TDB Political Caption Competition


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  1. ‘Look young man, my self importance is getting away – look there it goes…on the back of that beetle- its my smug on a bug!’

  2. Look here lad im a failed tv presenter you are just a protester so go away, you have no right to even look at me,the public don’t so just get in line.

  3. OK pusbreath shove off, I eat people like you for breakfast – perhaps not Breakfast any more but on any of my highly successful faux news and commentary TV programs that blend incisive questioning with a soupcon of my famous acerbic wit. I said bugger off, you’re standing between me and breast of quail with a jus cassis paired with an austere yet insouciant Central Otago pinot, peasant!

  4. “This is no Jono & Ben style gesture of endearment. Get off My Street – I pay rates. Get it?”

  5. “You are a dip shit! God what’s your name, Dick Shit, is it Dick Shit?”
    “Look there you are there, silly Dick Shit … Anyway, that’s so appropriate because you’re small and poor, so you would be a dick in shit, wouldn’t you? Do you know what I mean, walking along the street.”

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