Death at Horse Race Leads to Call for Shake Up



Singapore Girl died Sunday at Te Aroha

A horse has died after a jumps race at Te Aroha, prompting fresh calls from animal activists for an end to jumps racing.

Singapore Girl, a five year old mare, was euthanised after fracturing a hind leg during the Wealleans Bay of Plenty 1600 race. The news follows at least 18 deaths from race-related injuries in New Zealand in the previous three years.

Animal rights group SAFE says the death and injury rate in jumps racing is unacceptable and is calling for the ‘sport’ to be banned.

SAFE Head of Campaigns Mandy Carter says it has been only a matter of time before the first reported death this season. “Lives are being gambled with every single race. It is cruel and dangerous and more deaths are expected before the end of the season. It’s time to stop the carnage.”

“Jumps racing has a high rate of deaths and injuries, because horses are pushed to jump barriers at speed – something they would never do naturally. There is a constant risk to the horses,” says Ms Carter. “Horses routinely die merely for the sake of ‘entertainment’, and profit for the racing industry.”

Jumps racing is already banned in New South Wales, Australia. SAFE says the government should move to ban all future jumps racing.

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