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  1. ‘Senate puts Obama on fast-track to TPP’

    …After the measure barely squeaked by with 60 votes in favor, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) accused the US government of not serving the needs of its citizens, saying the White House “broke arms and heads” to scrape up the required majority.

    “When ordinary Americans who never asked for the plan, who don’t want the plan, who want no part of the plan, resist, they are scorned, mocked, and heaped with condescension,” Sessions said in a statement. “It is remarkable that so much energy has been expended on advancing the things Americans oppose, and preventing the things Americans want.”…

  2. This from Kathryn Ryan n Ninetonoon radio nz is very good on teenage depression

    “Young Australian author Adam Schwartz with practical advice for parents of children with depression based on his own experience.
    Adam Schwartz was just 10 when he first became depressed. He refused to go to school, he was prone to bouts of destruction and contemplated suicide. For the next seven years, he and his parents tried an endless round of therapies and treatments in New South Wales, where they live. Adam is now 24, back in study in healthy and has written a book about what it is like to be a child and teenager suffering from depression. It’s called mum, I wish I was dead and he wants it to give hope to both sufferers and their parents.”

  3. Good one Greenpeace! They got on the roof of parliament to protest over National’s inaction over climate change. The tosser-who-was-elected Mr Speaker made out that parliamentary staff were in danger. I have yet to hear any legitimate claim that Greenpeace members have ever assaulted anyone, although frequently they are assaulted by those who claim to be going about their legal business. Yes, sir, those Greenpeace people are real dangerous people all right, dangerous to those who don’t want to know how the planet is being raped and pillaged.

    • @ Mike the Lefty – just read they have come down now and have been escorted away by police, minus handcuffs.

      Also read, the protesters if found guilty of trespass, could face a three month term in prison!!!

      Three months in prison for publicly alerting NZ to the failings of NatzKEY on climate change (and just about everything else)????

      They deserve a medal for their efforts here!

      And to think the Key mob of crooks have been committing treason for seven years now and get sod all punishment for their greater crime against the people of NZ!

      Hope to see more protests in and outside Parliament in the future.

  4. Creeping fascism and trying to destroy open discussion and debate?!…ironic really because the driver of this is the USA ( the EU is the puppet in the USA glove) …and many of the best commentators on RT are Americans who are fed up with their own media …and much of the audience of RT are Americans fed up with their own propagandising media

    ‘EU drafts plan to counter Russian media ‘disinformation’, targeting RT’

    “The EU has drafted a plan to counter what it sees as “Russian disinformation activities” calling for the promotion of EU policies in the post-Soviet space and the implementation of measures against Russian media, including RT.

    The nine-page paper drafted by the EU Foreign Service and obtained by EUobserver was prepared ahead of the June 25-26 summit and is set to be voted on by EU leaders on Thursday.

    The plan is aimed at tackling Russia’s “use and misuse of communication tools” and the “promotion of EU policies” in former Soviet states as well as support for “independent media” and “increased public awareness of disinformation activities by external actors,” the report says.

    It specifically mentions RT, which according to the report broadcasts “fabrications and hate speech from their bureaus in EU cities.”…

    …..And from RT on the propaganda war :-

    ‘Dangerous propaganda’

    “Winning the battlefield called public opinion has never been so important nor so divisive. The western media’s assault on Russia approaches sensory overload, but is it effective? There is a vast ongoing propaganda war being played out – whose propaganda should we be worried about?

  5. For those bored with television and who were engaged with Aussie recent political history …this could be interesting

    ‘The Killing Season’

    THE KILLING SEASON is Sarah Ferguson’s gripping three-part examination of the forces that shaped Labor during the Kevin Rudd / Julia Gillard leadership years. It is a documentary series like no other. Visually striking, scripted like the best political dramas, The Killing Season is an enthralling account of one of the most turbulent periods of Australian political history.

    A comprehensive cast of the main players – including many of those still in parliament – speak frankly, providing a dramatic portrait of a party at war with itself.

    You can watch all three episodes of The Killing Season on ABC iview and for international viewers Available for a limited period only.

    Episode 1 – The Prime Minister and his Loyal Deputy (2006-2009)

    Episode 2 – Great Moral Challenge (2009 – 2010)

    Episode 3 – The Long Shadow (2010-2013)

  6. On the subject of tele, BBC mini series “Wolf Hall” based on Hilary Mantel’s novel – saw the whole thing on long haul flight, really recommend if you read and enjoyed the book. It’s made with quite a restrained style, good for any costume drama fans out there as well. Top acting.

  7. The appartment in New York has been purchased by National Government with taxpayers money $11 million.Why does a permanent member of UN need such an expensive home.
    When John Key needs to leave NZ ,he can use that apartment for himself,the permanent UN member can vacate to a less expensive place.
    The UN member is just housesitting until the place is needed .John Key is setting himself up for future glory at our expense.
    This is my supporsition, but it could be reality. Make sense?

    • Just a wild estimate but I reckon that 11 million dollars could probably provide meals in all primary and intermediate schools for a year. But, hey obviously a plush penthouse in New York for overpaid diplomats is more important than our own kids.

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