TDB Political Caption Competition – Latest anti-Labour Patrick Gower rant




  1. BREAKING NEWS – the NatzKey sanctioned MediaWorks/TV3 new current affairs lineup is revealed!

  2. You mean Daymon Paddy Gower. You do realise he’s a Ferengi double agent?

    And like all Ferengi (Star Trek Next Generation and Deep Space Nine for you non-nerds) he is very simply bought by the highest bidder…

    In other words, nothing he says has any value or merit but he will do a bargain with you…

  3. Anyway, the caption:

    “And with his number two completely unable to zip his mouth, Andrew Little is forced to close his eyes and wish they weren’t all such muppets… Patrick Gower, TV3”

  4. “I wonder if I might have been just a wee bit OTT?”
    “I think I’m going to start crying again”

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