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    • +100 …there should be big fines at least!

      Glucina…the ugly PR political corrupt face of the New Zealand Herald and jonkey nactional

  1. The US state of Oregon is the latest to vote to legalize marijuana, it is now legal to grow, possess, and, smoke the good weed in your own home in 5 US states,

    At state level in much of the US there is a growing realization that the long-term ‘harm’ of policing and convicting those who use marijuana recreationally far out-weighs any ‘harm’ to its users or the wider society,

    Sadly our own Parliament would seem to be light-years from such enlightenment…

  2. Just a note to all posters.
    Would it hurt to proof-read your entries?
    You don’t have to be Shakespeare, but it doesn’t hurt to just check that your entry is comprehensible and not full of schoolboy howlers.
    You are speaking to the world, not sticking a note on the fridge, so you might as well, no?

  3. We all, at the TDB, knew the ‘rock star’ line was a marketing ploy right from the get go. And one by one the penny is dropping amongst the New Zealand public too.

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