The incredible changes to Mike Hosking show since Paul Henry Show started


This is hilarious…


…so instead of the cuddle and kiss Mike gives Key in the morning, it’s straight to the patsy questions is it?

You can’t actually make this shit up.

Christ our media are pathetic aren’t they?

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  1. Ha Ha but I though that was just a chat show comedy sketch mate?

    Never heard it though.

    I suppose I may watch or listen to a show one day if Hosking’s actually gets a backbone to actually ask Keyster why he is killing this country and its’ people and our way of life, by selling it down the river, all to foreigners in the name of “National” which means for the people of the country.

    Is he doing a Hitler style extermination of us slowly?

  2. I do think Hosking’s approach to Key has changed recently to more direct questions, and less matey banter but I do not think it has anything to with ZB policy (because Hosking would just do what he wanted anyway).

    Hosking is an every man for himself kind of guy so I do think the change has a lot to do with Hosking as an individual bricking it because the economy, and therefore his housing portfolio, is going to tank in 3, 2, 1…

    • Little bit of David Bowie for yer…..or is it?

      Though I’m past one hundred thousand shows
      I’m feeling very still

      And I think my Ferrari knows which way to go
      Tell Mr Key I love him very much ( he know’s ! )

      Ground Control to Hosking aplomb….

      Your circuits dead there’s something wrong….

      Can you hear me Hosking aplomb….
      Can you hear me Hosking aplomb….
      Can you hear me Hosking aplomb….
      Can you hear….

      Here am I sitting in my Ferrari tin can….
      Far above the world

      Planet Key is blue…
      And there’s nothing he can do….

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