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  1. Europe has had a kick up the backside from new BRICS alliance. Germany has lost big share of the economic benefits of dealing with these countries, sanctions imposed by America and supported by Germany has backfired on Germany.
    See Wake up New Zealand for full story.
    Maybe American aggression and wars will be curbed now they might not get their own way.Maybe NZ should be forming alliances with Russia.

  2. Who is invading anyone here? The countries the NZ Military have been involved with recently have all been a result of either a UN mandate and/or at the invite of the legitimate and recognised givernment of that country.

    • Yes, I’m a bit confused too, I must say. The only people doing the invading in Iraq is ISIS.

    • You need to get your memory checked there mate. Remember the UN did not mandate or support the invasions of Afghanistan (, or Iraq ( Remember that one of the war crimes Nazis hung for at Nuremberg was “the planning, preparation, initiation, or waging of a war of aggression”.

      Writing about WW2, Whitney R. Harris said:
      “From the beginning, Roosevelt, Hull, Welles, Stimson and I had been in agreement that Hitler’s war was one of naked aggression, that by contemporary international law it was an illegal one, and that other powers were under no legal obligations to remain indifferent but instead had the right, not a duty, to vindicate the rule established under these treaties by assisting the victims of such unlawful aggression.”

      ISIS are clearly a different creature from the French Resistance (a theocratic nationalist rather than a republican nationalist force), but when Nazi Germany started invading other countries without provocation, it set up puppet governments, like the Vichy France government of Marshal Pétain. Similarly, the governments currently “inviting” US military action in those countries are puppet regimes set up after the illegal invasions, while those countries were still occupied by the US military. People who claimed the invader/occupiers were the good guys were on the wrong side of history then, and they are now.

      I’ll make this simple for you Gosman, which of the armies fighting over Iraq and Syria has more Iraqi and Syrian people in it, the US and allies, or ISIS? NZ troops should either stay out of Iraq altogether, or side with those protecting their home territory against an occupying aggressor, as we did in German-occupied France.

  3. Maybe we should rename or ‘defence force’ as the Ministry of Attack, or the Attack force, or even more appropriate Mercenaries for hire inc.
    I agree with a defence force used like Switzerland does to defend it’s country, not act as unpaid mercenaries in this Iraq scenario.

  4. Well I can clearly see some misinformed people…

    The NZ military is mainly there for logistical purposes. Any other classified shit, I don’t know.

    But we were invited by Iraq to help train their military.

    NZ is not invading anyone… This is fact.

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