Malcolm Evans – Iraq


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  1. Iraq not so long ago was a prosperous, secular highly educated nation where women had equal rights to education and a good life. It’s future was bright with its oil wealth and central trading position.

    How and Why did it become the current nightmare of death and misery and torment it now is? People wreaked this destruction, none are innocent least of all the violent criminal state the U$ and its lickspittle ally Tony Blair and the UK.

    • ” Iraq is an absolute disaster which is due to the 25 year US policy of brutal sanctions from 1990 – 2003 which killed about one million innocent people. Sanctions were followed by a US invasion and bombings which continue to the present day. The country has descended into a living hell so the US just decided what Iraq needs is more weapons. We are sending more weapons to Iraq which are to be used against the weapons that we previously sent to Iraq. Makes perfect sense huh?? ”

      ” All this death and destruction was unleashed by 9/11. We were lied to by the neocons, and the public bought into the lies hook line and sinker, aided by a complicit press who just parroted the official government line about the non-existent WMD’s in Iraq; and Iraq was also falsely blamed for 9/11. Those lies caused millions of deaths, yes millions, by US military attacks all over the globe since 9/11.”

  2. Well…Saddam was a useful tool against Russia during the end of the cold war …as we recall…the Mujhadeen came into being partly by being financed by USA to resist the Russians.

    And then it all went feral.

    9/11 came and USA and the Anglosphere needed a bogeyman , Saddam was becoming too independent so he was the chosen one .

    Unfortunately for the Iraqi people.

    And as George Bush Senior stated at the end of the invasion of Kuwait :

    ” No one shall stand in the way of our NEW WORLD ORDER or our THOUSAND POINTS of Light ”

    And there we have it. An excuse to foment instability in the Muslim world and justify a massive invasion – then let them fight it out amongst themselves until they sue for peace. Knowing full well the depth of sectarian division.

    A tactic as old as Rome itself.

    Divide and conquer.

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