Peter Talley – knighting a butcher



If you want proof of how far we are slipping in terms of being a decent country, the Knighthood of Peter bloody Talley should be Exhibit A…

Peter Talley knighted for services to business and philanthropy
Motueka-based businessman Peter Talley has been made a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to business and philanthropy.

Sir Peter declined to be interviewed but said in a short statement that he was unsure “what or how all this has happened”.

He said he a “lucky and grateful” recipient of the knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours but said it was more about recognising what a family business had been able to achieve.

“As a family we’ve been fortunate to work with some really passionate people in some exciting industries and have some fun and success along the way.”

Sir Peter is a joint managing director of Talley’s Group Limited, one of New Zealand’s largest producers of primary food goods.

…that’s the mainstream media version of events.

Here’s the other side.

Back in 2012, Talley’s led a brutal and despicable lockout of workers that saw 5000 children go hungry!

Affco were a corporate making $20 million in profits in 2012, and were taken over by Talley’s who are worth $300 million. They used hunger as a negotiating tactic to crush their workers in 2012.

To use the 5000 children who were reliant on those jobs as collateral damage makes Affco and Talley’s nothing but scum.

They redefined locked out workers as strikers so that those hundreds of families were no longer eligible for the emergency benefit. These are the tactics worth a Knighthood? Using hunger as a negotiating tactic?

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Why haven’t any mainstream media mentioned this despicable moment in recent industrial history?

Knighting someone like Peter Talley makes the word ‘Sir’ meaningless.


  1. A real National policy style Knight , they give
    Knighthoods to anyone if they are wealthy and play the national game which is called greed,and of course give political donations.

  2. Talleys are despicable alright, they also locked out Dairy Workers at Open Country Cheese (OCC) in 2009 and went as far as importing scab labour from an Invercargill Talley operation contrary to the Employment Relations Act as the Employment Court later ruled.

    And they are at it again this week trying to force Meatworkers into an agreement that will see their wages slashed. Such tory toadies should not be publicly honoured

  3. Agree with the last line, but knighthoods became meaningless long before now. When Roger Douglas received a knighthood that was the end of any credibility for this award.

  4. I guess the word “knight” is just going back to its original meaning of denoting someone who answers to the king, acts as their military force, and keeps the serfs in line.

  5. Much like the Term ” Right Honourable ” – the honorific “Sir” is usually a pointer to an arsehole .

  6. ‘ Sir ? !!’ ‘ Sir ?!!? ,

    ‘Sir ?’!!?….

    Holy crap !!!….I feel a few refrains of the ‘ He’s an areshole ‘ song coming on….

    ‘Sir ‘?!!?..

  7. He must be a friend or member of the National Party as they used the same tactics dueing the waterfront lock out of 1951.

  8. What is needed is a knighthood strike. Those that are totally unworthy of any honour at all should be just referred to as plain Mr. or Ms. by the ordinary people. And that should be that.

    • I disagree – primarily because when an arsehole such as the one in question gets a knighthood…the hollow ringing sound it makes convinces no one barring the same old sort of in – house elitist old boys network that pats each other on the back….

      Which makes it far easier to expose and show those of them that actually ARE arseholes for what they are.

      Kind of like having a neon light over their head constantly flashing ‘ ARSEHOLE ‘.

      • Wild Katipo – Ha Ha Ha! Well said. I have often wondered if these pompous, egotistical, elitist scum just outright buy a knighthood.

  9. Seems now a knighthood or a dame honour (Shipley) is given to those who are nothing but feral rats, corrupt, fraudsters, abusers of positions, unscrupulous employers etc!

    Along with Key, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see one John Archibald Banks given a knighthood!

  10. Talley’s Fishing Boats were condemned by the United Nations for using Slave Labour. The Nats probably want to apply this model to the Dairy Industry.

  11. “Sir” or “Cur?”

    Cur Douglas sounds right!

    But there are a few, (very few), that deserve the title. The only one that comes to mind right now is Ed Hillary and it is an insult to his memory that the title is dragged down by giving it to bastards like Cur Douglas!

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