“Nothing to hide? Nothing to fear.” Unless you’re the Prime Minister



Well this is interesting. Apparently the Prime Minister disposes of his cellphone every three months because he’s concerned about people snooping through his text messages.

The irony of this is palpable, given his government has previously passed legislation which allows our own security services to wiretap just about any text-message they please … while those wonderful American “allies” and friends of his have apparently been doing exactly that to the vast majority of txts sent in New Zealand anyway.

So it’s little wonder the Prime Minister’s feeling a bit concerned about his own privacy. He knows EXACTLY how violated the privacy of our digital communications is for the rest of us.

Because he’s the one that allowed it to happen.

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Now I’ve been in this position before, myself. And I can tell you that there are few things more terrifying than having a detective from the counter-terrorism division of the Special Investigations Group of the NZ Police, accompanied by a spook from the state’s intelligence services (who insists on wearing sunglasses and a hoodie even while *inside* your house) … sitting directly across from you in your living room and telling you that you’ve been under wiretap surveillance for the previous 18 months.

You suddenly realize that your *entire* life has been laid bare to the state.

Every fight with your parents down a phone-line; every flirtatious text you’ve sent your then-girlfriend; and every dodgy joke or emotional crisis you’ve flicked through facebook to a mate.

They’ve read it all. Archived it, and logged it.

And then it hits home. You’ve been targeted by that security and surveillance apparatus – not because you’re a bad person, or some evil ISIS recruiter … but because your politics and your personal beliefs were seen as a “Threat to National[‘s] Security”.

The very edifice of state which we’ve built to keep us safe – to protect us, and to look after us – has turned into some gigantic glowing Eye of Sauron capable of peering into the deepest, darkest and most intimate corners of your private life.

And it’s aimed itself at you.

So I’m glad that Key gets a small taste of that. And I’m especially glad it’s been big enough to ensure he has to take countermeasures to protect himself from the possibility it’s happening to him, too.

Because he’s made it so that all the rest of us have to deal with that paranoia every day and with every text message, ourselves

Serves him right.

I can’t help but wonder if there’s anything more interesting than a string of texts to Cameron Slater that’d turn up if you were to bug his phone…


  1. Yes there should be billboard’s up on our roads saying:


    If Key is in Europe you can bet he will be there, so can we enquire if he is there?

    If Key doesn’t attend as he did in Switzerland or UK 2011-12 you can be sure his stoolpigeon’s will be there for sure.

    He at the last attendance was asked if he would be successful in selling NZ public assets so he is driven by this clandestine dark ops global elitist power group.

    The annual Bilderberg meeting is set to take place in Austria this June 2015. Today Dan Dicks of Press For Truth is joined on the line by Paul Joseph Watson of infowars.com to discuss what some of the key talking points will be on the agenda this year as well as what protesters and journalists can expect in regards to dealing with the “cobra anti terror squad”, a whole new level of security for Bilderberg!

  2. If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about. Isn’t that the mantra of those who are pro-surveillance? Ha.
    I couldn’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to send information relating to matters of National Security by text message, but it is clear he doesn’t even believe the shit he’s shoveling to us.

    I imagine, being the prime minister, his phone costs anywhere from $300-$1,000 a pop and is a taxpayer funded expense. This while people are homeless and hungry.

  3. Exactly Frank, there’s definitely an agenda. If the people live in fear, TPTB believe they can control the population, without the threat of dissent, as in 1984. TPTB do perceive dissent, even when it’s written opinion, as a very real threat, as the poor author of this article found out.

    The truth is that something as innocent as where someone will be at 7pm, (an example of something that may be sent in a text message), could be harmful to a person if the holder of that private information has ill-intent towards said person. I do hope the PM loses sleep over that reality, for what he’s gotten us all into.

    If mass collection of private information is so benign, why even bother? To protect us from terrorists? Has it ever occurred to these geniuses that the information collected could be intercepted and used by terrorists, for terrorism?

    Personally, I am more worried about the social and financial terrorists in parliament.

  4. We should all line up outside his house with Mickey Mouse masks on and with placards – and on those placards should have a single eyeball with eyelashes ….dozens of em staring at his home.

    Once a week.

    Until the point gets taken. And every night ….each person leave an old cell phone where they were standing on the footpath.

