until this happens.

      Hopefully, the whole structure of global capitalism, along with its bastard sibling neoliberalism, will also crash in a manner that makes it all unrepairable, and also hopefully humanity will learn the lessons from that and move on to a new system that is not based on obscene wealth for a few and unrestrained greed.

  1. Martyn,
    Our elections are rigged not like Greece which still used manual voting paper counting where we used “electronic tabulation counting” that even the US Conservative Party warn is known to be rigged.

    We were robbed by corrupt voting in NZ during the last election.

    We have been taught a lesson by Greece, the Country that began our Global Democracy many years ago not to heel to the threats from the greedy rich and their criminal banksters.

    What was clear is that the “manual counting tabulation” of the voting in this Greek referendum was the winner here as the result was stable from the beginning of the counting here, with manual counting and striking different from our wild swings “of “exit polls” seen in our corrupt “electronic counting tabulation” results we witnessing here in our electoral process that are clearly known to be a clear sign of “rigged electronic Source code corrupt election voting” seen and proven to occur in US & Asia today also as it did here during the NZ electron again.

    So this leaves us all with the very serious questions as to why we need to return our election and referendum counting process to the formal manual counting process that Greece so clearly won with today on this momentous occasion for Democracy in Europe and the only way forward.?

    Thank you to all of the Geek people for your resolve and rejection of todays “electronic counting of the voting”, as you have shown is the future we must take, as we all have been warned by experts involved with Electronic vote counting that it is corrupted and they warn we must revert back to manual voting paper counting process again to be accurate and avoid “rigged election process’s.

    Watch this,

    • a lot of it experts have warned f the dangers of voting machines being hacked or manipulated since they were introduced, governments or shadow governments to be precise have been selectively deaf to the advice – even in 2015 the issues are still the same, they could be made safe but it doesnt suit some to do that
      maybe try googling
      electronic voting machines hacked
      see what comes up

      “In one example, it wouldn’t take much more than ten dollars’ worth of parts from any RadioShack store to steal and manipulate votes. It’s called a man-in-the-middle attack and the computer program that logs the results on electronic voting machines isn’t even compromised. ”

    • Hang on…

      Last time I voted (and every time before that) we used paper and pen. And put it in a little box. Which then was emptied and handled by actual people.

      We don’t have touch screen voting machines in NZ.

      “The programming code was written for Diebold’s Black Box Touch Screen Voting Machines.” We do not have them in NZ.

      So your comment makes no sense to me?

      • 🙂
        electronic voting systems can be manipulated, the touch screen system isnt specific to nz – the data is entered to a computer at some point from the paper votes, thats where it can be hacked

        • NZ does not use touch screen voting machines.

          I am well aware that electronic voting systems can be manipulated. That is not proof that the last election in NZ was manipulated.

      • Lara

        You have not realised what actually does go on behind the election process here in NZ!

        Or you are not watching and listening to the expert.

        When we make our vote on a paper voting form the result is sent electronically back to the agency who counted all the votes nationally, so you get into the electronic tabulation system then do you actually see this now?

        Please be careful not to support electronic tabulation as this Government does so they are causing corrupt rigging of our voting through electronic Tabulation.

        I made sure our name and address was manually placed on the top of our voting form when we sent it in, as we asked the person who handed us the voting form to manually do this for us should we want later to check if our vote had been altered, which we did.

        So we suggest you also do this when next you fill the paper out, as the expert on this video warns us that the only way now is to have a total manual recount using paper voting forms, and we believe if the results are all counted manually outside of any electronic tabulation we would have seen a seriously different result.

        Our electron WAS RIGGED.

        • I am watching and listening.

          My problem is the lack of proof offered so far for this scenario.

          I am aware it’s entirely possible, but just being possible does not mean that’s how it happened.

          It’s a rather extraordinary claim to make. And it requires some evidence.

          NZ does not use the Diebold touch screen voting machines, nor any other voting machine. So the video you offered as proof does not prove that the NZ election was rigged.

          The evidence you offered was from the USA not NZ. Proof that an election in the USA was rigged is not the same as proof that the last election in NZ was rigged.

          I know it’s possible. I would just rather see some proof before coming to the conclusion is must have been rigged.

        • All Political parties are allowed to have scutineers present at the counting of ballots. If the voting system was being manipulated why aren’t Political parties that are being stiffed complaining about it?

