A decade later – and nothing has changed for underage prostitutes in NZ


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10 years ago, I hosted a TV show on TV3 called ‘STAKEOUT’. One of our first shows was an investigation on under age prostitution. We had two actresses playing under age prostitutes standing on Hunters Corner in Manukau. We filmed men driving up to the actresses and the actresses telling the men that they were under age.

Every. Single. Man. Who. Stopped. Said. ‘No worries’.

At that point me and the camera crew would step out from behind the van and immediately interview the men and demand to know why they thought it was acceptable to have sex with under age woman.

The most inane moment of the story occurred after one of the men had rung the Police and complained we were filming them. The Police then turned up to arrest me – not the men trying to buy underage woman for sex, no, me for challenging them on film doing it.

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Fast forward 10 years and the horror is still there and with suggestions that Police were demanding sex as bribes, it could well be worse.

Interviewing the young woman 10 years ago, what was most obvious was the failings of the law. Police if they picked up any underage woman would drive them back home, but in many of the interviews I had with these young girls, they were being sexually abused at home so returning them to the place where they were being hurt was counter productive.

A specialist night shelter that doubles as an outreach service to help these young girls was what was required then, as it is now, but in a country where poverty is becoming more and more grinding, that compassion seems to have dried up.

I had hoped a decade ago that doing the story would have made some changes, it is terribly depressing that it did not.


  1. Pony Tail pulling, underhand dirty tricks, disregard for a young woman’s dignity and welfare all go together.

    Blame the victim.

    Protect the perpetrator, particularly if they have power or position.

    The culture of sociopathic bullying has no bounds.

    Sick, sick sickos!

  2. Sad to hear this, we have a Government who has dragged our morals down to the gutter with their corruption and lack of civic leadership to lead with a standard that we should follow.

    This weekend we see so many more activities by Government ministers that are appalling exhibits of low standards of character that we are all becoming annulled to breaking rules of governance.

    So the general society is now leaderless with low moral today and abuse of women and those with no protection are exposed to the general lack of government care for humanity.

    This as they trample all over our last remaining bit of self respect.

    like past aggressive Governments have DONE THIS WITH IMPUNITY in history, it will kindle a revolt that will then force a full blown revolution, and this will come as they carry on abusing us all till we snap.

  3. What seems strange to me is. The fact that I can believe this so well.

    Of course the person being filmed for trying to buy underage sex is the victim here. Of course in our society.

    NZ won’t change, unless we change it.

  4. Noteworthy also, is the fact that certain individuals have voted down Martyn’s story. Paedophiles feeling threatened? Rightwing nut jobs who vote anything down automatically? Right wing paedophiles feeling threatened?

    Those who voted Down might want to re-assess their ability to think things through with a measure of clarity.

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