This Generation’s Bastion Point? Is history going to repeat?



Bastion Point

National are leading NZ into a very dangerous space by deciding to simply steal Te Waiohua Raupatu land for their facade of a supply side solution to Auckland’s property bubble.

It’s important to note that National need the pretence of a solution because they can’t risk solving the problem. All that is holding the economy together is Auckland’s speculative bubble, pop that and large Australian banks are going to get terribly nervous.

So the illusion of doing something when the Government don’t want that something done is politically necessary as more and more NZers can’t afford a first home.

The tip line tells us that 6 months ago survey pegs were found on this land in a secret deal with Fletchers to rezone it to urban. This isn’t about social housing this is about pretending the Government are doing something and they are going to do that by stealing Maori land.

This is Mangere’s Bastion Point and if Maori and anti-Government activists want their fight, then the 32 hectares that were signed over in July 2014 to be rezoned and developed by Fletchers is their battleground.

Imagine if the call is put out too occupy Oruarangi Rd? Maori, anti-Government activists, environmentalists, poverty campaigners – imagine the 1000 or so people you could bring to one place to stand their ground against stealing this land?

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  1. FJK wouldn’t stop at police. He could manage two crises with one story. It would be called terrorism, he’d withdraw troops from Camp Taji to deal with “a domestic situation”.

    If there’s any troops left from Operation Orurarangi Rd, they could relieve the spotty nerks in supermarket aisles, to up the ‘fear factor from leftie-greenie 1080 terrorists requiring strong leadership’.

    Bastion Point and Springbok tour helped Mudloon get re-elected, and we all know how much Mudloon inspires FJK.

    If Key doesn’t oust Orurarangi Rd leftie bastards, but in a different way than Weldon and Christie did to Campbell, I’m sure Crusher can handle it.

    • 100% WINNIE great point there.

      Camp Tajii is in the direct line of fire and a grave threat between the oil fields controlled by isis and Bagdad.

      So are they just Oil police and are we in harms way, to defend Oil fields for who?
      s it just for a global Oil conglomerate?

  2. The Special Housing Area declared at Oruarangi Rd near Auckland Airport is a model for what is coming. Using draconian legislation to over ride good town planning and community involvement our precious green spaces and heritage areas will be flogged off for corporate profits. Save Our Uniqe Landscape.

  3. great article Martyn as usual.

    National is aggressively dismantling all signds of democracy here in NZ and is prepared to break all the rules to achieve their end.

    Our tangata whenua are the only wall of credible resistance we have left before we are all sold down the river before National fulfil there quest to sell everything that isn’t screwed down before they flee these shores so I would like to see Maori begin another land march as they did in 1973 and we will all join our brothers and sisters and march non Wellington again.

    • Absolutely CLEANGREEN –

      As a JAFA, I’ll be there giving support to local iwi – my whole 69 years and all.

      This NatzKey pillaging has to be stopped. And that can only come from the people.

  4. I’m always surprised that the Maori Party is always surprised at what National does

    • Do you think they see the irony? They want to sell sensitive land to foreign investors in order to fix Auckland’s housing crisis (????).

      Can someone tell me: does ‘Special Housing’ legislation allow the government to override the Overseas Investment Act?

  5. There are an estimated 22,000 empty houses in the Auckland region. The problem is not supply, the problem is unafordability.

    Building more $300,000 + “affordable” homes, that are still unafordable to people on low incomes, will not address this problem.

    • I agree. Re-distribution of wealth ; divesting and inequality needs addressing as well.
      How many lower and even most middle class people can afford a down payment and high mortgage payments on a $400K home let alone a $700K home ? National is completely out of touch and making mistake after mistake after mistake.

      This is all about property developers and property investors and real estate agents; landlords and politicians remaining in control and taking advantage of whatever for their gain. Their answer to this Auckland housing crisis will not solve much of anything and surely not for most first time home buyers.

      The winners are greedy landlords, property developers and overseas investors.
      AGAIN PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE. Problem will remain until we get better leadership.

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