    • If that’s true Cleangreen, I’m not saying you are wrong, but how do you explain the Northland By-Election result? You would think that election would definitely have been rigged, if they could.

      • Well Liberty4NZ,

        Labour helped here also remember?

        But the facts are the facts that any “electronic tabulation” now is being manipulated and can then change the total result.

        So apart from conducting a manual recounting process (Gov’t would not pay for it) we have to question why our pre polling results were so out of line (over 10%) with our election results?
        As the Expert in the video before a senate hearing under oath testifies that if “there are anomalies” above the norm then it is clear vote rigging occurred here.

      • Of course NZ is incorruptible is it?

        No No No, we are just a little corrupted country so get over it.

  2. Austerity isn’t meant to be social policy. It is meant to be economic policy. A generous social policy is generally a luxury that nations with healthy economies can afford. Greece doesn’t have a healthy economy and even if they repudiated all debts will still need external funding to pay for their social policy commitments. Unfortunately for them noone is obliged to give them money.

    • “Unfortunately for them noone is obliged to give them money.”

      True. But they may decide to do so anyway, given the result of the referendum. The Europeans were obviously hoping for a “yes” vote which they hoped would bring about a change of government. Now that the result is known they may be more open to negotiating a settlement more favourable to the Greeks.

      • Why would they be more inclined to lend more money to the Greeks because the Greeks don’t want to knuckle down to sorting their economy out.

        • Yeah, like the United States, eh, Gosman? What does their National Debt stand at these days? Any idea?

          And how much debt do we have? You should damn well know how much, it’s been around in the public domain long enough.

          We’re just better at hiding our colossal private and public debt.

        • Why wouldn’t they wish to see Greece get back on its feet. Heaven forbid that they might have some other agenda.

    • What are you talking about, Greece got the neo-liberal treatment years ago like we did – big tax cuts to the rich and a programme of cutting back services for the poor. Greece has exceptionally rich people living there, if they paid more taxes there wouldn’t be a problem.

      New Zealand is doing the same thing, racking up massive debt to pay for America’s Cup, a fleet of BMWs, grossly overpaid bureaucrats and consultants, etc etc.

      • JR: No it didn’t. It got ten years of the socialist Papandreou and it was under their governance that corruption was allowed to flourish.

        Corruption isn’t a class issue in Greece – they’re all at it!

        From the oligarch to the unionised railway worker to the pensioners. There is an endemic culture of theft and corruption.

        And Greece today is the inevitable result of spending “Other Peoples Money”

        Gosman is 100% correct when he says that they will need loans to float their new currency if & when they do. As I see it, nobody would lend them a penny today, so their only option to avoid total chaos would be to flog off some of those inefficiently run state assets. Rather like we did in ’83.

        • I don’t see why they would need a loan to float their own currency. For starters the Government could seize any euros held by the banks and exchange them for drachmata. They could also offer to swap drachmata for any euro notes or coins ( or any other currency for that matter) held by the people.

    • Why not Gosman? Didn’t the taxpayer bail out US motorcar companies, banks, finance companies, etc? And didn’t the UK bail out several banks as well?

      And didn’t your precious National government use taxpayers money to bail out Canterbury Finance and Mediaworks?

      Then didn’t the Nats give subsidies and cash handouts to Warner Bros, Rio Tinto, Charter Schools, etc, etc, etc?

      Try applying your rules to corporations as well. Your ideology is flawed., like Creationist Theory or umpteen conspiracy theories,.

      • Yes. Those situations involved a Sovereign State deciding to use taxpayers money to bail out their own businesses. Not a Sovereign State demanding other nations taxpayers bail their government out.

        • Oh, so sorry. I didn’t imagine there was a difference between using taxpayers’ money to bail out (or subsidise) private companies and taxpayers helping other taxpayers. Is that part of the free market system, Gosman?

          Because, y’know, Sovereign States often help out other Sovereign States with aid, in times of natural disaster; famine; lack of drinking water; building infra-structure… So helping out Greece would seem to me to be aiding another Sovereign State in time of Economic Disaster.

          Just trying to clarify here. The intracacies of justified bailouts and unjustified bailouts seem a bit, um, convoluted for the likes of us house-husbands.

        • Kia ora Gosman. My apologies for earlier postings that took a partisan stance on this blog-post. The postings were not mine, and were made by a family member before I had a chance to log-out.

          (He has been reprimanded. No chocolate pudding for him tonight!)

