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  1. Progress, Josie Pagani told RadioNZ National this morning is a proposed Labour Party ‘think tank’,

    i have yet to explode with mirth, simply sniggering as Pagani dropped the names of Stuart Nash and Porirua Mayor Nick Leggat as a couple of the proposed ‘thinkers’ in the tank,

    Those who crave power for powers sake have little to propose to us that would materially change our lives for the better,

    Andrew Little should loudly tell this troupe of ‘thinkers’ to take a walk and share their ideas where they would feel much more at home, the ACT party…

    • I noticed Guyon had to be quite insistent in getting Josie to answer his question as to whether Nash was part of the Thunk Tank. She knew why he was asking.

    • this is my favourite political one-liner for/from the day..

      in a puff-piece r/w labourite phil quinn describes his fellow-travellers who are labour mp’s (think mallard/king/goff/nash…) ‘pragmatic, career conscious and ideologically muted’

      ‘ladies and gentlemen..!..put your hands together for the ‘ideologically-muted’ trevor mallard’.

  2. More on why we must Oppose the TPP!…USA corporate takeover of New Zealand’s democracy…promoted in secrecy by jonkey Nactional

    ”Profits over public health’: Secret TPP Healthcare Annex published by WikiLeaks’

    ‘WikiLeaks published more secret documents from the controversial TPP agreement on Wednesday. The leaked drafts concerning healthcare in the US have activists worried the agreement might play into the hands of big pharmaceutical companies.

    The secret Trans-Pacific Paternship (TPP) negotiations showed that the Healthcare Annex has been seeking to regulate state schemes for medicines and medical devices. WikiLeaks said “it forces healthcare authorities to give big pharmaceutical companies more information about national decisions on public access to medicine……”

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