    A thousand eyes staring at Key….lifeless,….just like his….and silent like the GSCB .

  5. heh, the Prime Minister uses a “burner” phone like any sensible crim, thats the surveillance state for you!

    surely Key is just arse covering re investigations into the late night pillow talk to his ex bestie Slater oil?

  6. “I’m glad that Key gets a small taste of that.”

    I think he needs a little more myself – 20 or 30 years in an oubliette would be a good place for him to start. Economic treason is no laughing matter.

    • Once upon a time they stashed treasonous characters in a gibbet for all the rest to view in its glaring grotesqueness .

      A tall tree and an iron cage next to the coast.

      My how soft we have all gotten towards treasonous criminals.

      No wonder they don’t fear the people anymore.

  7. How interesting! National accuses the political left of delusional paranoia over their opposition to the spying legislation and then lo and behold! their leader begins to suffer from the same affliction! Wonder how they will spin their way out of this one!

  8. Hey Curwen & Frank,

    Just reported on RT yesterday,

    Chinese hackers have compromised thousands of US federal employees personal files on their personal records so they may become blackmailed say the news channel.

    Our crappy media hasn’t picked this up but BBC and US channels have ??????


    The Office of Personnel Management database penetrated by Chinese hackers didn’t use encryption or other technology to protect the Social Security numbers of federal workers, despite such measures being industry best practice.

    The massive data breach there affected the records of 4.1 million current and former federal employees and may be linked to a Chinese state-backed hacker group known as “Deep Panda,” which recently made similarly large-scale attacks on the health insurers Anthem and Premera.

    Story Continued Below

    Encryption and data obfuscating techniques “are new capabilities that we’re building into our databases,” Donna Seymour, the OPM chief information officer, told POLITICO.

    The revelation comes as security experts debate the motive behind the hack, which vacuumed up personal data normally prized by run-of-the-mill cyber criminals but may turn out to be linked to Chinese intelligence.

    Meanwhile, the White House announced it was accelerating the deployment of the computer network security tool known as Einstein 3 Accelerated.

    All federal civilian agencies should have a functioning deployment of the Department of Homeland Security’s third-generation Einstein system by next year, rather than 2018 as previously planned, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Friday. He said DHS made that decision “in recent months.”

    OPM is covered by Einstein 2, but not Einstein 3 Accelerated.

    But Einstein 3A wouldn’t necessarily have prevented hackers from getting in, Seymour said. Einstein blocks known malicious traffic from getting into federal networks, but at the time of the hack, there was no indicator associated with the attackers to upload into Einstein, she explained. “These indicators, once discovered, were loaded into Einstein to provide protections to other federal networks,” she added.

    Economic sanctions and a limited responsive cyberattack should be on the table if the U.S. determines that some portion of the Chinese government was directly involved, former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Friday.

    “This was not a cyberattack on our infrastructure in a way that would have greatly disrupted our economy or compromised public safety,” said Lieberman, a former chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. “For various purposes I wouldn’t want to escalate to Cyber Defcon 2 or 1 because it wasn’t an attack on that level. But it cannot go unresponded to if we determine with a reasonable degree of certainty where it came from.”

    Federal authorities haven’t publicly said who they believe is behind the attack. But John Hultquist, a senior manager at iSIGHT Partners, said his firm was attributing the hack to Deep Panda, a group that’s also known by names like the “Shell_Crew,” “PinkPanther” and “Group 72.” Hultquist said some patterns of the attack match those of the Anthem and Premera breaches, which were revealed in February and March, respectively.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/06/personal-data-of-4-million-federal-employees-hacked-118655.html#ixzz3d1zuAwe5


  9. John Key has helped this anti-human event about to reach our shores folks.

    Published on Jun 10, 2015

    On the Wednesday, June 10 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, overkill security forces outside the Bilderberg meeting keep inquisitive journalists at bay in Telfs, Austria, imposing a stiff fine or imprisonment for ‘security zone’ violators on the eve of the 63rd annual conference. Convicted criminal

    Alex Jones Bilderberg The Globalists Are On The Run



  10. so the next question for key is obviously – “what happens to the contents?” – under parliamentary law, doesnt that belong to the state?

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