    • no but by not doing so sooooooooo may more gamblers will lose 5 x as much. Now that is poetry.

    • “Austerity isn’t meant to be social policy. It is meant to be economic policy”

      economic policy with terrible social impacts.

      which is somewhat the point – The IMF and other fellow ideological travellers have a sordid history of impoverishing the very countries who owe them $$. Great if your asset stripping – utter shit if your a member of the general public in those countries.

      If the rewards of society are arranged top down so should the pain when that society starts to fail economically.

    It doesn’t really matter which one you click, we’ll all be Greece sooner or later. NZ is wasting over $4 Billion per year to service its current debt – just think what that money could be better used for!

    Printing presses or default aren’t a solution to the problem of living above one’s means and pulling demand forward. As Greece is proving at this very moment, no country can live above it’s means indefinitely. Defaulting and raising the middle finger to the IMF and the ECB is easily their best option now, but that also means they will INSTANTLY be forced to balance their budget (since no one is going to lend them more money to finance their largess). Austerity is coming to Greece in one form (balancing their budget with current tax revenue) or another (e.g. currency depreciation and rampant inflation if they leave the Euro), whether they like it or not.

    More worryingly, Japan’s debt:GDP ratio is even higher than Greece’s(!). Anyone care to guess what that’s going to like when it blows?

  4. Go Greece!

    Of course the real concern for the globalist banksters is that the other heavily indebted members of the EU, Portugal, Italy, and Spain, will follow Greece, default and leave the eurozone. Estimates of such a departure will leave a hole in the world economy of unpaid debt, to the tune of 17.5 trillion Euros.

    The house of cards that is the world financial system is about to fall.

  5. So if Greece exits the EU and the Euro and resurrects their own currency, the Drachma, they may in some time be better off.

    Depending on how they structure the Drachma. If they keep it as an interest bearing debt based currency it will have all the same problems as all the other interest bearing debt based currencies.

    But they still need to trade. And for that they may need more than the Drachma.

    This will be very interesting to watch over the next few years.

    Iceland is looking at possibly restructuring their currency. They seem to have figured out that the structure of a country’s currency is at the heart of how the economy works. Or doesn’t.

    • Depending on where Greece sees itself, in or out of the European Union, and, what the EU then imposes in the way of sanctions against a fully defaulted Greece there is one solution that the Greeks have which would stymie any ‘revenge’ economic attacks the EU might mount against it,

      Simply adopting the US Dollar as the currency, both internally and for trading with other countries,

      Coinage would be supplied by either that currently used and revalued to suit a US Dollar economy or the minting of new coins….

  6. Support for the Greeks and their sovereignty and liberty against the corporate banksters across Europe is wide-ranging …from the socialists to the right wing

    ‘Monstrous democratic slap to EU’: Le Pen hails Greek anti-austerity party victory’

    “….The Greek election debate is one of freedom, she believes.

    “Do we want to be free? With the European Union, we are not… Neither our immigration policy, nor our monetary policy or agriculture.”

    Sunday’s elections in Greece are “opening the trial of the ‘euro-austerity’,” according to Le Pen.

    “When we try to avoid democracy, the boomerang always returns with increased speed.”….

    “There is a fracturing in Europe, which is seeing the people taking power against the totalitarianism of the European Union and their accomplices, the financial markets,” she added.

    Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who led the National Front party from its foundation in 1972 until 2011, welcomed “the defeat of the European Union in Athens.”

    Syriza’s win was welcomed by France’s Socialist party, several MPs from which protested France’s President Francois Hollande anti-austerity policies last year.

    “The victory of a party on the left is always good news for the Socialist party in France,” said First Secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis.

    Jean-Luc Melenchon, France’s most prominent far-left politician described Syriza’s success as “pure happiness.”

    • 1000% Chooky, Liberty4NZ, – Greece our savour. When we have nothing to loose why not follow this gutsy leader. EU will do another QE.

      The plan to punish Greece & make Greece an example to send a strong message to other EU members into are entertaining ditching austerity failed and all EU are going into panic mode with all sorts of meetings planned between all money creditors and EU leaders as we speak, so this is a lighting rod for Spain’s election coming November now, and the pack of cards now is folding .

      These Banksters need to be taken to task for their unbridled attempt to first wreck the economy of the globe and then attempt to control countries with financial blackmail as Key is doing now here inside NZ to our failing provinces and two tier economy

      My guess is now another round of Quantitative easing, or QE again in EU to buy Greece before the house of cards collapses entirely.

