TONIGHT 6PM – Table Talk 3 – Making Money From Misery? The Privatisation Of Social Services


IKA Seafood Bar & Grill + RMTU + The Daily Blog present

6.15 pm Tuesday 9th June – doors open 5 pm

Join Mihingarangi Forbes, host of Maori TVs ‘Native Affairs‘, at IKA Seafood Bar and Grill, 3 Mt Eden Rd, Eden Terrace for a public discussion on the privatisation of social services like prisons, schools, state homes and now forcing the ill and disabled back to work – with the panel:

-Chris Hipkins – Labour Party Education spokesperson
-Jan Logie – Green Party spokesperson on  social development 
-Susan St John – Child Poverty Action Group
-Moira Lawler – Lifewise homelessness activist

With guest tweeter Sacha Dylan live tweeting the event

5 pm – bar opens, Showtime 6.15 – 7 pm. Dinner service throughout for those who have booked a table.

Seats are limited so the discussion will also be live streamed on

To guarantee a place book a table for dinner. There will be some capacity for bar-only guests, but the doors will close once capacity is reached. Bookings can be made here.



  1. The slick surface of privatization looks almost, a tiny bit, appealing until looking underneath the thin greedy smelling veneer.
    The sales pitch that its all about helping the economy and helping the needy and building new school buildings as their pockets fill up and they run to the banks.
    Gaining on the backs of others suffering is way way WAY beyond the slimiest scum.

    — – — ” selling it and / or giving it away – it’s like chopping off your arm to feed someone ” anonymous quote

    This country and its land, rivers, people, seas and all living creatures have this home as their birthright and no one owns nature and no bible can defend that ownership and possible abuse. ” Man does not have dominion over Nature ” and never will. Again, that quote has been used to defend abuse and neglect as stewardship is sung out to defend dominion. A protection and stewardship is one thing but to flat out own and feel like you have dominion over nature has and always will be wrong. ” When the cows and sheep and angus are gone and 1080 is eliminated, will we be able to drink the river water and what we grow and eat from the polluted land ?
    Will we allow a pig to be able to turn around and move around and live a life with dignity ?
    Privatization stinks the big one no matter whether it rears its ugly head in prisons, schools, social services, pig farms; transportation, hospitals etc.
    Profit before People ! Dominion over nature ==>> hog wash.

    Privatizing schools and prisons and transportation etc. , as most intelligent and aware folks see now, is all about greed and getting rich off the backs of others suffering and abuse. Schools, first and foremost, need to be places that kids love to come to and play and learn and not be forced into little labeled boxes and encouraging to much competition and tons of scarey tests.
    No wonder violence is on the rise in schools. No wonder suicide rates are rising and in the lower ages as well.
    Creativity dies and robots are built, little yes people brainwashed and out of touch with their inner knowing.
    I now feel that our education systems need massive re-shaping.
    There are a few good models of what the education system should look like, I have worked with some.
    There is one school right near Auckland and I am sure a few more. They encourage creativity and confidence building and fun and then the learning of the 3 R’s comes easier and much faster when their nervous systems are integrated and healthy.
    Check out Joseph Chilton Pearce for further info on how to educate properly and most effectively. He is all about supporting kids to tap into their creativity and inner realm and open up to who they are and reshaping education with a new paradigm. I studied under him with regard to sensory integration and I can affirm that it works and it is worth checking out and using.

    We need to stop this privatization nightmare train wreck and get some leaders in charge who have their heads on straight and are not buried knee deep ( neck deep for hair pullers ) in corporate sucking.
    Please before they sell off everything.
    Hold on tight to the family jewels . . . . . . what family jewels ? ?

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