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  1. ‘House passes Obama’s ‘fast-track’ authority to negotiate trade deal’

    …”The deal has also been criticized for lack of transparency, as the contents of the TPP has been kept in strict secrecy. Rumors that corporate lobbyists have been drafting the substance of the deal have been given a boost by recent leaked revelations that corporations would be allowed to sue governments in private courts over profits lost due to regulation.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) proposed an amendment that would have struck down this arrangement, known as the Investor-State Dispute Settlement system (ISDS). Liberal Democrats have blasted the ISDS as a means corporations could use to undermine US laws…

  2. Just a thought ….. one of those pint sized thought bubbles, an eeeenziee weeenzie smidgeon of an homage to human intelligence in between the next commercial break ….. (not unlike a Joolie Christie UNcommercial break).

    I just discovered – in a dusty collection of bound pages we once called a library, a ‘book’ (yes a BOOK ffs) titled ‘Poverty and Prgress in NZ – a re-assessment’ by W B Sutch.
    My immediate thought …. Where the fuck is the NZ Labour Party? …. then the very next thought was …. What gives them the right to cling to the ‘brand’ Labour?
    I flicked through the pages as they wafted their paper and historical smell ….. then along came Chapter 17: Moderating the Economic SYSTEM.
    I need a lay down and a cup of tea! The questions in my my keep coming thick and fast ….. like:
    How ‘progressive’ ACTUALLY are we these days (particularly since the neo-liberal hijack)?
    Who are Labour’s beneficiaries today? It seems not any portion of an electorate or a ‘public’ their founding principles claim to represent

    …… so many questions …. but at least reinforcement of my decision to ditch the cnuts at the last election, and NEVER to return until they get honest with themselves and the voting public.

    (I was never especially a fan btw of WB Sutch – couldn’t have given a fuck one way or the other at the time as all that pre-cyber-trolldom-eqivalent-shit rolled out in the media. The best alternative media I remember of the time however was a graffiti effort at the top of Aro Street, Wellington which said “Mutate before the rush”. It seems the vast majority have taken that advice – it just ain’t that pretty)

    • +100 …very good!… good it should be a post some where to remind us of what the Labour Party once stood for … with the likes of Dr. Bill Sutch and John A. Lee

      ….imo …like many others …the Labour Party does not deserve to be called the Labour Party any more…it has lost its way

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