Is Colin Craig’s demise Dirty Politics 4.0?


If we conclude the Donghua Liu manufactured smear against Cunliffe by the NZ Herald was Dirty Politics 2.0 (more on that next weekend) and Rachel Glucina pretending to be a PR expert and not a Journalist for the NZ Herald to get access to Amanda Bailey was Dirty Politics 3.0, Is Colin Craig’s demise Dirty Politics 4.0?

Here’s the image that made me suspicious…


…that’s Cameron Slater at a public event. David Farrier posted it at Colin Craig’s announcement that he was stepping down. Ever since the mounting Court action against Slater, he has been doing everything to avoid getting served papers so for him to come out into public  means something is afoot.

This was after Slater had published a screwed up ‘poem’ supposedly from Colin to a woman Slater wouldn’t name but handed to him by a ‘friend’ of the woman who had been supporting her.

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After some digging how about we start asking some impertinent questions?

1: Is the source to Slater who is pretending to be a ‘friend’ to this woman an individual who appears numerous times in ‘Dirty Politics’?

2: Is that same individual also close friends with a person who is currently attempting to take the leadership of the Conservative party off Colin Craig?

3: Does this individual have a track record of using personal information to force changes of leadership in political parties for their own interests?

4: Why are mainstream media journalists using these exact same Dirty Politics sources to enable these people?

It’s almost as if no one learned anything from Dirty Politics because the exact same people are doing the exact same things.


  1. Rachel Glucina pretending to be a Journalist to get access to Amanda Bailey was Dirty Politics 3.0,

    No, she hid the fact she was a journalist and pretended to be a PR consultant.

    • Course it is Dirty Politics – black ops National.

      National wants its conservatives back before 2017. Let’s face it, anyone that votes for Colin Craig, is unlikely to switch to Mana, Labour, Green.

      Their votes will be slit between my namesake’s party and National.

      Definitely a National Party black op….or a New Zealand First one.

  2. Bloody good detective work there Martyn,

    “he ( Slater) has been doing everything to avoid getting served papers so for him to come out into public means something is afoot.”

    As soon as I read these first lines I could see this was another Dark Op’s operation against Craig as I feel he was rife with guilt about what he knows about Slug Slater’s connections to an underworld black ops involvement as an Israeli operative of some sort, and Farrier/Glucina perhaps also. He may spill the truth to clean out this corruption and look like a hero and be treated as one too.

    These are the high Priests of the underworld of corruption in one wonders what they also have over FJK or is he the puppet master for his “club” The Bilderberg group”?

    Perhaps we should check any connection between these three and Bilderberg and an Israeli black ops group?

    Colin could be our saviour if he follows his Christian heart.

  3. The poem was signed by Colin so it’s bit more than a “supposedly” isn’t it? And how come you’re so silent on the sexual harassment claims when you couldn’t shut up about it when Key pulled a waitress’s ponytail?

    • Kevin – because the alleged sexual harrassment claims against Craig are just that – alleged.

      Whereas Key admitted to – and apologised for – his multiple assaults on Amanda Bailey.

  4. I think it’s the reason, i.e. that it’s the same people doing the same stuff, that ordinary NZers really don’t care about this. Dirty politics is nothing new. In fact, it should just be called “politics”. We’ve seen and heard it all before, and quite frankly, we’ve got more important things to be concerned about.

    • Schwen – “Dirty politics is nothing new. In fact, it should just be called “politics”. We’ve seen and heard it all before, and quite frankly, we’ve got more important things to be concerned about.”

      Translation: Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

  5. No, he was just a bit too wacky, those opposing him had got their plan together and were waiting for an opportunity, and they saw the sauna thing as that opportunity.

  6. Come on, for Cameron Slater “dirty politics” never stopped, apart from him gasping for air, when he was on the run, from media, asking some hard questions mid to late last year.

    There are no episodes in “dirty politics”, I think, it is an ongoing agenda and saga, and besides of the now otherwise more media and publicity shy Slater, there are enough journos happy to play the game also, according to their rules.

    “Dirty politics” is now an established part of Slater and his associates, AND a significant part of the MSM, just follow some of the stories we read in the Herald over past months, and also what Gower and mates repeatedly “reveal” on Mediaworks’ TV3.

    They may not collaborate most the time, or all the time, but I bet they are happy to exchange bits of “hot” info now and them.

    • Who cares where it came from? The point is that it has Craig’s signature on it. If TDB is taking Craig’s side just because it’s Cameron Slater that’s gunning for him then it seriously need to take a good look at itself.

      • You are purposely missing the point Kevin. Who did this woman confide in who then handed this information onto Slater? Is that person someone who featured a lot in Dirty Politics? Is that person currently attempting to get a new leader into the Conservatives?

        You sound like someone wanting to ignore all the dirty politics in the Len Brown scandal.

        • Kevin sounds like the proverbial “She”ll be right mate” blokie bloke, coming off a bit like 2009 J Key, but we don’t buy it Kevin.

          This is not “Business as usual as you suggest.

          This is corruption of politics pure and simple by black op’s.

          Why did Slater rush off to Israel in such a hurray when the “Dirty politics” saga came out?

          Did he need a holiday or was he shit scarred & worried what the police had found in Jason Ede’s office on the ninth floor if they had cared to look as the office lights were burning all weekend with a removal truck outside?

          Martyn covered that episode then questioning why the police weren’t sealing off the crime scene that Friday, so aren’t you ever that inquisitive?

          • He went over to Israel because he was invited over there as a PR exercise by the Israeli government- which makes sense as his blog is the most visited in New Zealand and is pro-Israel.

            Anything else is just speculation.

        • So whoever leaked may have ulterior motives. Does it really matter if they did? It doesn’t affect the validity of the claims and if the claims against Craig are true then his position as leader of a party that is supposed to be about family values is clearly untenable.

          It is true though that the other people in the Conservative Party are worse, I’ll give you that – Rankin and Meurant spring to mind. But just because there’s no one better doesn’t mean that Craig is fit to lead.

          As for Len Brown dirty politics or no politics given what he did (and there’s no doubt he did) he should have resigned.

          • Sure, but as adults we can look beyond the event at those pulling the strings, or is that too complex for you?

            • But without evidence you’re just speculating. And I would say that to anyone Left or Right – including those that may have claimed the whole ponytail thing was a setup.

              Anyway, assuming the Conservative Party survives and assuming Craig is booted, it’d be interesting to see who takes over as leader.

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