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  1. Thanks for wasting more ratepayers money and trying to steal our harbour for one of your COO’s Auckland Council! NOT.

    Proven in Environment Court, most ratepayers could have saved the 500,000k legal bill by using a bit of common sense, pity the CEO of Auckland Council, Len Brown and corrupt council resource consent officers could not do the same as Urban Auckland.

    Increasingly the public seem to have to do double duty of doing the councils job for them.

    But the point is will Len Brown and CEO Stephen Town and Chief Planning Officer: Dr Roger Blakeley resign over wasting ratepayers money and going against clear public opinion?

    Will they bother to control Ports of Auckland who says “F-U” to both Aucklanders, the council and their own employees and have a proven history of not acting legally and ramming decisions through?

    Don’t forget Ports of Auckland has been ordered to pay $40,000 for deliberately breaking the law by the employment court previously so this type of behaviour is nothing new to them.

    Sack Ports of Auckland Board and Send a Message as well as the officer in charge of the planning. Name and Shame the woefully inadequate job by the commissioners who should be shamed as well.

    There are too many well paid rubber stampers on the pay roll and pigs back at Auckland City and their related COO’s.

  2. ‘Govts & media are falling under control of the richest 1% – Development economist’

    “Plagued by wars and terrorism, the world is facing another scourge – one that concerns everyone. The wealth inequality in society has reached staggering heights, with scholars predicting that by next year, half of the world’s riches will be in the possession of just one percent! Is there a chance to turn this trend back? Why has this issue become so pressing? And finally, what is there for those billions left out? We pose these questions to development economist and author Anthony Shorrocks, who is on Sophie&Co today…

    • Yes, we have to turn the tide, or the world and our society will be gone as we know it.

      In some kind of social virus, individual neoliberals corral public money to further enrich themselves and take public assets into their private hands while also taking away money from society under the guise ‘we can’t afford it’ all while controlling the media and trying to take over the Internet and corporatise War.

      Look at Ports of Auckland, a micro example, they are owned by the council, who supposedly reports to the public, however somehow, their corporate profits and bonuses from creating additional banana and car space on more public land means they feel confident to say F-U to both the public and Council, who actually do nothing and the public has to pay to do the councils job for them, while they put up rates to the public to pay for all the F- UPs, whose ratepayers are further impoverished while the Ports of auckland and Council put up their own salaries and pay extra money to their ‘mates’ barrister firms.

      Win they win, lose, they also win.

      Bit like the disaster at Kaipara council with their overspend, then means the government feel the right to appoint ‘right’ commissioners to take over more public assets and throw out democracy.

      It’s happening everywhere. Small examples and Big examples like TPPA being forced through by a few individuals who stand to benefit and a lot of mindless bureaucrats going through the motions.

  3. ‘75% of Canadians have ‘never heard of TPP’ – poll’

    …”“Most Canadians have no idea that this deal is being negotiated in secret under the guidance of multinational corporations with no input from labor leaders, environmental experts or even MPs,” O’Hanlon said in a statement this week. “It’s frightening that this can happen in a democracy”…

  4. I can’t believe that the TPP got fast tracked… If the senate passes this bill then we are all done.

    There will be no other action except to take up arms!!!!

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