The latest Rachinger twists and turns and Wellington Emerald Stormtroopers


Seems some Wellington Emerald Stormtroopers are claiming, based on a blog I wrote, ironically on how the Wellington left on Twitter are too vicious for their own good, some ridiculous things in  relation to the latest twists and turns of the Rachinger story.

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Apart from being highly defamatory, this is also spiteful.

Here’s what I actually wrote…

I will say this about Rachinger, if the comments from a certain female political journalist ever see they light of day, they will never work in the industry again

..I had heard about comments made by a Journalist to Rachinger, that is what I was referring to. Claims by ‘Coley Tangerina’ and Giovanni Tiso that I viewed anything are a total lie.

I removed that comment as people involved felt it was offensive, which was not my intention at all. The point I was making was the Left have a tendency to see traitors everywhere…

Sure Ben hasn’t helped his cause one inch, but not hacking the Standard deserved some recognition, not pitchforks.

I have no idea of how and what has occurred here, and am as surprised as anyone that there were images released, but the ongoing smears and misinformation by some on Twitter not only reinforce the original point of the blog I wrote about the Left on Twitter, but it’s also childish.

I’m not linking to the blog who released the images as that’s all pretty sick.

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But people who should know better should do better.


  1. Thanks, this explains why I couldn’t find your quote and clarifies another part of the Rachinger puzzle. I’ve posted on this to add to the accumulation of evidence and references to the ongoing saga.

    Can I get some clarification please.

    From your original quote without context “they will never work in the industry again” could be seen as meaning the journalist or Rachinger. Can you confirm which.

    “I have no idea of how and what has occurred here, and am as surprised as anyone that there were images released” – seems emphatic but to rule out possible misinterpretation can you confirm that until they were published this week you didn’t know the photos existed?

    • 1. The Journalist

      2. I’d heard many different things after that blog, I was surprised by their release, not their existence

      I had seen nothing, I had heard something that a Journalist had said to Rachinger, that was what I was referring to in the blog. Suggestions by Coley and Tiso that I did are a lie.

  2. Scary black ops here again, as apparently there is an army of them operating against journo’s globally to attempt to silence them all.

    But we have faith in Bomber to always “call a spade a spade” and not a spoon.

    I am same and believe in speaking out when the need arises, instead of burying my head in sand.

    Good for those who speak out.

  3. What journos get up to outside of work is no one’s business but their own. If a young man with issues plays games with pictures taken in a private capacity that speak to his ethics. The attacks by the left on the left need to stop! In case they hadn’t noticed the right is in power because the left is eating it’s own. If they want to attack a blog attack the really nasty one that displayed the photos in an attempt to denigrate the journo! At some point it would be nice if the left would just stick together. Dashiell Hammett went to the Spanish Civil War and said it drove him crazy that the war plans for the left had to be agreed by everyone before starting and the right just whipped their soldiers – but in the end that was what they were fighting for. So hurry up and agree damn it!

    • That’s right Lucy, it’s like Labour/Greens/NZ First who refuse to get their shit together and present a united front, all over again, although the Northland by-election showed some hope!

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