Lamb killing sand, $400 hair straighteners & Nick Smith’s housing meltdown – why none of it matters



This Government are becoming a joke aren’t they?

Steven Joyce justifying taxpayer extravagance at MBIE, Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy trying to claim sand killed over 70% of the Saudi bribe lambs, Nick Smith leading a magical mystery tour that claimed houses could be built on cemeteries, next to exploding power stations, land the government didn’t own and finally Maori land Nick would need to steal and then there was Key explaining that the bus trip Nick had taken Journalists on wasn’t a literal line up of spare housing land, but was in fact ‘conceptual’.

It’s a joke looking for a punchline isn’t it?

In NZ politics, it is the little things, not the big things that topple a Government however, and as disturbing as it is for me to acknowledge, $400 hair-straighteners installed at MBIE will probably have more impact than knowing the PMs Office colluded and instigated the SIS to smear the Leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 election.

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That said, I doubt any of this latest shambles will dent National very much.

The rump of the Party hate the Left so much National MPs could all get caught drinking kegs and doing shots in the Parliamentary debating chamber with male and female strippers after hours and they’d still vote blue.

The property owning middle classes may roll their eyes at the incompetence, but because  their false sense of wealth is built upon ever increasing property prices, they’ll keep voting for Key.

The tide will turn when the property bubble pops. Until then the rest of us must grit our teeth.


  1. Pity we didn’t have McPhail & Gasby around today they would have a field day with all these antics, so time to get out the National wagon with the wheels flying off them again eh!

    • @ CLEANGREEN – NatzKEY wouldn’t allow a McPhail and Gadsby type satire to be broadcast! It would be stopped in its tracks. For the “public good” of course! You know the one!

  2. Any idea how Eminem is doing with his lawsuit against the National Party for stealing his song for their rowboat 2014 Election ad?

  3. The Gnats care so little for NZ that they’ll retain a housing minister who obviously isn’t even trying to do his job, a finance minister who has lost more money than all previous finance ministers, and a clown who wants his face on the flag.

    Sometimes I think we should write to Turkmenistan and ask if they have a spare dictator – at least he’d be experienced.

    But mostly I think we must prepare a transition for the collapse of this cryptofascist mess from it’s own incompetence. Most of the ministers must go to prison for corruption of course – but the urgent need will be to fix the many systems they have broken or destructively defunded.

    Auckland needs houses built and this clusterfuck of a government and it’s crossdressing lizard leader just aren’t up to the job – or any other job worth doing.

  4. This government is ridiculous.

    Anyone that thinks otherwise has their eyes closed, their fingers in their ears and their mouth shut… Otherwise a ‘sheep’ in Nationals herd.

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