The irony of replacing a current affairs show that focused on child poverty and raised millions for it with ‘Come Dine With Me’


So Julie Christie, one of the the lead protagonists in dumping Campbell Live has replaced his show with one her former production company ‘Eyeworks’ has created?

No. Way.

Come Dine With Me to take Campbell Live spot
A New Zealand version of Come Dine With Me will premiere next Monday night, hosted by comedian Guy Williams.

The Eyeworks-produced series will screen at 7pm on TV3, taking the prime time slot previously held by Campbell Live until two weeks ago. It is scheduled to run for eight weeks.

The irony of replacing a current affairs show that focused on child poverty and raised millions for it with ‘Come Dine With Me’.

From this…


…to this…


…it’s like a public broadcasting hate crime isn’t it? I feel for poor old Guy Williams who is a stellar talent, but being handed this poisoned chalice and told to scull it in one is just cruel.

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Boycott TV3 is gaining momentum, one more month and they will be feeling burnt enough to consider  ‘Bring Back Campbell’.

These people care about one thing and one thing only, ratings. So burn them until our point is made.


  1. Demonstrates the arrogance and total ignorance of MediaWorks and TV3!

    Interesting fact Eyeworks is the production company involved here. The very same company owned and operated by none other than Julie Christie, one of those responsible for axing Campbell Live!

    NatzKEY will be delighted!

  2. Word on the street is that this is the forerunner to the upcoming current affairs show – ‘The Dinner Party – with Paul and Rachel’ ,

    Paul Henry and Rachel Glucina to discuss the pressing issues of the day with a select number of New Zealand’s foremost thought leaders.

    First off the rank, Suzanne Paul and that bloke from the mastercard advert.

    p.s. Let them eat cake!

    • maybe ‘let them eat crap’ is more realistic
      key could care less if ratings go down it was about not informing citizens and keeping them diverted while he implements his draconian take over plots, if media works fits with some other plot of his he may give them more of your hard earned money to further bail them out

  3. Haven’t the powers that be watched the Australian version of Come Dine With Me? It doesn’t work without the snarkiness of Dave Lamb. They’re clutching at straws here.

  4. New Zealand is such a small country, reality shows like Come Dine With Me, The Bachelor and The Apprentice really run the risk of embarrassing their contestants for the rest of their lives.

  5. Hehehehe….keep the boycott up and Mark Walden will be a political gone-burger – maybe he can eat that while watching his new candyfloss episodes and consider his future…

  6. L0L – must have hit a sensitive spot with the right wing trolls ,….look at all the down ticks.

    I’ve noticed there’s a lot more activity from them as of late. Rest assured somethings up.

    Now we have a situation whereby an incident has happened at a quarry – after the right wing neo liberals in National pushed for a reduction in health and safety regulations…

    And instead of having Cambell Live cover the inadequacy of current legislation – we have this garbage from TV3 instead.

    Indeed…Marie Antoinette was mild when she stated ‘Let them eat cake’…as one commentator has said….its more like …

    ”Let them eat crap ” .

    • Agreed, with regards to the heightened activity of the trolls. As the expression goes, “When you’re on the right track, expect an attack”. While we are at it, we should boycott all reality shows on the the grounds of them being an insult to our intelligence.

      • I’d love to see Gosman on ‘Come dine with with me’ making gruel for poor people; or better still UFC with Gosman getting the shit kicked out of him. I’d pay for endless re-runs on TVNZ on demand for UFC with Gosman, instead of CDWM.

  7. We continue our boycott of Channel 3.
    Hope they hear that we are tired of their lame decisions and greed.
    We want quality programming and not riff raff, time wasting and mind numbing crap. I hope that many others are boycotting them as well.

    • Ratings are calculated by a household survey where agreeable participants fill out viewing habits each week/month, there maybe additional surveys that I’m unaware of.

      These viewers statistically represent our habits and only their reports have any influence on ratings.

      What I’m trying to say is that unless you are reporting your viewing habits, any boycott you indulge in won’t be noted.

      So the boycott message need only be aimed at those who participate in the ratings procedure or who are asked to report their viewing habits in a questionnaire/poll etc.

      If not participating in a survey, you can continue to watch the occasional film or program without propping TV3 up, but ensure you report that you don’t watch the channel should anybody ask.

      Play them. Play them at their own game.

      • No relation, nor to the other Christie (Rawdon?) who’s on TV occasionally. I’m sure neither would get much joy if ever sharing a table with me.

  8. I’m actually becoming more sane not watching TV 3 any more hehehe.

    Gosh my mind is becoming much less cluttered today now.

    I hope our hero John Campbell comes back into our lives though.

    • since tv 3 used to be seen as semi alternative as opposed to tv one, the ones that used to watch it will seek out more alternative sources of news, the ones that watch what ever they are fed will remain unchanged, even key being outed as a perv hasnt phased some

    • @ CLEANGREEN –

      Maybe PRIME will pick up John Campbell and put him in a 7pm time slot in a news/current affairs programme, similar to that which he had before.

      Now that would definitely throw a spanner in the works, re the two opposition channels, TV One & TV3, spewing the usual mindless pigs’ swill at the same time.

      • I believe Prime has connections to TV3 – as in MediaWorks produce Prime News. So I’m avoiding Prime at the moment, until I figure out what the agenda is there….. and Four.

        Julie Christie apparently owns SKY Living and Food – which explains why Living and Food are full of loud, tacky people putting their worst foot forward in some competition.

        Here was I, naively wondering why Living don’t show decent interior design programmes or classy, quiet cooking demonstrations.

        NOW I GET IT.

        Thank god for YouTube.

  9. Just keep that mud sticking – to tv3, TVNZ too (National owned ) and to our 10 month long, ponytail pulling PM. One bungle after another, with this lot…so tiring, do we have to wait until 2017 to get them out?

    • Unless the PM calls an early election because the opposition won’t be able to organise themselves the way the National Party could.

      How about it Gosman? Pass this on to the PM would you dear!

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