Privatisation of Social Services


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Join Mihingarangi Forbes, host of Maori TVs ‘Native Affairs’ and panel Chris Hipkins (Labour Party), Jan Logie (Green Party), Susan St John (CPAG) and Moira Lawler (Lifewise) to discuss the Government’s new agenda to privatise social services 


  1. Yes there should be billboard’s up on our roads saying:


    J Key is a hired gun for Bilderberg?

    Privatisation of every social/public services in on the Bilderberg agenda and as NZ PM is FJK also attending this secretive hotbed of Global power hungry corporations & elitist’s’ this weekend?

    If Key is in Europe you can bet he will be there, so can we enquire if he is there? If not his stoolpigeon’s will be there for sure, as in 2011 he was asked if he would be successful in selling NZ public assets!!!!!

    The annual Bilderberg meeting is set to take place in Austria this June 2015. Today Dan Dicks of Press For Truth is joined on the line by Paul Joseph Watson of to discuss what some of the key talking points will be on the agenda this year as well as what protesters and journalists can expect in regards to dealing with the “cobra anti terror squad”, a whole new level of security for Bilderberg!

    • Yes, Honkey is loyal to his masters who put 50,000,000 fiat dosh in his lap. He was groomed to lead this socially democratic backward nation into the new world where the rich own everything and the poor shuffle off into early graves through austerity, privatisation and neglect.

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