Religion and gay marriage




  1. Who cares what individuals do in the privacy of their own home – so long as they are CONSENTING Adults – what harm do they cause anyone else???

    Follow the Golden Rule of life which is simply – do what you like so long as you DO NOT HARM another HUMAN BEING…….

    So if we accept this – then we must ask …..why this massive desire to push rights of different groups on Society – over the rights of other groups?

    Do you all realise there is a DIRECT relationship between lowering MORALS in society and the REDUCTION in YOUR FREEDOMS………ie a more morally corrupted and promiscuous society equates directly to you having less freedoms

    WHY – because you are EASIER to CONTROL……..destroy family unity and those Values……divide and rule…..divide and rule….

    Sadly its a known fact that some groups are MORE promiscuous than others in society – now which one would that be??? the one they are promoting?????

    As usual the end game has nothing to do with what your sexual preferences are…….human beings have been doing all these things to each other since humans existed…..its not new……..

    Look a little deeper people………

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