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  1. Labour Party leader and Prime Minister Helen Clark showed moral fortitude and kept us out of the American led attack on Iraq….why in hell has John Key sent New Zealand troops to fight in Iraq and put them in senseless danger?….It is NOT New Zealand’s war !?

    An interview with ISIS

    ‘ISIS cell leader ‘won’t hesitate’ to fight Americans, no care for civilian victims (RT EXCLUSIVE)’

    Where is the New Zealand Labour Party on bringing our troops back home NOW!

  2. I can’t help but notice in the side-bar of that video, another video about Saudi Arabia beheading foreigners. Where is the US-led “coalition of the willing” to invade Saudi? Oops, that’s right, they’re a US ally, so we can just quietly ignore the fact that their human rights record is as bad or worse than the “Islamic State”

    On an semi-related note, I just found out about “democratic socialist” US Senator Bernie Sanders challenging Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for US President. Sanders seems concerned with speaking truth to power, whether or not those truths could be vote losers. Our Opposition leaders could learn a lot from Sanders, particularly Andrew Little:

    It struck me that Sanders is like the Ron Paul of the “left”, and a quick web search showed I’m not the first person to make that comparison. I then started to wonder what would happen if a political movement emerged, based on the best aspects of both Sanders and Paul, the libertarian “left” and “right” joining forces against the authoritarian “centre” represented by both Republicans and Democrats. Another quick web search showed that Paul and his supporters give credit where credit is due, even when it’s due to a “socialist” like Sanders:

    Food for thought…

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