      Remember two years ago when the Green Party suggested we do a QE to save our economy and FJK rubbished it and sold all our best producing assets? the creep is wrecking our ability to sustain any future shock the traitor while every other trading partner is borrowing fast from countries that are repeatedly using QE to generate funds to save their economies, some would call QE as a form of subsidy something that most NatZ claim is bad.

  7. Well done Greece. Democracy has spoken.

    A good poke in the eye for international bankers and thieving corporates, the likes of which will be running scared now, thinking other struggling EU nations (and possibly others elsewhere) might follow Greece in reclaiming their sovereignty. I hope they do.

    Perhaps the Greek decision will wake up more Kiwis to the destructive evils of the proposed TPPA!

    I wish Greece all the best in its new found freedom 🙂

    • +100 Mary_A

      …and heart warmingly the Greeks are getting support from the little people from around the world

      ‘By the people for the people’: British man collects €1.80mn in 8 days to help Greece’

      ….Thom Feeney, the founder of crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, was able to collect more than €1.80 million ($1.98 million) by Sunday – the day Greeks went to vote on the EU’s proposed bailout deal and austerity measures.

      At the time of publication a total of 105,629 people from across Europe raised the €1,872,137 in eight days. “We’ve so far raised 1.8 million euros, I’ve had thousands and thousands of messages of support on the funding page and quite a lot from Greek people and people across the world on twitter as well,” Feeney told RT…

      The inspiration behind the campaign was political indifference to the Greek people. “[There were] constant delays of the politicians in Europe, I thought that in this time then the real people that are being affected are the Greek people themselves so I just thought, you know what, I’ll crack on and have a go at getting on with this myself,” Feeney said.
      When put into perspective the goal did not seem that far out of reach – €3 ($3.31) per every person living in Europe.

      “There’s 500 million people in Europe and that equated to just €3.19 ($3.52) each – so I thought for round about the same price as a cup of coffee in London, then we might be able to raise all that money,” Feeney stated…

  8. One of the most interesting claims from the political right in this whole business is how the Greeks have behaved like wastrels, recklessly plundered the treasury, given themselves pensions and benefits that they couldn’t afford and shouldn’t have had.
    Of course what the political right mean here is that they think such things should have been reserved solely for the 1%. What right do ordinary Greeks, the masses that clean up the rubbish, drive the buses or wait on tables, have to share in the prosperity.
    Yes, that is what a lot of this is about. The 1% do not like having to share such things and thus austerity is the way to claw it back and restore some sanity to the system that gives THEM the rewards and the rest of the Greeks simply the work and hardship.
    The rest of Europe looks on in horror, they don’t want the masses in their countries starting to think about whether they are being shafted for the benefit of the 1%. So their solution is to ferment political instability in Greece, try and force a right-wing rebellion. As the US Republicans called it in the 1920 presidential campaign: “A return to normalcy”
    The political right fear that the Greek solution will weaken their political dominance in Europe so they will do anything to get these commies removed from government, even if that means supporting right-wing thugs the calibre of Golden Dawn.
    A large part of me admires the Greeks for telling the corporate bankers of Europe, who largely engineered the crisis in the first place, to stick it up their jumpers.

  9. Hallelujah – Neo liberalism is dead. The 40 year hegemony is over – equality, justice, and down with the gamblers.

  10. The Greeks need to sort their tax system. We all pay tax, everyone benefits…unlike Greece where the system is riddled with incompetence and corruption. No wonder it’s a basketcase and the Left insist on blaming everyone but the Greeks.

  11. Thankfully Greece said no. If they continued taking on more debt then this exact thing would just happen a year from now… Better to take the bull by the horns…

  12. Apologies for earlier postings that took a partisan stance on this blog-post. The postings were not mine, and were made by a family member before I had a chance to log-out.


  13. The Bilderberg Group is behind weakening all other Governments that it cannot control does this sound like what they are doing to Greece???

    “The Bilderberg group meeting this June held in Austria this year as a highly secretive venue and surrounded by 1000 police crack troops unlike the last years meeting in Holland where nit was somewhat much more open and friendly this year there were only grey faces who run away from Reporters who were banned from attending.

    So perhaps the political climate is hardening now before a serious crash they know is about to come.

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